Review: Body Recipe Hand and Body Lotion and Shower Gel

Hi everyone! Remember in my post *here,* I got some (well, not some, but A LOT) of products from the HBC's skin care line, Body Recipe, during the Great at 88 promo. I've been curious about Body Recipe products since I started shopping at HBC but it's only now that I've gotten around to actually trying some of their products. 

I was sent this pair of hand and body lotion and shower gel a few weeks ago and I got mine in the variant Jasmine Dream.

These products are part of Body Recipe's latest body care collections. There are three collections, by the way, and each contains a body mist, a lotion and a shower gel. The three available variants are Jasmine Dream, Sweet Pea Fantasy, and Cucumber Bliss. I believe that the body mist has been available for years now but the lotion and the shower gel are new products.

Description (from HBC): The Body Recipe shower gels and lotions contain naturally-derived moisturizers that nourish skin while the body mists are infused with relaxing scents to make each spritz an enjoyable experience. Cucumber tightens open pores and has a cooling effect to gently soothe skin. Jasmine’s skin healing properties are perfect for dry, sensitive skin while sweet pea locks in moisture leaving skin soft and smooth. 

Read on to know more about these products :)

Jasmine Dream Hand and Body Lotion

Body Recipe Jasmine Dream Hand and Body Lotion
Description: The Body Recipe Jasmine Dream Hand and Body Lotion contains naturally-derived moisturizers that nourish the skin. Contains Shea Butter and Pentavitin renowned for their conditioning properties, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth after each use.

This huge bottle contains 250 g of product and retails for 150 PhP. It comes with a pump so it's very easy to control the amount of product being dispensed. I personally prefer lotions in pump bottles than the ones in squeeze-type ones. One full pump is MORE than enough for my whole body. Seriously. :)

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As for the scent... honestly, I don't know what the actual jasmine flower smells like but for me this lotion smells really nice. The smell is  not strong and overpowering. It's just a subtle smell which I like. Doesn't give me a headache unlike other strong fragrances.

As for the consistency... I compared this to my Vaseline lotion and this one has a bit thicker consistency. It's still easy to apply and spread onto the skin, though. It gets absorbed by the skin quickly and doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue.

I use this lotion after every bath and it really does help in keeping my skin moisturized. I like to use this especially after using the Body Recipe Skin Moisturizing Body Scrub and let me tell you... I can't stop touching my skin and feeling how soft and smooth it is after application. <3

Thumbs up for me:
  • Comes in a pump bottle
  • Has a nice subtle scent that doesn't give me a headache
  • Easy to blend and spread onto the skin though it's a bit thicker than the lotions I've used before
  • Keeps my skin moisturized
  • Doesn't leave my skin greasy and oily
  • Doesn't irritate my skin
  • Available in all HBC stores nationwide
  • Affordable at P150 for 250 g of product

Thumbs down for me:
  • Consistency is a little bit thicker than the lotions I am used to

Jasmine Dream Shower Gel

Body Recipe Jasmine Dream Shower Gel
Description: The Body Recipe Jasmine Dream Shower Gel contains naturally-derived moisturizers that nourish the skin. Contains skin conditioner for soft and smooth skin.

This shower gel comes in a pump bottle that contains 200 ml of product and retails for 186 PhP. Again, I personally prefer this type of packaging than the squeeze-type bottles because pump bottles are more hassle-free to use when I'm in the shower.

Directions for use
(click to enlarge)
Ingredients: Aqua, sodium lauryl ether sulphate, cocamidopropyl betaine, cocodiethanolamide, sodium chloride, fragrance, glycerin, polyquaternium 7, polysorbate, trimethylglycine, EDTA, citric acid, chlorphenesin, methylisothiazolinone, CI 17200.

Same nice subtle scent with this one. The consistency is just right for me - it's not too runny but not too "jelly" either. 

I usually use five pumps of product and lather it up using a bath puff. It does a good job in keeping my skin moisturized, too. I use this together with the hand and body lotion and they never fail to make my skin smooth afterwards :)

Thumbs up for me:
  • Comes in a pump bottle
  • Also has a nice subtle scent that doesn't give me a headache
  • Consistency is just right
  • Keeps my skin moisturized
  • Available in all HBC stores nationwide
  • Affordable at P186 for 200 ml of product

Tip: If you just use your hands, it wouldn't lather up as much. I suggest you use a bath puff or a wet cloth or something.

There's nothing much that I hate about this shower gel :)

So all in all, I'd say this is a pretty decent skin moisturizing set. I wasn't a huge fan of shower gels before but now I might just repurchase another one once I finish this bottle! As for the lotion, I do use lotions everyday but I prefer one that has a less thicker consistency. If you're interested with the body mist, a 100-ml bottle of it retails for 99.75 PhP. For more information about these and other Body Recipe products, check out HBC's website *here* and their Facebook page *here.*

So there! I hope you find this review helpful. Maybe you've seen these new products before and are curious about them. Check out the other variants as well and see which one's perfect for your needs :)

By the way, I revived my personal blog. You might wanna check out and follow that, too. It'd mean a lot! Thanks! :D

Disclaimer: Products were sent by the company for review but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the products.


  1. I want to try the body lotion! I think it's really cheap and I like that it's non-greasy. I'm not really into florally type of scent, but I wonder how the cucumber smells like. I might check that out when I stop by HBC and see if I like it. :D Oh, I also like pump packaging. I think it makes life easier. lol.

  2. The cucumber's interesting, no? I want the "cooling effect."  Hihi :)

  3. prng ndi ko to napapansin sa hbc!:))mukhang maganda!!:)

  4. Great review Aya!!!! The products look good :D

  5. Wala pa to sa hbc neighbor ko... Will ask the SA on my next visit. hihi

  6. I want to try too >__<

  7. Hihi I don't know exactly kung kailan sila naging available. But I've seen them at a couple of HBCs already :)

  8. love the new header yaY!:))

  9. Thanks Charles! Hindi pa raw pala yan ung "final" header. Hahaha (naexcite lang ako magpost. O_O)

  10. This is true. There lotion is almost the same as vaseline and jergens. Thick and warm.

  11. Have you tried this? What variant? :D

  12. Yup. last week, my cousin is using it right now, she has the green one, i think cucumber? 

  13. oooh I wanna try that one. Kasi may "cooling effect" chuchu. Hahaha

  14. love your new header!! cool!

  15. thanks for this review aya dear! :)


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