Review: San San Soleil Lip Colour

Hey! I don't know if you can remember but I posted a San San mini haul weeks ago. Click *here* if you haven't read that yet. One of the items I got there was a lipstick from San San's limited edition summer collection, Soleil. I believe this collection consists of a matte foundation, three shades of lipsticks, and three shades of nail polishes. The foundation and lippies all have SPF, making them perfect for summer.

I like the packaging. It's just a simple and light plastic tube but what caught my attention was the transparent section and little sun imprints. I think it's nice that I can see the actual shade of the lipstick without having to open the tube or look at the label.

There are three shades available - a nude, a pink, and a peach one. I got mine in Peach Ibiza. I decided to go for that one because I didn't have any peach lippies yet. I do have a coral-ish shade but I'm not so fond of that one.

Soleil Lip Colour in Peach Ibiza
Here's what it looks like in the tube.

L-R: With flash, without flash 
Peach Ibiza is a peachy coral shade that impressed me upon swatching it in the store. Looking at it closely, I can see really really fine shimmer particles. Here's a swatch on the back of my hand.

T-B: With flash, without flash
It goes on semi-opaque and a bit shimmery. The shimmer is subtler in actual. I really like the shade of this one! It usually takes me two coats before I get a decent coverage. Here's what it looks on my lips.

It's obviously not matte. As I've said, it has really fine shimmer particles, hence the shine. It goes on the lips really smoothly but sometimes (just sometimes) I feel that this is a bit "oily" for me. I usually wear this together with Etude House Lip Liner in #02 (which is a nude shade). Will explain why later.

Me wearing Peach Ibiza
with Etude House Lip liner in #02
I get about 3 to 4 hours of wear with this one, with minimal eating and drinking.

What I like:
  • The shade. It's a very wearable peach shade.
  • See-through portion of the packaging which allows me to see the actual shade.
  • Glides really smoothly on the lips.
  • Can cover my lips well.
  • Doesn't dry my lips. It's quite moisturizing, actually. (For me, at least.)
  • Not overly shimmery.
  • Has SPF 25.
  • Has Vitamins A, C and E.
  • Inexpensive. Priced at 109.75 Php for 3.5 g of product.
  • Widely available

What I don't like:
  • The taste. It has kinda the same lipstick "taste" that I described in my post *here* where I reviewed the Allue lip conditioner. It doesn't stink. It actually smells nice in the tube but on my lips it just tastes so artificial (for the lack of a better word).
  • Can get a bit oily for me sometimes. With that, I just get about 3-4 hours of wear. It transfers easily because of the texture.
  • Has a tendency to settle on the lines of my lips, and therefore accentuates the cracks. This is why I usually fill in my lips with lip liner first before applying a coat of this lipstick. That somehow helps lessen the emphasis that the lipstick puts on my lip cracks. I don't use this when I'm having bad lip days. I only reach out for this when my lips are soft and smooth.

All in all, I'm just ok with this lipstick. I love the shade but the texture and the scent, not so much. If you're interested in this lipstick, this and other San San products are available at HBC outlets. San San Soleil Collection items are only available until supplies last :)


  1. It looks like a pretty peach on your lips. I like lipsticks with a bit of shimmer. (: It adds some dimension.

  2. the shade looks pretty. I like it especially when you applied it on your lips. :)

  3. Gorgeous color!!!!! :) I love the sheen!

  4. I like the color of the tube, YELLOW :p

  5. hello aya!!! gaahh i miss your entries! will back read later! and i pass by an hbc outlet everyday.. one time i entered and i saw that lipstick. haha :D

  6. use lip balm first so it wont settle in :)btw nice color

  7. I like that shade on you:) Sometimes I find coral to be to obnoxious but that shade is just right.

  8. it looks so good on you but if it smells bad there may be harmful chemicals in it to lower the cost...

  9. this shade looks pretty on you dear but since it settles into fine lines i think i wont be picking this up. thanks for the review!

  10. @Rakh, right :D

    @Mitch, me too! :)

    @Tiffo, yep, I don't mind it too. As long as it's not too shimmery or sparkly :)

    @Catmare, thanks dear :)

    @Rainy Days, nice right?:D

    @Wainey, yes!!! So summery! Hehe

    @Hazel, HAAAAAZE! Miss yours too. :DDD

    @Nadine, thanks for the suggestion :D

    @Che, it's very wearable :D

    @Fashion eggplant, yeah. I don't know if it bothers other people but it does really bother me :/

    @Sugar, yep it does. It's one of the major things about it :/

  11. Omg. Its so pretty Ms aya. <3 I would definitely buy this!

  12. Eeks! Smell and taste is so important to meeee :D
    Sorry to hear that they are both a dislike for you!
    Your skin looks great btw babe!
    Thank you for the warm welcome back~ I've missed all of you!! <3

  13. @Theycallmewy, see if you like the smell/taste first ah :D

    @Popblush, IKR? I'm particular about the smell and tastes of my lipsticks coz you can actually "taste" them, unlike with foundations and other makeup items :/ Glad you're back!!!:)

  14. ack! I hate lippies that taste and smell weird. too bad, it's a pretty shade pa naman sana. Thanks for this awesome review sis!

  15. i love the packaging! cutesy! :D you're so pretty aya!!!!!!!!

  16. @Hollie, too bad no? I can't eat properly with this kasi nalalasahan ko talaga:/

    @Ann, me too! Aww thanks ^_^

  17. ohh that lippie color is gorgeous on you!! you look so pretty aya! :)

  18. The package is adorable!!!! It makes beauty products that much more fun when they are packaged so cute.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  19. super bagay sa yo...malamng sa morenang tulad ko

  20. @Lisa, thank you!:)

    @Bonnie, so true!!

    @Debi, thanks! LOL

  21. @Wickermoss, thanks Charles :D

  22. I like the bright and happy packaging of the Soleil Colletion. :) The shade looks natural and pretty! Too bad it settles on lip lines.

  23. I bought all their collection. I don't wanna regret not buying them after they're phased out=)

  24. @Helen, true true! The packaging is just so cute :D

    @Emafe, haha! I wanna buy the nail polishes too but am on a nail polish shopping ban. Haha


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