Review: Fashion 21 Dipliner

Hey starshines! How are you all doing? Here's a review of a product that I've really been loving lately. You might have seen this in my haul post *here.* Pencil liners (which are the easiest to use) tend to smudge on me even with primer #onethingihateaboutmonolids. I was looking for a liquid eyeliner that's newbie-friendly. Lo and behold, the Fashion 21 Dipliner.

I got mine in black. I think they also have a brown one. The packaging is just ok. The cap is long but not as long as that of the Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer. It has a felt-tip applicator which is nice especially for people who aren't used to using liquid liners yet. It's not flimsy and the tip is nice and pointed and allows you to create thin lines.

The pigmentation is decent, too. Here's a swatch of it on the back of my hand...

One swipe, freshly applied, no base
T-B: With flash, without flash;
one swipe each, no base
And on my lid...

Applied with no base
Average drying time: 1 - 1.5 minutes. Of course the drying time depends on how heavy the stroke is. Since I have monolids, I always have to make sure that the lines are COMPLETELY dry before I fully open my eyes. I have to squint for about a couple of minutes just so I can let the lines dry completely. *awkward eye moment there* 

As for the wear, this eyeliner stays put on me for quite a long time. I can wear it for about 7 hours (with Etude House primer) without smudging or fading. One time I wore it, it rained really hard and I didn't have an umbrella. I was wet all over but my liner didn't budge. Impressive :)

Here's to see how smudge-proof this liner is.

A: After rubbing with my dry finger
B: After running water on the back of my hand
C. After rubbing while still wet
First, I tried removing the lines using my dry finger (A), but to no avail. No fading, no smudging. Once this liner dries, it's very hard to smudge. Next I tried running water on the back of my hand (B). The lines didn't budge so I guess that means the liner is kind of water-resistant. Lastly, I tried rubbing the lines while my hand was still wet (C). The lines faded but they didn't smudge. So I guess that means this is not waterproof. Yeah, so it is water-resistant but not waterproof. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I've just noticed that wearing my liner "thickly" like this gives the illusion of longer lashes. That's always a good thing for me :)

What I love about this product:
  • Easy-to-use applicator
  • Decent pigmentation
  • Doesn't crack
  • Smudge-proof
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to remove - I use the Etude House Lip and Eye Remover to remove this. 
  • Price - 115 Php for 8 g of product
  • Availability - Can be found at Fashion 21 counters at Watsons, SM and Landmark Department Stores. Check Fashion 21's website *here* for the complete list.

What I don't like about this product:
  • Drying time - I wish it dries more quickly.

So you see, I'm pretty much loving this product. Lately I've been going out with just this eyeliner and mascara on my eyes. Thanks to Ma'am Carmi, by the way, for suggesting that I try liquid liners with felt-tip applicators first for ease of application :)

Any eyeliner suggestions? Which do you prefer: pencils, liquid or gel liners?


  1. love this eyeliner so much! :D i only use wipes to remove this eyeliner!

  2. I never tried liquid liner cause it really takes sooo long to dry up! looks good on you! :))

  3. wow.. nice review.. i'll check on this one soon.. =)

  4. i love using liquid liner! its the only type of liner i can use actually. i just need to try working on making my line thinner. i use elf, but idk if this brand you're using is available in the US. never heard of it

  5. nice review aya! I'm using nichido's liquid liner naman. Will check this out :D

  6. awesome :) i know how you feel about making sure for a wet liner to dry before opening your eyes. i have hooded lids and from my katamaran, i hardly wear liners lol kaya minsa i just tightline na lang hehe

  7. I saw that liquid eyeliner in so many times every time I go shopping but i've never try it because I thought it's not good product. lol
    Thank you so much for the review! it convince me to buy one now cause i just heard good things about that eyeliner.. hehe :)

  8. @Iya, true!

    @Beauty Addict, so easy to remove no? <3 it :)

    @Ar Ar, that's what I was thinking too. But fortunately this one dries pretty quickly (?). By the time i finish lining my other eye, the line I drew on the other one is already dry :)

    @Jayresa, thanks! :)

    @Sonia, it's a local brand :) The ELF ones are the next on my list. Hihi

    @Kat, thank you :) I didn't quite like the brush of the Nichido one when I swatched it at the mall. Maybe because di lang ako sanay pa. Hehe

    @Donna, di ba? It's a bit time-consuming esp for us with monolids O_O

    @AsianBeauty, I hope it'll work well on you too :D

  9. awww wish i could get this in the US :) hehe. i'm not really good with liquid eyeliner.. i can't draw the line really well and it always comes out all sqiggly hehe.

  10. lovely...i think the quality of this liner is superb...looks lovely on your eyes

  11. i think this is a good eyeliner if not for the drying time. haha! =) it looks pretty on you though. ^_^

  12. this loookk good~~ :D
    almost same like my local brand eyeliner~~

  13. I have a hard time putting liquid liner, that's why I think it doesn't look good on me. But this liner looks superb on you! :)

  14. I've heard so much about this liner. Now I'm so getting one...hehe awesome review sis!

  15. Loll, at first I read your title as "Forever 21".
    Hmm, never heard of this brand so it's probably unavailable here in the US. :(
    But it draws on such neat line! Looks really good. (:

  16. @Lisa, that's how I was before! That's why I didn't like using liquid liners. :/

    @Rakhshanda, thanks dear :)

    @Michelle, teeeenks!

    @Sugar, right! thanks :)

    @Fleurcoco, it's a pretty good find :D

    @I am Certified, you should try it sometime :)

    @Hollie, I hope it will work well for you :) Thanks!

    @Tiffo, I often get confused with those labels too. Haha. Fashion 21's a local brand, btw :)

  17. This was my 1st liquid liner and I loved it!.. And yes it is easy to remove!;)

  18. you put liquid liner so well! I only tried using liquid liner once. I actually like gel liners best because they stay on for hours and they don't smudge or budge even on my waterline (even if it's not recommended to apply it on the waterline, I still do it anyway :D) .. And I also like pencil liners for everyday use.

  19. You always have the best reviews.
    I cannot do liquid liner to save my life!!!! It's horrible. Seriously. Hot mess.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  20. this is soo cool! i wanna buy (my nyx is drying na

  21. i haven't tried liquid liners yet! :) my hands too wobbly for those XD

  22. hello aya! thanks for sharing :) i wish it comes in a pen so it would be easier to apply. i have shakey hands, so what i am currently using is a crayon liner from revlon :)

  23. @Chicgurl, it's nice for the price no? :D

    @Catmare, hahaha! I actually prefer using gel liners over pencil ones :D

    @Bonnie, hahaha! I squint for about a minute to avoid the mess. :/

    @Debi, try it :) It's nice for the price :)

    @Jennifer, I'm still practicing. Sometimes my lines come out *eeeek* that I have to redo O_O

    @Pink Margarita, true! That'd be super nice. (and less messy) :)

  24. Noice I use this too *high fiveee*!

    I wear it w/o primer and it still lasts quite long! Thanks for the review Aya.:)

  25. I've been thinking about getting this when my Nichido runs out. Thanks for the review!

  26. @Tiffie, it's so nice! Love this :D

    @Slo, no prob :D

  27. How I wish I chose this over Nichido's Liquid Eyeliner. :(

  28. Wow may special mention pa ako, hehe. Thanks thanks! :)

    This looks nice. I've only tried the other Fashion 21 liquid liner and I really liked how long lasting it is. But I stopped using it and switched to Nichido because the long applicator annoyed me :( But this one looks fine. I'll probably get this after I finish my Nichido one :)

  29. @Wainey, I don't like the brush of the Nichido one. This felt tip applicator is a bit more newbie-friendly. Hehehe

    @Strangevision, hi Maaaaam :D yup, kayo naalala ko nung nakita ko to eh. Maiksi lang applicator nito. Yung cap ung mahaba. Hehehe

  30. Hi! Thanks for sharing this. I am currently using Nichido's Liquid Eyeliner but this one from Fashion 21 has a pointed tip so I guess it would be easier to apply. Will try this soon! =)

    Lots of love,

  31. @Aya, same sentiments here. Liquid e/liners with felt tip applicators are a lot easier to use! I should have bought this one instead of Nichido's liquid E/L, which is I find somewhat messy to apply. UGH. :D

  32. @Cheshire, that's the exact reason I chose this over Nichido's liner :) No prob dear:)

    @Wainey, try this one next time :DDD

  33. nice review! I'm currently using Ever Bilena's Dip liner. But I might buy this one soon too. Thanks for sharing. impressive performance for an inexpensive product!

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  35. This Liquid Liner Is Always And Always Gon' Be Mah Preference! It Really SERVES ME WELL Or WAY TOO WELL! And It's Perfect For Rakista-Style Makeup, And Trust Me, I've Been Using This For About 5 Years!


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