TinyPinkBow Customized Charm Bracelet + Coupon Code (10% Discount)

Hello everyone! Just wanna share with you the new charm bracelet that I got! :D

I got it from TinyPinkBow (, an online store owned by fellow blogger Kat of

What I like about the store is that you can actually customize your charm bracelet! I picked the bead strap, chain strap, and the charms, and then Kat sent me the finished bracelet after just two days. Here's what came in the mail for me.

And inside... my order, of course! The bracelet came with its own felt pouch and Kat even included a bird's nest ring as freebie. Thanks Kat! :D

Read on for more pics and a coupon code (10% discount)!

Here's my bracelet...

I chose a turquoise bead strap and four charms. You can actually select up to a maximum of 5-6 charms per bracelet but I only chose four. The store has a wide selection of charms. They have metal charms (like what I chose), letters, lockets, and many more. TinyPinkBow products are really affordable. This charm bracelet only cost me P120 (bead strap - P40, chain strap - P40, charms - P10 each), but I got it for 10% off (P108) because I used a coupon code :)

 I chose turquoise simply because I don't have accessories with that color.

For the charms, I chose a heart lock charm, a shoe charm, a bag charm, and a key charm. 

My fave is the shoe charm! I wanna wear that in real life. :P

Here's the freebie ring, btw :)

What I like about TinyPinkBow:
  • Affordable products
  • Wide selection of bead straps and charms
  • Good customer service

If you wanna order your own customized charm bracelet, click *this* link and use the following coupon code for a 10% discount!

Here's how you can customize your charm bracelet. Super easy! :D

They also have an ongoing contest for bloggers! The contest ends on September 10, and you can get your own customized charm bracelet for free if you win! If you're interested in joining, read the post *here.* 


  1. It looks so beautiful! :)But I'm more of a ring and earrings person. I saw her online store and I super love the earrings she made! ^___^

  2. it is so cuute! love freebies!

  3. I love the color you picked! :)

  4. Yeah the earrings are uber cute! :D

  5. thank you for posting this sis! Best blog review so far :D

  6. You're welcome! I love my bracelet :))) Thanks Kat

  7. aw cute. thanks for sharing. May I ask about the delivery charge?

  8. the accessories look so beautiful! you did a great job! <3

  9. They ship via Xend. I paid P50 for the SF (Metro Manila).

  10. weeee.. so kawaii!!! :) question sis,do you know where else can I purchase stamping nail art kit aside from MeTime Manila? I don't think they still have one available.. :( I'm sooo inspired by your tutorial that I wish to try them too.. :)

  11. i love the bracelet! great color too. :)

  12. The bracelet looks really lovely. :)

  13. those bracelets are super cute aya! :)

  14. Noicee! I love the charm bracelet! Hope to see you on Saturday Aya!:)

  15. Thanks Ava! It's a "fresh" color for me :)

  16. Hi Tiff! Sorry I wasn't able to go. Hope to see you next time! :D


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