Review: San San Shimmer Lipstick

Hey hey hey! How's your week going so far? Happy pink Wednesday :] But instead of pink nails, I have a pink lipstick review for you. I actually got this lipstick two months ago. I don't use this very often, though, which explains this long-overdue review.

San San is becoming one of my favorite affordable makeup brands. Every time I go inside an HBC branch, I almost always end up buying something. The products have decent and sometimes even impressive quality, and they're also really affordable so... If you're on a budget, you might wanna check out the HBC near you :P

Description: Has Vitamins C and E. Also has SPF 15 for added sun protection.

Ingredients: Castor oil, candelilla wax, beeswax, paraffin wax, isopropyl myristate, lanolin oil, mineral oil, titanium dioxide, tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), D&C Red No.27 Al Lake, iron oxide brown, propyl paraben.

First off, the packaging. The packaging is decent. It's simple but I wouldn't call it cheap because it's kinda sturdy. There's no color swatch, though. But for me that's no big deal 'coz this is the only one I have from this lipstick line.

I got mine in shade 02 which is a frosted hot pink shade with shimmers.

L: With flash
R: Without flash
Here's a swatch...

T: With flash
B: Without flash
Opacity-wise, this lippy goes on opaque and can cover my lips well in just one to two coats. Here's what it looks like on my lips.

The shimmers aren't subtle at all. I find that frosted lipsticks tend to accentuate any cracks and chaps on the lips, so I only use this lippy when my lips are smooth and soft.

It transfers like a normal lipstick and has decent lasting power. I get about 3-4 hours of wear with this one, with minimal eating and drinking.

What I like about this:
  • Nice hot pink yet wearable shade
  • Can cover my lips well in just a few coats
  • Doesn't dry my lips; it's not moisturizing, though
  • Doesn't have the weird lipstick scent
  • Has Vitamins C and E
  • Has SPF 15 to protect lips from the sun
  • Inexpensive, priced at 78.00 Php for 4 g of product
  • Widely available

What I don't like about this:
  • Has a tendency to accentuate lip cracks since it is shimmery and has a frosted finish

This is actually the first lip product that I've tried from HBC that doesn't have the weird artificial taste like that in their other lippies (read *here* and *here*). All in all, I'm ok with this lipstick. I like the shade very much. I was actually impressed when I swatched this in the store. I still prefer something less frosty, though. :)


  1. I love HBC as well! This lipstick is very pretty and it's great that it doesn't have the lipstick taste and scent.

  2. OHHH SO PRETTY!! it's look so pretty and sparkly! it looks like real life barbie lipstick haha.

  3. I've been wanting to by san san lippies, but I cannot find a shade from this line which is flattering. sayang affordable pa naman.

  4. Such a pretty shade!!!! The packaging is so cute!

  5. The shade looks lovely on you. I have the same issue where frost lipsticks accentuate my dry lips too, so I avoid frosted shades during winter!

  6. It has almost the same shade as the L'Oreal Infallible in Hibiscus. :) Pretty!

  7. I looove the shade!!! Ang shiny!! :D:D

  8. the shade is bongga! =) i like it!

  9. i love a lipstick which has a SPF :D
    the shade looks pretty on youu

  10. nice lipstick looks like a great pink shade and i'm loving pink lipsticks at the moment and for only 78 pesos?such a bargain.will definately keep my eyes on this lipstick when i go back home to the philippines.

  11. I can't wait to try san san products~
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. really pretty shade and looks great on your lips too. but this is too frosty for me. awesome review sis!

  13. prettyyyy!!! it suits you nicely ;)

  14. very very frosty! hahaha! i think this will also work if you blend it with other lippies but it does look pretty on your lips sis. :D

  15. Pretty shade! Not that fond of frosty lippies, though. :P

  16. i like coz it is pink! but hope it's not that frosty.. you can't argue with price though! enjoy sis! mmuaaahh!

  17. Nice review sis! I don't like frosty lippies either. I don't think they look good on me (but I think it looks nice on you) and I don't like weird smell and tasting lippies, too. lol!

  18. @Jackie, right! I wanna get other less frosty shades, if they have any :)

    @Lisa, yeah you're right! :D

    @Kingking, aww. I haven't seen all from this line. I forgot what the others looked like when I was swatching. :\

    @Rakhshanda, yep! And even though it's inexpensive, the packaging's not so flimsy at all :)

    @Popblush, right? I usually go for mattes. Personal preference :D

    @Jes, really? Cool!

    @Mitch, hahaha yeah! My presheez :\

    @Swexie, onga eh :D

    @Cominica, yep SPF comes in handy during these high-T days! haha

    @Diane, I think this was on sale when I bought it but I'm sure it costs less than P100, regular price :)

    @MissGennD, no prob dear! Check them out :)

    @Holly, too frosty for me too but shade's lovely!

    @Hazel, thank youuuu! *mwah*

    @Sugar, ooh will try that. Thanks Sugar :D

    @Janinay, seems like a lot don't like frosts ah. Hehe

    @Diane, tama!!! It's nice narin naman for the price :D

    @Catmare, apir! Haha I'm easily bothered by scent of lipsticks talaga eh. :]

  19. gah i wish i can pull off a bright barbie pink color like that! <3

  20. This is such a lovely shade. It looks fabulous on you <3

  21. @Donna, haha I'm sure you can :)))

    @Sara, thanks dear :)

  22.  I heard that's the famous local dupe for MAC's Pink Nouveau :P

  23. i have the number 1 of this which is the lightest pink shade it was a cheaper dupe for a shade (narcissus) by NYX and number 5, a orange color the same shade as my barry m 147 peachy pink!! but that one was matte and ofcourse number 1 and 5 that i got from san san was shimmer lipsticks.. that good to wear for clubbin or night out party, so atleast it cant be seen the little cracky on your lips as well it was frosted .

  24. Cool! It's nice that these are dupes of more expensive lippies! :D


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