Haul: No Caronia This Time


Hey y'all! Here are the stuff I got recently. These are mostly stuff for the nails but for a change, I didn't pick up Caronia bottles. Tryin' out some new polish brands :)

Went to SM North last weekend with my friend and got the following. 

How cute are these bottles? ;P
Fashion 21 Dipliner - P 115.00
Cherry Nail Polish in Moonlight Glaze and Carolina Peach - P 15.75 per bottle
Caress Nail Polish in Attraction - P 23.75

I was looking for a good liquid eyeliner that is newbie-friendly. I've heard good things about Fashion 21's liner so I decided to try this one out. I was actually choosing between this and the Nichido one but I didn't quite like the brush of the latter. I also saw these Cherry polishes and fell in love with the packaging immediately. They're also really inexpensive at ~16 Php per bottle. It was my first time to see this brand but they looked decent so I grabbed two shades. I also got myself a Caress polish (after 10 years ;P).

Then my friend bought me another nail polish from TFS. He picked the shade himself. Well, I let him choose from the several shades I swatched, at least. Thanks, Cream Puff :)

Then we stopped by Etude House. I was hoping that they're already carrying the Sweet Style Hairspray. Unfortunately, the hairspray's still only available at the SM Megamall branch. I also looked around and swatched the Miss Tangerine products.

Then I swatched the matte nail polishes on my friend's nail and they left a sort of grape scent. Are the EH matte polishes really scented? I know for sure that it's not the nail polish remover because I've tried both variants already and they smell nothing like grapes. ANYWAY...

These next items weren't from SM North. I bought these from the mini-mall near my place.

Allue Lip Conditioner in Orange Fizz- P 49.75
Sebo de Macho
Bichun Pink Glitter Nail Polish - P 27.00
Angled Brush - P 17.00

I have just started exploring HBC products. I found the Allue lip conditioner so cute and girly, and since I was looking for a clear lip balm/conditioner, I decided to try it. Don't get me wrong, I love my Lip Ice Color Changeable lip conditioner but sometimes I just want something that's not tinted. I also bought Sebo de Macho for my big angry scar. (I might make a post on it sometime to gross y'all out. JK!) I got the pink glitter polish and the brush from a general merchandise store (Hypersave). They sell lots of really cheap makeup items there, too. Cheap as in 20-80-Php items, but I don't plan on buying any MU items from there. Nail polish, yeah sure. Makeup? I'll pass. :)

Bichun nail enamel is one of the "expensive" nail polishes they carry. They also have those 12-peso polishes that have really nice shades but they smell like real paint :/. This one doesn't stink as badly as those polishes and the plastic cap with the little beads inside is cute, too. :)

Anyway, that's it for my collective haul (plus a free item). Have you tried any of the items mentioned - Fashion 21 liner, Cherry polishes, Allue products? Lemme know what you think of them! :D




  1. i never did like caronia... it's because of one of their ingredients... but i have to say that the shades are gorgeous!

    haven't tried the dip liner yet but i do use fashion 21 liner...yung mahaba ang brush!

  2. ooohh nail polishes!! ingggit... may TFS kayo sa pinas! The nearest one to me is like 3 hrs from here >_<

  3. Nice haul post! IDK but I enjoy reading and viewing haul posts. :D I remember my friend, she got herself a pot of sebo de macho and she used it for her scar. Effective yata :)

  4. I want to try those brands! nice haul hun.

  5. such a cute haul aya!!!! i want to go shopping with you! haha ;P first time to see the Cherry Nail Polish :O

  6. @Thiamere, yeah I dunno why they don't start making polishes w/o toluene :/ Oh yeah, I know that liner! I heard it's good too :D

    @Jbreezybaby, yes! Ngayon lang ako actually nagkaroon ng something from TFS :/

    @Catmare, me toooo! Haha hope it works for me :)

    @Tara, thanks dear! :D

    @Hazel, thank you! Haha yeah lez go shopping sometime!

  7. great haul! :D oo nga same nail polish tayo from TFS :D

  8. i really like your blog.
    nice colours.
    check out mine.

    hope you will follow me:)


  9. aya na post mo na ba yung about sa pink lipstisck?? baka kasi na miss ko eh..gusto ko talga ng ganun coilor ng lips dati kaso di ko alm kung pano eh...

  10. yung cherry nail polish is thin ba yung brush para sana makapg design ako ng line..thank u so much!!! <3

  11. hey Aya! try human nature's sunflower beauty oil for your scar. also, can you pls make a review for the dip eyeliner? looking for a nice highly pigmented black liquid liner na cheap. thanks, looking forward :)

  12. @The Beauty Addict, thanks Ann :)

    @Chie, will post the lipstick review next week :) Also, the brush is not like those thin nail art brushes. The brush is just like the ordinary polish brushes :)

    @Sarah, thanks for that suggestion! :D I'll review the liner :)

  13. the two polishes with 'cherries' written on them looks so cute <3 would buy them in a heartbeat XD!!

  14. wow!! sebo de macho...may gumagamit pa pala non...LOL

  15. @Jennifer, right???!!! :D

    @Debi, i know, right? Hahaha! Buti nga may nagbebenta pa nun. Hehe pero sana effective :]

  16. I am so glad that we can be nail polish whores together. I am beyond obsessed with doing my nails.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. another haul! yay for you. I did bought quite a few stuff but I just haven't take photos of it yet...hahay. I'm getting so lazy na..hehe. I've tried the Cherry nail polishes na, they're okay.

  18. Cute love your haul pictures!! Omgosh the one with the beads inside is so cute too bad it smells like paint hahaha.

  19. i was trying to post here earlier but blogger won't let me. :(

    the faceshop nail polish is really pretty. hope you can do a NOTD with it soon. =)

  20. i tried the cherry nail polish. But i really don't like it. I love the bottle and the handle. Magandang gamitin. Or maybe di lang maganda ung color na kinuha ko. I grab a violet or purple shade but when i apply it, the color turns out to be a blue one. I don't know why. But of course caress and face shop is well proven.

  21. The shades I picked up are ok naman so far. Hehe And I'm loving my Caress and TFS polishes :D

  22. i tried the cherry nail polish too.. their appealing red is amazing. so bright & shiny. i love it! :)

  23. That Bichun nail polish caught my attention. I was about to use that brand until I read an article on the internet that it's a dangerous brand of nail polish. I must agree because it is made in China. The article is here So, I never used the 3 bottles of Bichun I bought after reading that article. Just sharing.. 

  24. Thanks for sharing! I think I've only used mine once. 


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