Haul: Etude House, Saizen, San San

Well, hello there! Here are the stuff I picked up in the past few weeks. Not much. I just wanted to repurchase some items that I've already run out of.

Nail art sponges from Saizen - P 85.00
San San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen - P 80.00
Etude House Lip & Eye Remover- P 198.00
Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lipliner in #02 Refill - P 48.00

I went to Saizen in Trinoma looking for the pump bottle that Mitch was talking about in one of her posts. I found one but didn't buy it because it's a bit large for my use and there's no smaller size available that time. But I didn't go home empty-handed. I bought some nail art sponges. You might have noticed that I don't do gradient nails using the sponge method. Well, that's because I suck at it. Oh, yes, I tried many times already but I always ended up not getting the gradient effect that I liked. But maybe it's the sponge and not me? LOL. So yeah, I decided to buy legit nail art sponges. 

Then I also got an eyeliner pen from HBC. Only the brown shade was available that time but I was planning on getting a brown one, anyway. I believe brown liners give a more natural look.

I also stopped by Etude House in Megamall to repurchase their Lip& Eye (Makeup) Remover (which I absolutely looove!). Then I bought a lipliner refill 'coz mine's almost gone already. I also absolutely love their Soft Touch Auto Lipliners! I also noticed that EH already restocked on the Bubble Hair Coloring. I am so buying a box when payday comes. My sister and I are planning on coloring our hair and this new product from Etude House seems so noob-friendly so we're definitely trying it out. I'm planning on buying their hairspray, too. Have you tried it? How do you find it? Lemme know, ok? :)

So that's it for my mini haul. Show me yours! :))) I just love reading haul posts! Sponge nail art tutorial *here.*


  1. The name of Etude's makeup remover always makes me grin. XD Your post makes me want to try it though, considering I've been experimenting with eye makeup a lot lately.

  2. Thank you for posting my giveaway sis :) love your haul! Etude house stuffs is love hehe

  3. yesterday, i also purchased the autolip liner in shade2. I was surprised with the ko, wow ang cheap. php 98 lang. then, when I went home, i was even more surprise ang iksi iksi lang pala nun. haha! dapat pala bumili na ko ng refill ^_^

  4. @Dee, me tooooo! HAHA I like it because it can remove everything I've used so far :)

    @MissKatv, no prob Kat! True, that's why I keep going back there :D

    @Kikaysimaria, yep ang iksi no? Nabigla rin ako. But I love the nude shade!

  5. great haul aya! nice purchases, i wanna try gradient nail also :)

  6. wow!! great haul pretty aya! i wanna try din the EH Bubble Hair Coloring :))

  7. ive been seeing a lot of raves with the etude house. have you tried maybelline? which one is better?

  8. Does the pi and eye remover works great? hope you post a review with this product:)


    your new follower hope you follow back:)

  9. I can't make a gradient nail art too. Maybe I'll try those sponges. Great haul, Aya! :)

  10. @I am Certified, thanks! Try it too. They're really fun :)

    @Beauty Addict, let's!!! :D

    @Debi, I can't compare eh kasi I haven't tried many Maybelline products. :)

    @SunnyToast, yes it does! Will post a review soon :) Thanks for following:)

    @Em, I can make gradients but not by using sponges. I always fail. Haha thank you!:)

  11. nice haul sis, I have love the san san eyeliner pen, it's just awesome. I have a review on it in case you're interested.

    I've been eyeing that Etude eye & lip makeup remover ever since I saw Say's review about it. Gah! I should go get me some etude stuff... but I'm broke for now...hehehe

  12. LOL!! Lip and eye remover!! =)) I haven't even used mine!!


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  13. Yay another haul! :) I tried EH's makeup remover before. It's okay but I didn't like the smell though. I still prefer L'oreal Dermo expertise :D

  14. hello aya! How do you use the sponge! :)

  15. nice haul :) havent tried that lip and eye remover

  16. OHHH awesome haul!! i wanna try the nail art sponge!! omgosh that starbucks frappacino charm is SO CUTE!!! :)

  17. I used San San eyeliner before I had two or three of it but the whole thing dries up easily ;A;. I want to buy Bubble Hair Coloring too...! *thrilled* About the hair spray they have I haven't tried or even seen one maybe because its out of stock in Festival Alabang which is the nearest EH I usually go to.~

  18. This stuff looks way too cool to be real.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  19. @Hollie, thanks for the link! It's a bit weird that on me, it's different :(

    @Michelle, gets me everytime! Haha really? tagal na nun ah :D

    @Catmare, it's actually the only lip and eye MU remover that I've used so far. Hehe I'm quite satisfied with it :)

    @Keesh, do you want me to post a tutorial for that? Will be happy to :)))

    @Nadine, thank you! :) It's one of my EH faves :)

    @Lisa, I KNOW RIGHT?! I hope I win her giveaway. But if I don't, I'm just gonna buy some for myself! Haha

    @Ayumi, oooh I hope mine doesn't dry out quickly. I'm so excited for the Bubble Hair Coloring! Yiiie :D

    @Bonnie, thanks!!!:)

  20. hooray for repurchasing products! great haul aya! :)

  21. Aya... hope to see your NOTD using the sponge.. na curious ako promise... :D

  22. hi ate aya!

    nice haul :) ive been looking for that sansan liner pen for quite some time now. i reckon that i super loved it.

  23. hello aya!
    nice hauull~~

    i want ask u, is the Etude eye make up remover delicate enough?
    coz im looking for a new eye make up remover which is soft for sensitive eye :)

  24. I love etude lip and eye make up remover. Follow na rin kita Sis.:)

  25. @Sugar, hihi yes! thank you:)

    @Sweet, yep will even post a tutorial :D

    @Reina, HAHA "ATE?????" :D

    @Fleurcoco, thanks dear! I replied on your blog :)

    @Vian, thank you!!! :D


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