Tutorial: How to Use Hairagami

Another good find here! I recently got these hair tools called Hairagamis and I got them for only P49 (the original costs $6-15)! I found them at Vente (where I also found the Bumpits hair inserts from my post *here*). I know I promised you all pics of the Bumpits in action so watch out for the upcoming post on that :)

Original Hairagami
To know more about hairagamis, click *here.*

Read on to learn how to use hairagamis and to watch my first ever video post :)

Hairagami is made of two springy metal strips covered with soft and quite fluffy fabric. It springs in one direction and it can also be snapped straight.

This little thing curls on its own

To straighten this, just bend the ends until you hear them click/snap.

Snapped straight
Flipped open
Hairagamis are used to put your hair in different kinds of buns, ponytail, etc., and I found that they can also be used to curl the hair and make it wavy. A good find, I'd say! I haven't seen anything like these before. Here's a little video showing you how to I like to use these hair tools. This is my first video post. Hope you enjoy it! ;P

As you have seen in the video, I like to use these tools to:

     - Put my hair up in a bun
     - Put my hair in a ponytail
     - Curl my hair or make it wavy

You can do different styles of buns and ponytails with hairagami's. Click *here* for more ways on how to do that.

Have you tried using hairagami's or anything similar? These are really cool. Me likes! Glad I found them. It would've been cooler if they also had smaller sizes, right?  :)

What's on my face? FOTD of my video face coming up soon. Oh and by the way, I have just joined Sigma Beauty's affiliate program. If you're planning on buying anything from Sigma, please use my affiliate link *here* or just click the Sigma banner on the sidebar. Thanks! :D

Have a nice day, everyone! :D


  1. 2nd time posting the comment:

    - I enjoyed your video aya! You have a nice speaking voice and a very good diction too.

    - its really easy to follow when a hair tutorial is in video rather than in photos.

    - and thanks for tagging me, ill post it when im done with my 7 facts.

  2. That looks awesome! Too bad I don't have long enough hair to pull the styles off. Bun taiiil :(

    You sound exactly like one of my friends! And I like how you did the step-by-step instructions with "subtitles" of what you're supposed to do instead of transitioning to a separate block of text like some other videos. (I hope that made sense.)

  3. I enjoyed watching your video. :)

    Anyway, that seems like a very interesting product and for Php 49? A good find, I must say. :P

  4. nice vid aya! make some more! :D
    ang mura ah. maghunt nga ko ng ganto :D

  5. @Reina, thank you! I filmed it many times (OC me. LOL). And true! That's why I decided to post a video instead. It's kinda difficult to take pics of my self while styling my hair like this :/ Looking forward to your tag post :D

    @Dee, aww. It would've been cooler if they had smaller sizes of this, no? Thanks for the feedback! I wanted you to be able to see the instructions/steps while watching me do them :)

    @Kaye Dee, thanks Ate KD! :DDD

    @Pammy, yeah! I keep on stopping by Vente, hoping to find another great item. Haha. :D

    @MissKatv, thank you! Yah, kaya sabi ko ok lang na hindi ko magustuhan kasi mura lang naman. Pero noooo, nagustuhan ko naman. Hahaha

  6. i enjoyed watching the video! :) i really need to learn how to do hairstyles hahaha! :D

  7. I want one of these. I saw a different kind, like a soft one but I don't know how that works. I love buns! Haha, where can I find Vente branches?

  8. @Sugar, thanks! If only my hair were as long as yours... :D

    @Elaine, not sure where exactly eh :/ I was intrigued by this coz I haven't seen something like it before. Hahaha nageenjoy akong paglaruan :)

  9. liiiiikeee! yes aya, you're doing video posts narin ;) More more more :)

  10. I enjoyed watching your video Aya and I want to own a hairagami too :)

  11. I'm currently growing my hair, so this is just perfect! If only I can find that here in Cebu...huhu

  12. Congrats on your first video Aya! I wanted to do videos too, but IDK I keep on hesitating. lol. Thanks for the tutorial!

  13. Hi Aya! Wow I really want to have my own hairagami. On which Vente branch did you get yours?

  14. tutorial is so fun to look at! i rarely care for my hair though :3

  15. Great tutorial!! Your hair looks so pretty up like that!

  16. @I am certified, haha thank you! Get one, they're so versatile :)

    @Hollie, I hope you can! :D

    @Catmare, thanks dear! Hehe. Do vids toooooo :)

    @Ica, I got mine from Fairview Center Mall :)

    @Jennifer, haha thanks! It's only now that I started taking care and styling my hair :)

    @Lisa, thank you dear :D

  17. Can't find a hairagami at the Vente in Robinsons Manila. Out of stock daw. :(
    But anyway, I bought a variation: a plastic one. Will try it later.
    Have you tried the "bangs maker" (I just coined the name hehehe) being sold at Vente? It's like a huge clip where you tuck your hair in to make bangs. Please do try it and let us know if it's worth buying! :D

  18. @Ica, yey try it and lemme know if it works nicely. I haven't seen the "bangs maker" yet. Will try to look for it. :)

  19. Hey this is pretty cool. I've seen anything like it.

  20. Hey Aya, I've tried the plastic hair bun maker. It actually works, though not as perfect as the hairagami. It doesn't turn your bun into a "perfect" circle, and the hooks can irritate the nape.

  21. @Everyday Makeup blog, cool, right?! :D

    @Ica, oh nice to know it works. I'm really interested to see that :D

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