Review: Elianto Nail Strengthener

Hi, hi, hi! I'm back to review another nail product that I've been using for weeks now. This is a continuation of my previous nail product review which you can read *here.* In that post, I talked about the importance of base coats in nail polish application and reviewed the Bobbie base coat.

A base coat acts as a protective barrier between your nail bed and the polish, and it helps prevent the polish from staining your nail. It also smoothens out the nail surface and fills in any creases and ridges so that the polish would go on smoothly. Some base coats even contain ingredients that can help strengthen your nails and pervent them from chipping and being damaged.

And now, here's another nail product. I got this before the last Elianto store has closed down. Haul post *here.* The SA told me it's a nail strengthener but can act as a base coat too. 

Elianto nail strengthener

As a nail strengthener, it is supposed to strengthen the nails (duh) and prevent them from chipping.

The packaging is très cute, eh? :) One bottle contains 14 ml of product. The liquid appears to be peachy pink and cloudy but it also goes on clear. It's also a bit more viscous than the Bobbie base coat. There's no ingredients list on the label and even in the Elianto website so I don't know if this is Big-3-free* or not.
*Big 3: toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde

As a nail strengthener, it's pretty effective. My nails don't break/chip as easily every time I use this product! I stopped using it for a while, though, because I started using a legit base coat. Since then, my nails suffered from a lot of breaking and chipping. So I started using this product again. My nails have been chip-free since. I'm gonna let my nails grow a bit longer and see if this product will still keep my nails from breaking.

Didn't expect much with the anti-staining property of this product because it's not a legit base coat. Elianto has a legit base coat but I wasn't able to get a hold of that one. What I do is apply this first, then apply my base coat (The Face Shop's), then apply nail polish.

  • Decent drying time. Dries in about a couple of minutes.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Effective nail strengthener (for me, at least).
  • Inexpensive. I got this for only P60 when it was on sale.
  • Cute packaging!

  • Not available locally anymore :(

I really like this product for its strengthening ability! I'm really sad that there are no more Elianto stores here :(


  1. I need this! My fingernails are very fragile. That is why I can't grow them longer. I really want longer nails so that I can try on nail arts. :)

  2. great review aya! and you are right! i'm pretty lazy and impatient when it comes to putting on nail polish but i still make sure to put a base coat just so my nails won't turn into a nasty yellow stained color :p hehe

  3. I want to give this a try but Elianto's no longer available. Hate it when brands get pulled out just when you want to finally try something from them.

  4. Never heard of a nail strengthener before, interesting!

  5. so sad... it's no longer locally available. =]

  6. I KNOOOOW, RIGHT? I only got to try some nail polishes and some of their e/s :(

  7. Hahaha and it's cool too coz it's kinda effective :D

  8. Thanks Donna! Good for you! What base coat do you use? :)

  9. Ooooh yeah, you might wanna try strengtheners from other brands. :)))

  10. wish they had it locally :( looking forward to more nail reviews!

  11. Ohhh the packaging is cute! And I think it's pretty good, too bad Elianto closed already. :( Kinda sad.

  12. Yeah :(

    Will try to show my nail polish collection next :)))

  13. Yeah, I wanted to try their other products pa naman :/

  14. Wala na po ba talagang elianto even sa SM north?? I uber love their concealers and loose powder :( Paubos na concealer ko. :'(((

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  16. I just bought it at putrajaya alamanda only RM 12.


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