NOTD: Attraction

Nails of the day care of Caress nail polish in Attraction. 

I applied two coats of Attraction, and then topped it off with Wish Nail Colors glitter polish. For the ring finger, I applied one coat of Attraction and then one of Bobbie Premium Nail Creme in Chestnut. Topped it also with glitter polish. 

Chestnut is quite sheer and layering it over a light taupe color gave it an opaque effect and a muted gold color.

Have you guys noticed that I've been into glitter-topping lately? It's one way to spice up a rather plain and (sometimes) boring color, I think :)

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  1. I like that Caress color! It's like a gray-ish shade, kinda like one of my BNC polishes. I love your nail shape too. :D I like glitter topping too but they can be a pain to remove though.

  2. I love the Attraction color. It reminds me of the gray nail trend last fall/winter :)

  3. that's my favorite neutral nail polish color! so pretty!

  4. @Elaine, thank you! I'd like to shape them square-ish sometime. Hehe Oh and the glitter polish I'm using kinda lacks in glitter pay-off so not hard to remove :/

    @Sloperation, I like it too! It's my first time to go neutral. :D

    @Sugar, thanks dear :D

    @Hollie, it is indeed :D

  5. hi aya! luv ur blog lalo na ang NOTD..hihihi
    just bought my new nail polish from SM north...wish collection,139 for 2.. 6 nail polish 2 toe separator and 2 nail brush... na review mo na ba yung sa pink lipstick? inaabangan ko kasi yun eh..tnx :-)

  6. i love how you topped it off with glitter polish, ganda ng result :)

  7. I love gray-ish nails. I think they look so effortless chic, and they go with everything.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. @Chi, sorry for the delay. It's coming up soon. :)

    @Hazel, thanks girl :D

    @Bonnie, true true! :)

    @Catmare, thanks! :D

  9. Ohh super love your taupe nails and the gold combo that is so cute!!!

  10. gorgeous nails! you have nice nails, and the nude color (attraction) looks amazing! :)

  11. loved that you added some sparkle on a neutral colored polish :)

    but yeah tamad din akong mag contacts everyday eh kaya nag stuck na lang rin ako sa salamin ko hehe.

  12. OMG!! I love that Caress nail polish!! :)


  13. @Lisa, thank you! Just spiced up the look so it wouldn't be all taupe. :]

    @Leigh, thanks! It's a really nice shade. Too bad it started chipping after only 3 days :/

    @Donna, yey thanks! Haha nako feeling ko tataas na naman grado ko. Di ko kasi sinusuot ung sakin :(

    @Makeup hauls, love it too :D

  14. I like that brownish color! For some reason I've been into neutral EVERYTHING lately! haha!

  15. Wow I like this shade. I'd definitely look for this one and but it. Thanks for sharing!

  16. @Sam, haha! It's my first time to go neutral on my nails :D

    @Morbidfrank, no problem :)

  17. Hi aya! Where did you buy the wish nail polish? Thanks! :D

  18. Hello dear, go it from Watsons :) It's from a set that contains 4 wish glitter nail polishes :)


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