Ukay with the Girls

Hey there! Last Monday, my fellow bloggers (Ann of The Beauty-AddictHazel of Dress Me Up, Buttercup and Mitch of Beautiful Loft) and I went ukay (thrift/rummage) shopping at Broadway Centrum. I can't remember the last time I went ukay shopping. I'm not even sure if I have already ukay-shopped before this. If only there were good ukay stores here where I live :/

Anyway, I got these two for 180 Php each.

Love the skirt so much!

Then we went to eat at Sunrise Buckets. I hope they have a branch near my place 'coz I loved what we ordered! :D

L-R: Mitch, Me, Hazel, Ann
We then went to Greenhills and looked around. I bought another Marionnaud brush when we stopped by Watsons. 

L-R: Marionnaud Large Powder Brush (N' 30),
Pond's Perfect Care Cold Cream
Hey, where did that cold cream come from?! I bought that the next day from Rustan's. "Poor me," says the cold cream. "I'm out of place!" Haha

'Twas a really fun day! It was actually my first time to meet fellow bloggers in person. It's also my first time around the Greenhills area (LOL). 

Oh, and Ann also gave us some goodies! Thanks, Ann! :D

Pink <3
I wasn't able to take a pic of the chocolates. Guess why. :/

Until next time, girls :)


  1. I love ukay shopping. Nakakaaddict! I went ukay shopping three times last week (eeek). My labmates and I are planning to go again later tonight since there's a sale.
    I've seen some nice ukay places around LB, but I've never had the chance to actually look inside. My sister went to an ukay shop with her friends last Friday (sa may Junction) and she was able to find some original white Doc Martens for only P350! They were in good condition too.

  2. ur cute Aya, when you said twas ur first tym in GH area:)) and yay for Marionnaud brushes.

  3. Yay! I love thrift shopping too! I wish I can meet fellow bloggers in person as well=)

  4. ahaha! coz it's in your stomach already! :)) had fun with you guys! till next time! :D

  5. thanks for voting for me aya! appreciated much! =)

  6. aww aya! funny nung sa ponds cold cream, may funny lines pa :)) sana may delivery yung sunrise buckets haha

  7. so funny, that ukay store texted me yesterday that they have new arrivals but i really suck at making ukay. i believe it's a skill! lol! by any chance did you see any red blazers or colorful bottoms? :)

  8. how are you liking the powder brush from marionnaud sis?

    the charm braclet ann gave you girls is really pretty! :3

  9. Looks like you had fun~ <3<3<3

  10. @Strangevision, aawww I didn't know about those ukay shops around LB. Haha. I'd definitely check those out pag balik ko dun. Thanks Ma'am! :D

    @Geishcharles,it's true. LOL. Yes, I love those brushes very much:)

    @Rosey, yey! And you're welcome! Will vote again tomorrow :D

    @Ann, korak!!! Hahaha me to! Next time ulit :D

    @Hazel, naligaw sya eh. LOL. Kinuha ko ung delivery hotline. Check ko mamaya. Hehehe

    @Fashioneggplant, cool! Go go go! Haha :D Oh, and I don't remember eh. Me and my memory. LOL ;)

    @Sugar, love the brush! And the bracelet too :D

    @Mitch, thanks! I really love the skirt :)

    @PopBlush, true! I really had a nice time :D

  11. Haha the guess why bit really made me laugh :p I can never resist chocolate haha :)

    Ukay sounds like such fun!


  12. aya! i tagged you!

  13. love the skirt!yehey to ukay ukay!hehe

  14. cos you ate them already? lol. how's the brush? I always see them at watsons and I am tempted to try them but IDK if they're actually good.

  15. @Chuui, hahaha me too! It really is fun :D

    @Hazel, thank you! Working on it now...

    @Amanda, thanks! I really love it :D

    @Catmare, I actually like my Marionnaud brushes! I will post a collective review of those soon :)

  16. This sounds like so much fun! I'm jealous.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. hmmm mukhang masarap yung manok :9
    anyhoo, ang ganda ng na-score mo ha ;).
    whenever i hear the word, "ukay" i think about divisoria lol! kasi when i was younger, i used to help my mom and my aunt buy fabric doon hehe <3

  18. me too i love ukay, i used to raid ukay stores before when I was working in Makati. Oh the marrionaud brushes are really interesting ah i'll check on them nga this weekend.

  19. @Bonnie, fun, it is :)

    @Donna, masarap nga talaga :D Gusto ko rin mag Divi. Medyo matagal na ako di nakakapunta doon. Hehe :D

    @Jenggay, yes, do! They're really nice :)


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