Haul: Mostly Lipsticks; Etude House Grand Sale!

Hey! I've been really stressed lately, arrgh. I have so many things in my mind right now. But anyway... for me, shopping is the best de-stresser ever (blogging comes close second), so here's another haul post for you. :]

2 Rings (Vente) - P 20.00 each
Clear false nails (18 pcs) - P 14.75
Nail art brush - P 39.95
Nail art dotting tool - P 69.95
Caronia Nail Polish Remover - P 17.00
Etude House Petit Darling Nails in Matte #2 - P 98.00
Etude House Oh m'Eye Lash Mascara in #02 (Volume and Longlash) - P 198.00
Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks in Skin and Pink Flame - P 135.00 each
Fashion 21/Aido Classic Lipstick in M - P 50.00
Fashion 21/Aido Regular Lipstick in #11 - P 25.00

I bought the false nails, nail art brush and dotting tool from Landmark Department store. I also saw some other tools there like stamping kits, etc. There's actually a nail art brush set worth ~200 Php that consists of 5 brushes but I don't know how to use the other brushes included so I just bought the two I needed separately. Now I won't have to use bobby pin to dot on my nails. Hihi. And I bought the false nails for swatching purposes. My nails need a break from all the swatching I've been doing :/

Then I dropped by Vente and bought some rings. They didn't have an "A" ring that time so I bought a "Y" one. 

I actually like the one on my middle finger better :)

And I stopped by Etude House to buy their Bubble Hair Coloring but, unfortunately, only the black variant was left at the SM North branch that time. I want to get either dark brown or natural brown but they're OOS so I ended up getting different items. AND YES, I know I promised in my post *here* that I wouldn't be buying nail polish for two months. Eeenk, I failed. I couldn't resist this matte polish. :/ I also bought a mascara because I thought that it's time to replace my current mascara (WNW Lash Intense) which I've been using for about 4 months already.

I also bought some lippies. I got two more EB matte lipsticks. (I already posted a review of EB matte lippies. Click *here* to read it.) I also got some Aido lipsticks which are ridiculously cheap, by the way. I asked the SA what the difference between "regular" and "classic" is. She said that their classic lipsticks are semi-matte and stays on longer on the lips, while the regular ones have more moisture in them. Now that I've swatched both on my lips, I feel that it's the other way around. The regular one appears to be more matte and the classic one is more moisturizing. Hmmm.

L-R: Skin, Pink Flame, M, #11
I'm really into lipsticks right now so expect more lipstick reviews coming up in this blog. Hihi. Here are the swatches of those lippies, by the way.

L-R: EB matte in Skin, Pink Flame; Aido classic in M, Aido regular in #11
T-B: With flash, without flash
So that's it for my latest haul. Oh, and by the way, if you're planning on shopping this week, check out the Etude House branch near you. They're having a GRAND SALE from June 15 to 21. 20% off on ALL ITEMS. All branches are participating in this sale but there's a one-day delay on Department Store counters.

I'm definitely stopping by there! :)


  1. I wanted to buy that EH matte nail polish, but when i tried it, it looks like mud, stucked in my nails. hihi

  2. wow!! i'm sure their products will be sold out starting today!! :) great haul there! :)

  3. You're a lipstick fiend, Aya. Nice haul. :)

  4. i really wanna try nail art but i don't know if i have the patience for it! lol :)

  5. Looking forward for your Nail art/s using your new tool! excited me!! :)

  6. love the haul aya! been a fan of lipstick too! :) can't wait to go to etude house. :))

  7. I don't like lipstick! :)) I hate the weird feeling on my lips! LOL

  8. wow!!! meron pa palang ever bilena matte lipsticks? i thought phase out na nila

  9. I love the swatches :) nice haul Aya

  10. Awesome haul Aya! (: I prefer the ring on your middle finger too, it's so pretty! Too bad they didnt have an "A" though. Nice swatches too. I'm getting more & more into lipsticks as well. I used to be just a tinted lip balm person. (:

  11. @Aringkingking, this is my first brown shade. Ok naman for me. Hehe :)

    @Iya, true! I'm gonna stop by in the on the weekend. Hope the things I like will still be available by then :)

    @Pammy, LOL. Just lately. Thanks!

    @Fashioneggplant, haha! Go go go :D

    @I am Certified, I'm looking forward to that as well :)

    @Jen, yeee me too! Itching to shop :D

    @Mitch, Idk why I'm loving lipsticks lately. Haha I'm on a lipstick phase. The feel of lippies doesn't bother me. I'm much more bothered by the taste :/

    @Debi, yep! Until supplies last yata. Buti nga eh kasi I wanted to get some other nice shades na di ko nabili before :)

    @Nadine, thank you! :D

    @Tiffo, right!!! Hihi we're on a lipstick phase :D

  12. nice haul sis! I still don't have EB matte lippies. It's payday, so I'll probably be checking out Etude tomorrow..hehe

  13. waaa. i don't know what to buy on EH sale. I'm thinking of getting AC Clinic and crack nail polish. :) Sayang naman yun hair bubbles, last time na punta ko dun andami pang stocks ^_^.

  14. I didn't know they were on sale, I was in megamall this afternoon. I should've checked them out. Thanks for the info about the sale~

  15. Wow! You have skin shade na din pala. What i love about EB skin is that you can match it on dark eye shadows para sexy ang dating. And you can also apply a clear lip gloss on the top para super sexy. Try it sissy...

  16. the lippies look really nice. thanks for the heads up on etude house's sale sis! someone's been hauling.. :p i haven't been hauling for a week and a half yay! ^-^

  17. nice haul! wooww you're so lucky that etude house in on sale in your country! :D

  18. @Hollie, haha! go go go :D I just did and I'm happy :)

    @Kikaysimaria, woohoo! Come to think of it, why did I not buy crackle polishes????? I got a box of bubble na pala! Kanina :D

    @MissGen, no prob dear :)

    @Sweet, yep! true that! :)

    @Sugar, hahaha! More to be posted!!! Good for you :D

    @Cominica, you said it! :)

  19. I did some haulin' at Etude House too! Yay!

  20. @Catmare, yeee looking forward to see your haul :D

  21. Wow buti ka pa nakapag-haul sa Etude Grand Sale. Sadly, wala ako pera ngayon. Last day pa naman sa Monday. :(

    I want the EB Pink Flame lippie too! Nagmahal na pala by 10 pesos. Haha!

  22. @Janinay, awww sayang :( Get one na habang may supplies pa :)

  23. Hi. Which floor in landmark did you buy the nail art brush and dotting tool? Thank you. :))


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