Selena Gomez Makeup - Love You Like a Love Song Music Video

Hi starshines! So I was up late the other night (as usual) and while I was clicking and clicking on random YT videos, I came across Selena Gomez's latest music video - Love You Like a Love Song, which you can watch below. This video garnered mixed reactions from the viewers but to me, honestly, it's not that bad. I think Selena looked hot in this and the beat caught me, too.

The first time I watched this video I wasn't paying very much attention to the story. I was just staring at Selena's makeup! She had several looks in this vid and here are some screenshots so you can see. I hope I get the colors right :)

1. Deep purple smokey eyes with highlighted inner corners, red lips, warm, rosy blush

2. Dark brown color on the eyes with really defined edges, nude pink slightly glossy lips, soft beige-pink blush

3. Metallic silver-gray lips, warm brown/bronzed cheeks

4. Light brows, soft peach tint on the lips, peach-coral blush on the apples of the cheeks

5. Really dark color on the eyes, dark pink-fuschia lips

6. Thick winged eyeliner, bright pink lips, soft pink cheeks

My favorite look is the last one! I like the lips the most :) Selena Gomez looks gorgeous in this vid, I can't help but stare.

Watch the video here!

O_O <--- this is me staring

Now I can't get this song off my head and I keep hitting repea-pea-pea-pea-pea-peat!


  1. i know it sounds freaky, but i'm liking the #4 look. very Marie Antoinette-ish lol

  2. Love the second & last one!!! thanks for sharing :D

  3. I love number 1 and number 4! Want try those look~~

  4. Nice post! I like look No. 4 - very dreamy and subtle.

  5. look number six is to die for, ang ganda lang! :)

  6. I like the 2nd. I've always loved watched her on Wizards of Waverly Place and thought the she was so cute. Now she's very pretty. :P

  7. She is so pretty on the first photo! I really like the last one too. :)

  8. Selena Gomez is soo pretty! <3
    I personally like the first and last one too. She looks so young & fresh in the last photo. (:

  9. @King, nice, right? :)

    @Donna, haha! It does, doesn't it? I like the cheeks in the 4th look :D

    @Rakh, yey no prob! thanks for reading Ü

    @Cominica, me too! Especially #4 :)

    @Julie, thanks! You're right!

    @I am certified, super!!!

    @Pammy, me too! I actually miss watching that show :D

    @Merci, true!!

    @Sadie, she looks gorgeous in every pic :D

    @Tiffo, she is! I didn't notice until now that I'm staring at her. LOL

  10. she definitely transformed into a young lady :D

  11. first second and last for me.. :)

  12. i will agree with you. the last look is just right for her age and the lips are awesome :)

    just followed your blog and loving your posts. :)

    much love,

  13. @Michelle, yeah! :)

    @Hazel, a gorgeous one at that :D

    @Debi, I love these looks very much :D

    @Gellie, wanna try to recreate it sometime. Thanks!!! :D

  14. I like #4! Her eye makeup seems simple but she looked gorgeous!

  15. i like the 2nd to the last one. :)

  16. @Catmare, true!!! I like the cheeks in #4 :D

    @Sugar, I love the really really dark eyes there :)

  17. ha! i love selena gomez!!! her makeup is always amazing and i love how she dresses up :D

  18. Her second look really makes me stare. So pretty!:D

  19. @Kumiko, agree! I love her outfits in her other vids too! :)

    @Eunice, she is!!! :D

  20. The first one is so... Big Band Era :) He hair is what I am really loving :) It isn't exactly Selena-like. While the others, they look more like what she would try.
    I love the older look of five :D It is just darling :) 
    The sixth picture... her dress was to die for <3

  21. Yeah yeah yeah!!! The 6th picture... she stood out to me the most there <3

  22. I am just a really big fan of her in general. She is a true role model and I hope she stays that way :)


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