Haul: Another Mini Haul

Hola, mis amigos! Here are the stuff I bought recently.

San San Soleil Matte Foundation - P 149.75
Etude House Eye Contour Brush - P 198.00
Belt (Genevieve Gozum) - P 50.00

I ended up getting a limited edition San San matte foundation from a quick visit to the HBC near me. It actually looked more like a BB cream than a foundation to me. I swatched it before buying and I was impressed by the coverage and the "high" SPF. Oh, and the price, too. I was kinda hesitant to buy this at first because I haven't read reviews of it yet, but I bought it anyway. Then last weekend, I stopped by Etude House to buy another eye brush since I liked the first brush I purchased from them. Then lastly, I bought a belt. I wasn't actually planning to buy a belt that time. I was just helping my sister look for a dress... and then I saw this. I liked the buckle, too. ;)

So that's it for my mini haul. Any recent purchases? Tell me about them in the comments! Have a nice day :D

Review of San San Soleil foundation *here.*


  1. San San............................ ^^ -Cream Puff

  2. pls do a review on the san san foundation aya. :)

  3. Nice! Can't wait for the review of the foundation!:)

  4. Nice haul! That's a really cute belt! I'm curious about the foundation you got.

  5. nice haul! I'll be waiting for the SanSan Foundie review..hehe

  6. I second sugar sugar and hollie! That foundation looks really interesting and promising! :D

  7. I have the EH eye brush too. Haven't used it yet but I bought it because it looks nice and the size was good :D

  8. Yay! Looking forward to the EH brush review :D

  9. @Cram Puff, LOL :D

    @Sugar, will do! After a couple of weeks of so :)

    @Tiffie, thanks!

    @Everyday Makeup Blog, thank you! I'm curious about it as well. Haha I hope it works well for me :)

    @Hollie, thanks! I find it weird that I cannot find a single review about it :/

    @Dee, will post a review of it in the coming weeks :D

    @Popblush, it's so sooooooft!!! <3

    @Catmare, working on it now. Haha :)

  10. been wanting to check out etude house :)

  11. Wow. The SanSan BB Cream like product intrigues me. :) I wanna try it too.

    And Etude House is Love.

  12. San San foundie review, please. :P

  13. @FashionEggplant, go go go! Products are really nice and affordable. And the packaging is <3

    @Ishna, will post a review of that one :D

    @Pammy, working on it :)

    @Ava, thank you! :D

  14. So jealous you still get to do hauls. I am totally broke. :( Hihi, can't wait for your reviews!!! :D

  15. sayang aya hindi tayo nakapunta sa etude house opening! :(( Would love to buy brushes pa naman sana! anyway, will wait for that review :D

  16. @Elaine, hahaha! Puro "mini" na nga lang eh. Will post them soon! :)

    @Haze, oo nga eh! :( Looove the brushes! They're so soft and... so soft <3 Haha

  17. Don't you just love shopping?? And the shopping high that is the result, of course.
    You always choose the best stuff. I can't wait to read your reviews!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  18. i wish i have an etude store around :( ive heard great stuff about them!

  19. Hello Aya .... your blog is beautiful!
    I'm loving it over here!
    a beautiful week for you!

  20. @Bonnie, super love it :) Thank you!

    @Jbreezybaby, aww. I hope a branch opens near you. Products are great and affordable :D

    @Luiz, thank you!

  21. I love all theseeee! Great blog! A new follower here! :))



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