Nail It! Greenhills Branch Grand Opening

Hey everyone! Last Saturday, May 21, I attended the opening of Nail It!'s branch at Greenhills. This was actually my first time to go to a legit nail salon. Back when I was still in LB, I used to have my nails done once every two weeks in one of the hair salons near the campus. Now I just do my own nails. Anyway, I intentionally didn't clean my nails before the event so that I could maximize the service. Why do it yourself when someone else can do it for you? <--- Motto of the lazy.

@ Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center

I went for a manicure (with polish) and that cost me 180 Php. The traditional manicure (without polish) costs 100 Php, and when you want to have your nails painted you're just gonna have to add 80 Php. 

They only use Orly polishes. I actually had a hard time picking a shade. I wanted to try them all. Haha!

Color charts 
Love the pastels :)
I chose the shade Snow Cone which is a really pretty cornflower blue shade. 

Who doesn't love the feeling of being pampered? :)

Finished product. It's actually a bit darker in person
As for the service, I had no complaints. I liked that the nail tech who did my nails was really friendly and had a gentle touch. I also liked how she took time to clean the edges (using an orange stick and not the tips of her nails like what others do) - something I'm too lazy to do. LOL. The clean-up even took a little longer than the actual polish application. Haha. Oh, and they also sterilize their tools before usage. Pretty neat, huh? Really comfy chairs, too :)

Aside from getting my nails done, I was also able to meet fellow bloggers like Sab (finally!), KatJenKai and Tatie. Hazel, who I've already met once before, was also there :) Read about our meet-up *here.* 

Here's Hazel while getting a pedicure.
She came with her brother, too :)
L-R: Jen, Me, Jordy (Jen's sister), Kai
Hazel and Sab 
Me with Kat 
L-R: Kat, Me, Tatie, Sab, Hazel
With Kat and Hazel (photo from Cheese It's Multiply site)
With Kat, Hazel and Sab (photo from Cheese It's Multiply site)
With Tatie, Hazel and Sab (photo from Cheese It's Multiply site)
'Til the next event, ladies! :)

I also got a goodie bag from Ms. Jariss, a fashion blogger who also handles marketing for the salon. Thanks, Ms. Jariss! :D

Freebies which include a mini bottle
of Orly nail polish in Gigababe 

We also had a quick chat with Ms. Jean, the owner of Nail It! and she shared to us how the whole concept of Nail It! came about. She started the whole concept with her daughter. Read more about that *here.* :) 

Nail It! aims to provide quality services at affordable prices. You might wanna check them out. Lists of services and prices and branches are all in their website (click here). :)


  1. i need some pampering time! ang saya! yea sometimes di ko narin nililinis yung polish ko cuz i feel na trabaho naman talaga ng nail tech hehe.. like your lazy motto! the nail color is cuuute ^_^

  2. meron na pala photos from the photobooth :D nice seeing you again aya!!! :)

  3. great photos! :) seemed like you really had fun. what better way to relax and bond with girlfriends than a trip to the nail salon. :)

    thanks for sharing!

    much love,

  4. this is so near me, and i love orly! will definitely check it out :)

  5. @Jbreezybaby, di ba? Hehe sulitin na natin ang service. Hehehe and yeah! I really love the color :D

    @Hazel, yeah talagang hinintay ko. Haha :D You too Hazel! :D

    @Pink Margarita, true! :D

    @FashionEggplant, oh nice! :D But too bad you weren't there last Sat. Would've loved to meet you :)

  6. wow, sarap! i missed nail pampering...which reminds me, I need one na rin...

  7. I wonder if there's Nail it here in Cebu... waaa when am I ever gonna experience blogger meet ups. It's fun to see you gurls bonding..hehe

  8. i love the color you chose!
    it looks great.

  9. really love being pampered. nice photos aya :)

  10. Wow this is fun! I'm always afraid of manicuristas. I prefer doing it myself. Natatakot ako kasi before nung bata ako nasugatan ako. =/ So I prefer doing mani/pedis on my own.

  11. you picked pretty color for your nails! love it :D

  12. Hello Aya, I love your blog!
    here is very beautiful!
    I hope his visit there on my blog and also if you can linka my blog on your list?
    pink kisses

  13. Pastels are so pretty & cute. (: I'm liking the color of Lemonade & that blue looks great on your nails!

  14. I remember saying "Snow Poke" instead of "Snow Cone". LOL. Great to finally meet you Aya! You so cute and lovely! I hope to see you again soon. :)

  15. @Debi, go go go :D You deserve it :)

    @Hollie, come visit us here! :D How bout meeting up with other Cebuana b/vloggers? That'd be totally cool :D

    @Mestizay, thanks dear!

    @Nadine, haha. Twas a nice way to relax :)

    @I am Certified, aww thank you! I had a nice time :)

    @Catmare, one time nasugatan din ako sa thumb dahil sa isang manicurist (from a diff. salon) :( Haven't gone back there since. Haha

    @Asian Beauty, thank you! I was eyeing the pastels. Hehe

    @Luiz, thank you! :D

    @Tiffo, it was actually a close fight between Snow Cone and Lemonade! Haha :D

    @Sab, I even thought you said "Snow Coke." Haha! You too Sab! :) Til the next meetup :D

  16. ang ganda ng pick mo! i love pastels too <3 hay nako ang tagal ko ng di nagpapa-pamper ng nails ko -_-. kadiri tuloy yung itsura ng cuticles ko lol!

  17. i don't really go to nail salons but with your pictures it seems really exciting! :D

  18. love the color you picked aya! :) looks like a great bonding moment with other bloggers! ;)

  19. @Donna, hahaha! Go to the nearest nail salon na. It's a nice way to relax (even just for a short time). Hehe

    @Jenny, I enjoyed even just for a bit :D

    @Sugar, it is! But too bad we didn't get to talk much. Maybe next time :)

  20. I havent been to a proper nail spa/salon in a while! I always DIY haha! Maybe i should try going to a nail spa/salon soon!

  21. love the Orly pastels but I don't like Orly. I prefer China Glaze and OPI

  22. @Nina, haha go go go :) It's a nice way to relax even just for a bit. :D

    @Lady E, haven't tried any of those yet. :/

  23. I love the nail salons in manila! When I was there, I got the home services a lot (read: lazy) cause my friend owns one.
    It's really different here, you can only get that service in pricey places ($20-$40 mani-pedis. boo)

    looks like you had a great time! Great color choice! :)

  24. @Sam, wow so expensive! Yep I did have fun :) Thanks :D

  25. yong gumdrop like ko din. Sama ako next time :)

  26. Looks like you enjoyed yourself. :)


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