Review: Avon Simply Pretty Love in Bloom Lipstick

Hey everyone! Whew, I feel like I haven't written in ages! I've been a bit busy lately because my chemistry board exam review classes are about to start and I'm "preparing" for that. LOL, as if! Anyway, today's post is about this Avon lipstick which I am really loving right now. You might have already seen this lipstick in my Avon haul post *here.* I got this months ago but have never gotten around to writing a review about it until now. So here goes! :D

I'm betting that the heart shape of this lipstick caught your eye. It surely caught mine while I was browsing the catalog! I got mine in the shade Pink Rose.

And here's a close-up of the lipstick.

How cute is that?! <3 

First things first - the packaging. For me, the packaging is decent. It's nice and cute and simply pretty although I prefer lipstick packaging that shows the actual color/shade of the lipstick. 

Swatchy swatch swatch...

L-R: With flash, without flash
Pink Rose is somewhere between brink and dark pink. It can fully cover my natural lip color in one coat, which I like. Y'all know how much I don't like sheer lippies, right? :) Anyway, here's what it looks like on me.

Under natural lighting
With flash
Under natural lighting
With flash

The texture is a bit creamy, and the finish is not exactly matte but it's not shimmery or glossy either.

What I love about this lipstick:
  • The shade is very wearable.
  • Glides smoothly on the lips.
  • Covers my lips well in just one coat.
  • No weird lipstick scent and taste.
  • Doesn't dry my lips as much as matte lipsticks do.
  • Doesn't settle on the lines of my lips.
  • Stays on me for 4-5+ hours. Leaves a pretty evident color/stain even after eating and drinking.
  • Very affordable at 130 Php for 3.5 g of product. 

What I don't love about this lipstick:
  • Nothing!

I really like this and I wanna check out the other shades next time I get my hands on an Avon catalog. What do you think? Have you tried Avon lipsticks? How'd you find them? :)


  1. The finish reminds me of Skin Food's lipsticks. And that is SO cute, a heart-shaped lipstick mold! ♥

  2. i love this lipstick too!
    i have tried mac hug me & also brave but i can't make them work on me for i am in between their shades.. but this one is perfect!

    i'm glad that i bought this!

    though i have to admit that i'm not a fan of he shape (even though it's cute!) for i can't trace my lip shape with it unlike the traditional lipstick shape.

  3. Love it! that lipstick reminds me of the first lipstick I purchased from Avon which is the Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Skin, Although that one is more pigmented =). Great review ;)

  4. I love the shape! Haha so cute :) The shade looks good too :)

  5. Woww such a gorgeous shade!! Looks nice on you <3

  6. i love the shape of the lipstick! i hope it doesn't deform upon using it for quite some time. :)

  7. yezz i actually noticed the heart shape straight away! sooo cute lipstick aya! :)

  8. looks good on you.

    did try this 3 years back its ok for everyday use.

    I didnt get to revisit them as there is no avon lady near me...LOL

  9. im back! wow!!! heart! i want! i want! :))

  10. @Dee, cute right? :D I haven't tried SF lippies yet :/

    @Thiamere, it's really nice for everyday wear, no? True, true, it's hard to be precise in lining your lips with this coz of the shape...

    @AsianBeauty, thank you! I'm loving this more than their ColorBliss Sparkles lippies :)

    @Em, right! :D

    @Rakhshanda, thanks dear :)

    @Makeup hauls, it's still heart-shaped so far. Hehehe <3

    @Jes, thank you! :)

    @Hazel, haha! Right, ang kyot no? :D

    @Debi, thanks! Hahaha I usually get my Avon pdts through my mom. She knows an Avon lady (I think). Hahaha

    @Ann, missed you!!! :D <3<3<3 cute no? :D

  11. ♥♥♥ Pink shade looks good at you. ♥♥♥

  12. this is such a pretty shade! i haven't tried avon lippies before. :) thanks for this review aya!

  13. Oh my! A heart shaped lipstick!!!! And what a beautiful icy pink on your lips! ^_^

  14. I remember seeing those it the catalog too :) I really like Avon lipsticks! thanks for the review :)

  15. @Sweethestia, thank you :) But I only have a few pink lippies. Hehehe

    @Sugar, no prob Sugar :) One of my first Avon lipsticks :)

    @Rainy Days and Lattes, cute right? :D

    @Sloperation, no prob! Eye-catching, no? Hehe

    @Nadine, thanks dear! :D


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