Haul: San San

I think I've already told you before that I've just started exploring the HBC (very) near my place. I've already picked up a lip conditioner (Allue) and a liquid foundation (San San) from there before (see haul posts *here* and *here*). Now, here are more stuff from HBC. Oh, they're having a sale right now, by the way :)

San San Concealer in Natural - P 99.00
San San Soleil Lip Colour in Peach Ibiza - P 109.75
San San Shimmer Lipstick in No. 02 - P 78.00

Closer look at the lippies.

L-R: Soleil Lip Colour in Peach Ibiza,
Shimmer Lipstick in No. 02
Swatches: (L-R) Soleil Lip Colour in Peach Ibiza,
Shimmer Lipstick in No. 02
Have you tried these products already? Any thoughts? :)



  1. The packaging of the yellow lipstick is soooo cute! :))

  2. hope you can do a review on the concealer you got =)
    Thanks in advance!

  3. SanSan products are pretty affordable. I want to try their blushes :)

  4. Ooh i like the peach lipstick! Hbc is one of the stores i like to visit.. I buy stuff there for my sis.

  5. i haven't tried sansan yet!! i'd love to check them out!

  6. the color of Peach Ibiza so cute!! >_<

  7. the soleil is so dainty...parang hindi bagay sa akin packaging

  8. Peach Abiza is gorgeous!!! ^_^

  9. never tried their make up, just their polish :) im surprised though, the soleil looks really nice. hoe you make a review about it :)

  10. I only tried San San once, in college. Nice haul. :)

  11. those lippies look really pretty aya! :D someone's been hauling a lot recently hmmm... :3

  12. @Mitch, true true! I like that it has a transparent part :)

    @AsianBeauty, will do! :D

    @Catmare, they really are. And they're on sale pa. :D

    @Kai, I just discovered it. LOL. The peach lippy is from their summer collection. I think they have two other also-lovely shades! :D

    @Hazel, try it. Affordable products :)

    @Rakhshanda, thanks! :D

    @Nisa, nice packaging, right? :)

    @Pammy, yep! I love the packaging of the summer collection items :)

    @Debi, hahaha! Tama, dainty is the word! :D

    @Rainy Days and Lattes, will post more swatches of it soon :)

    @FashionEggplant, I'm gonna try their polishes sometime too. Will post reviews of these soon :)

    @Yen, thanks dear! :D

    @Sugar, RIGHT. And that's why my wallet is now hungry! Haha

  13. i love san san too. yeah, you should try their nail polishes! :)

  14. super nice the lippies.. i like! :)

  15. I'm starting to get intrigued with San-san's new makeup products thanks to you! :3

  16. cute colors of the containers..yellow and blue!:)

  17. these are so cute!! i wish i lived in asia you guys always have the cutest products in the cutest packaging at such affordable prices!!! so jealous!

  18. Hello Aya, I was missing you!
    your blog is beautiful!
    a great week for you!
    when you can pass there on my blog
    pink kisses

  19. the soleil lipstick looks very pretty!

  20. @Jen, I will! :D

    @I am Certified, yey. Will post more swatches... :)

    @Dee, hahaha! Is that a good thing or a bad thing? LOL :P

    @Ava, true! :D

    @Lisa, yeah! Cute packaging is a definite plus point :D

    @Luiz, been busy that's why I wasn't posting very often lately. Thank you! :)

    @Jbreezybaby, nice packaging no? Cute :)

  21. Haven't tried any products from San San yet, the haul you got there is pretty interesting. Hoping for a review. hehe :)

  22. @Tiffie, yup reviews coming up :))


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