Review: Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring

Hey everyone! I told you in my previous Etude House haul post that I got myself a box of one of their latest (and well-raved) products, the Bubble Hair Coloring. I wanted to try this the first time I read about it. I have never had my black hair colored before and this kit seemed to be very noob-friendly. 

This one's always out of stock! Glad I got one. I got mine in the shade Natural Brown (#3). My original plan was to get the Dark Brown shade since I didn't want to end up with hair like that of the girl in the box. That's just too brown for me and I didn't want something to drastic. I saw Say's review *here* and there she said that one box was enough (Natural Brown) to color her entire hair. Then I saw Eloisa's review *here* and there she said that she only used about half of the product (Natural Brown) to get the color she ended up with. I actually liked the result on her so then I became confused on whether to get Dark Brown or Natural Brown. I also realized that there's a huge possibility that Dark Brown wouldn't show up on my black hair. And so I bought Natural Brown. I am soooo glad I bought it instead of Dark Brown!

Here's what the kit consists of.

  • Sachet containing the Bubble Hair Coloring solution
  • Sachet of Silky Perfumed Treatment which is basically a conditioner
  • Pump bottle with some kind of liquid inside
  • Instruction manual and some plastic gloves and cape

Here's what the instructions say. I just looked at the pictures because I don't know a word in Korean.

Here's what's written on the side of the box.

How to use the kit:
  1. Transfer the coloring solution from the sachet into the pump bottle.
  2. Mix the contents very gently.
  3. Wear the gloves and the cape.
  4. Pump the product out of the bottle.
  5. Apply on your hair. Basically, it's just like shampooing but make sure you spread the product evenly.
  6. Leave it on your hair for about 30+ minutes.
  7. Rinse and condition your hair using the Silky Perfumed Treatment.
  8. Let your hair dry.

This is why it's called "Bubble" Hair Coloring. The product itself is foamy.

Before tell you my experience with this product, I'm gonna show you first some "before" pictures. I started out with black hair.

Never had this colored 
Here's my story. The first time I used this I only used just a little amount (about 1/4 of the solution) because I was kind of convinced at first (after reading reviews) that I would need just a small amount to color my entire hair since I have quite short hair (a little past the shoulders). I applied the product on my hair and I felt my hair clump together and it felt a bit dry. I let the product sit on my hair for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, I rinsed my hair and used the Silky Perfumed Treatment and I INSTANTLY felt my hair becoming smooth and less dry (which doesn't happen when I use other conditioners)! I SO LOVE THIS CONDITIONER. I'd happily pay 378 Php just for that little sachet. LOL. Anyway, back to the story. After conditioning, I towel-dried my hair. I was actually surprised to see that the product just left a hint of color on my hair. Not as intense as I expected. The color wasn't very much obvious. And so the next day I tried using up the whole bottle just to get more color. This time, I left the product on my hair for 45 minutes. This is the result...

Top view 
Here are some more pics. I know they are overexposed or something but I liked the effect! I didn't even have to edit anything. Against the light much? :)

Yeah, so there. Obviously Natural Brown didn't go all natural brown on me. It turned up kinda dark brown on my black hair! But under really good lighting, the brown looks lighter :) I was surprised because this wasn't what I was expecting BUT this was my original plan, remember? Yeah, so I'm still happy. I may need another box to get the real natural brown effect :]

What I love about this product:
  • Noob-friendly!
  • Product doesn't smell bad. Conditioner smells very nice!
  • Not very much drying.
  • The Silky Perfumed Treatment is AWESOME! My second-day hair still feels so smooth!
  • Inexpensive compared to having your hair colored in a salon. One box costs 378 Php.

What I don't like about this product:
  • Availability. This is always out of stock because it's so well-raved so you better get one when you see one!
  • The natural brown color didn't show up on my hair as I expected it to. I couldn't TOTALLY blame the product, though. My hair's a bit at fault, too (I guess), especially since this was my first time coloring it. They say it's really difficult to dye black hair 'coz it's black so if you're aiming for a certain color, you're gonna have to use a lighter dye to color your hair with. That does make sense, doesn't it? :)

So there! I'm gonna leave you with my (official) before and after photo.

You gonna try this? They have four shades available, by the way - Deep Black, Dark Brown, Natural Brown and Wine Red. :)


  1. cutee! I really wanna try bubble hair too, but probably will get liese, since the color choice is so many :D

  2. wow very cute and easy. the color is suit on you :)
    I wanna try bubble hair too

  3. Nice hair color! It makes me wanna color my hair too. :D

  4. how long does the color stays?

  5. @Cominica, I'm not so familiar with Liese. Will check that out :)

    @Nisa, sure is easy :]

    @Janel, thank you!!!:)

    @Charlene, go ahead :D This is very noob-friendly :)

    @Chiara, not yet sure coz I've had it for only a week. Will update you on that :)

  6. Oh~ it turned out so pretty~~~
    I love that shade. It gives such a soft look~~~

  7. oh my i want to color my hair red XD
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  8. That's pretty!! You make me want to color my hair again! Lol. I really love your new hair color hun.

  9. @Popblush, thank you dear :D

    @amz, try it :D Thanks, I just joined :)

    @Dinah, haha thank you!!!

    @Mitch, yep it is :)

  10. waaaw. it's like I want to buy Bubble hair coloring too~ I want to color my hair again >< but i think i want to try wine red. hihi. my hair color is brown..

  11. wow so interesting to see this! Maybe I should try this dye...ur hair colour looks so nice!!

  12. yey!you did it na din sis! buti kapa nasulit mo yun buong product. sakin kalahati na nakuha ko na agad yung gusto kong color! hehe! and super notice ang mga friends ko nung pasukan. yey!

    i agree sis! the conditioner is really good. hinanap ko pa nga sa site nila yun if it's available. kaso wala akong makita :( wala ata silang separate na conditioner na gnun. so sad

  13. @Choco, thank you! I'm glad it turned out nice :)

    @Kikaysimaria, onga sis eh. Di ko inexpect na mauubos ko un! Haha. Sana ibenta nila ung conditioner per bottle na rin. Ganda eh :(

  14. It did a great job of lightening your hair! Yay! Hopefully if you decide to do it again, it'll lighten your hair even more to achieve that lighter brown color. :]

  15. first time i've heard of a cape and pump bottle in a box of hair color. yey for etude house bubble coloring kit!

    happy new hair! =)

  16. nice...color virgin ang hair ko...heheh

  17. @Tiffyama, true true!My next coloring will be easier, I guess :)

    @Swexie, hahaha! Everything you need in one box :D

    @Debi, it suits you naman eh :D

  18. The whole kit is so cute. Seeing bloggers' reviews always makes me want to go out and get this, but I am determined to give my hair a rest from coloring for at least a few months.

    The color looks really nice on you, though.

  19. gotta try this!-jonas

  20. wow! i wanna try this too! :D it looks nice kaya aya! :D

  21. @Jackie, oh I see. When you plan on coloring it again you might wanna try this:)

    @Jonas, yah, get Deep Black!

    @Ann, thank you! Try iiiiiiiit! :D

  22. I haven't tried coloring my hair before. But it looks good sis. :)

  23. The name excites me. For that reason alone, I could see myself trying this product. I like things with fun names.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  24. @Catmare, thanks dear :)

    @Bonnie, I was intrigued by the name too!!! :D

  25. How do you maintain your dyed hair sis? Like shampoo, conditioner used, salon treatment. :P

  26. I don't do anything special. I just wash it regularly. Shampoo + conditioner. Hihi

  27. Is your hair virgin black when you applied it (i saw its black)? I used japanese bubble hair dye once and it is quite expensive compared to this bubble color.. So i was thinking to buy this one. What exactly brown color did it gave you under natural light? Was your hair color even? Ok ba siya?

  28. Yep, virgin black. :) Ok siya, I guess. I mean, the color's even but the dye wasn't able to color my entire hair (if that makes sense). Under natural lighting, the color is somewhere in the middle of 'natural brown' and 'dark brown.' 

  29. great review!! thanks for sharing..;)

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