Tutorial: Stamping Nail Art

Hi there, starshines! A couple of months ago, I posted about the stamping nail art kit that I bought from the online store MeTime Manila. Read that post *here* if you haven't already. Anyway, some of my readers were curious as to how the stamping kit works. I'm not a pro when it comes to nail art but I've watched a few vids about stamping. So today, I'm gonna show you how I use my stamping kit. This is a video tutorial, by the way. I found it hard to take pictures while I was stamping away.

Here's a sample stamped design on my index fingernail.

A stamping kit consists of a stamper, a scraper and an image plate. Will explain the use of each on the video tutorial below.

If you wanna know how to use these tools, keep on reading :)

The polish I'm using is a legit stamper polish. Stamping polishes are thicker than regular ones, making them adhere to the image really well. Some polish brands work for stamping, though. I just haven't tested the ones I have if they will work for stamping because this is my first time stamping anything on my nails.

Watch my tutorial below to know how to stamp the design on your nails :)

So basically, what you need to do are the following.

  1. Apply a coat of polish over the image, just enough to cover the whole image. Don't apply it too thickly.
  2. Scrape the excess polish off the plate and remove any polish remaining outside the image.
  3. Pick up the image using the stamper by pressing the stamper firmly onto the image plate.
  4. Transfer the image to your nail. Make sure the whole design gets transferred.

You can buy stamping nail art kits like the one I got or any other nail tools online. Or you can go to Landmark Department Store (Trinoma) 'cause I saw stamping kits and nail art brushes and many other tools there. That's the only place I've seen so far that have this. I don't go to many places, you know. ;]

So that's it! I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Enjoy stamping! :)


  1. great tut aya! :D

    I gave you an award sis! check it out :)

  2. thank you for the tutorial! ^_^
    how much did u get your nail polish?
    where did you purchase it?
    I'm looking for a good one <3

  3. Cool! I want some nail stamp too! I'll probably buy one soon! haha. Thanks for this post! <3 -Dawn

  4. Very cute!! Thanks for sharing honey <3

  5. nice tutorial!
    I have those plates too and nail polish from konad but I rarely use it coz Im too lazy :(

  6. inggit ako I wanna buy that too :( nice nail art design

  7. Great post...I guess I should try nail art na:)

  8. Ang galing!! =)) Nice one Aya! :D

  9. I was supposed to buy these stampers at landmark. super mura their crackle polish :D

  10. Awesome tutorial. Thanks for posting and doing a vid. :) Love your nails. Sana sipagin din akong mag nail art. :D

  11. @MissKatV, thank you! Checking now :D

    @MSodapop, bought all those items from an online store. I posted the link above :D

    @Dawn, yey! Lemme know if you do :)

    @I am Certified, thank you dear!

    @Rakh, yey thanks! Next time I'll stamp on all nails. Haha

    @Debi, LOL :D thank you!

    @Cominica-ai, haha it's a bit time consuming but what I like about it is that I can put designs on my right fingernails without having to draw them on using my shaky left hand. Haha

    @Nadine, go buy one na rin :D

    @Sugar, no problem-o :D

    @SunnyToast, haha yey! Post if you do ah :D

    @Michelle, thank youuuuu!

    @Kumiko, I wanna try crackles too! I hope the Etude House near my place have them already :D

    @Catmare, haha! I don't use this one very often. After 2 months, ngayon ko lang nagamit. Hehe

  12. wow you already have a nail stamping kit... I've always wanted one. awesome tutorial sis!

  13. That's beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!

  14. i need to get myself some nail stamping polish! mine are too thin

  15. eek! love your stamping nail art it looks so pretty :)

  16. Thanks for the tutorial! I actually have this but never tried it out b/c I didn't know how it'd look. Great blog. Now following. It'd be great if we could follow each other.


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  17. cute! i wanna do nail stamping too!

  18. @Hollie, yep I do! Got it from Mitch's store :)

    @Gio, thank you! :D

    @Sonia, mine too! That's why I had no other choice but to use this white one. I wanted to try other colors but I don't have thick polishes :/

    @Lisa, thank you dear!

    @Sadie, thank you! This is the first time I tried using this even though I've had it for months now. Haha

    @Aringkingking, try it! :D

  19. really meron sa trinoma..yes!!! online din ako ako bumili ng stamp kit ko eh...kaso diko pa magamit dahil wla ko nung nail nag order pa ko ulit.... :-( thanks for the info!!!

  20. @Chie, yep! Malapit sa beauty section :)

  21. Cute nail art stamp. Thanks for sharing this!

    Cute blog by the way. =)



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