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I was tagged by Hazel of Dress Me Up, Buttercup and Hollie of Random Beauty by Hollie to tell you ten things that I love. Thanks ladies! :D 

Ok so I love many stuff. Hard to choose what to put here. Anyway... here are some of the things I love, living and non-living.

1. Jollibee's Palabok Fiesta - My comfort food. I've told you this in my other post *here* but I just love this so much, I had to include it here!

Photo source: Jollibee's website
Oh my, I'm now staring at the picture with my mouth watering O_O

2. Disney Channel - Yes, I still watch Disney Channel! I'm a big Disney fan. Some of my fave series from them include Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven, Phineas and Ferb... However, I think that the new Disney series aren't so good as the old ones. But that's just me.

Photo source: Disney Channel Games' website
3. Adam Lambert - He's a living thing so he's eligible for this. LOL. I have a crazy obsession with Adam Lambert. My family doesn't understand it but whatever. He's hot and he's got some crazy hot vocals, too!

4. Sorority Life - This is the only game in Facebook that I still play. I made a post about it *here* before. This game's about fashion, makeup and all that girly stuff. What's not to like? I used to play this game for hours but now I don't get to play as much because I've been busy *ehem* blogging. But I still keep myself updated, of course. I'm in Level 177 already and so far I have 3,779 accessories, 1,363 items of clothing, 472 rides and 714 boyfriends! If only I were that rich in real life. (And yeah, you can buy boyfriends in this game. LOL.)

I also love playing Jojo's Fashion Show. I'm done with Parts 1 to 3 already. I hope they come up with another one!

5. My dogs - I love my dogs to death. Even though they are really loud and annoying sometimes, I'd never give them up for anything. I made a post about them *here* too :)

L-R: Misha, Moshi
6. Food - Yes, I love to eat. That's why I'm fat :D

Lemon Pepper Cream Dory
7. Barbie - No one is too old for Barbie. I love all the Barbie movies and I love visiting the Barbie website, too! Love their games :D (It's the 5-year old in me. Haha!)

A hairstyle I created through one of the Barbie games
8. Nail Polish! - Yeah, this list wouldn't be complete with out nail polish in it! As you may have noticed, I love painting my nails. Check out my NOTDs *here* if you haven't already :)

9. Cute shoes - Who wouldn't?! But you know what they say... "The cute shoes are never the comfortable ones." (- A quote from a Nickelodeon cartoon, 6teen)

10. Makeup - Yes, of course! I've just started loving it. So far, I don't have that many products yet. I'll get there :D

So there... these are just some of the things I love. Now it's your turn to tell me ten things that YOU love. I am tagging the following people to do this tag.
  1. Thank the person who tagged you.
  2. List 10 things that you love.
  3. Tag 10 other bloggers to do this tag and let them know about it by leaving a comment on their blogs.
Have fun! Don't forget to let me know when you've posted yours already, ok? :D


  1. Palabok FTW!

    That's So Raven <3


    714 boyfriends LOL! I remember there was a time I thought a boyfriend ran away because of my inability to pamper & stuff.

    Told your Daddy you finished Jojo's Fashion Show 1-2378273628736823726

    Burn the doggies (they ruin curtains)!!!

    I remember I thought the Barbie sisters were gonna plot against the main Barbie character because they were jealous of his handsome boyfriend LOLLLLLZZZZ but apparently they were all too behaved :/

    You should have settled for flats. I warned you... -Cream Puff

  2. <3: #s 1,5,8,9, 10
    (#6: i love food too and u r NOT fat! ;p)

    thanks for the tag ulit :) i'll do it sometime this week :D

  3. @Cream Puff, HAHAHA! I LOVE YOUR COMMENT! Yeah, the boyfriend didn't run away/get stolen, he just went to grad school. LOL. And I finished JJFS first before I even finished half of my thesis. Haha Ima practice walking in my new heels now. (crossing fingers)

    @Nadine, thank you :)

    @Donna, yey! Lemme know when you've posted already :)

    @Jenggay, thanks!! :D

  4. I love food! who doesn't?...hehe
    I also love barbie movies but not the dolls. I've watched every single one of them, the lastest, this year is Barbie: A Fairy Secret.

  5. yay thanks for doing this aya! grabe ginutom ako first thing pala -- food na! :)) awww girly girl stuff pala gusto mo! me too :D

  6. I Love jollibee palabok too!!! I can eat it in just a few minutes....yum!

  7. thanks for the tag pala...ahihihi

  8. @Hollie, true that! Oh and thanks for reminding me! Downloading it now. Hahaha! Love ALL Barbie films :D

    @Hazel, haha! Ako rin nagutom. Yessss. Kikay :D

    @Debi, best food ever! And you're welcome :D

  9. such a cute post! your dogs are adorable xx


  11. @Sarah, thank you! :D

    @Mitch, yeah!!! GANDA! :D

  12. ur not fat!!!!!! i love barbie din and Jollibee palabok :))

  13. awwww I love dogs, too! and cats! hehe. Now that you mentioned it, parang gusto ko tuloy ng palabok. lol!

  14. Yay! I love top 10 lists.
    Show me a girl who doesn't love shoes and makeup. I dare you!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. @Ann, hahaha! Nagutom tuloy ako sa palabok :D

    @Catmare, I only have dogs. Was never really a cat person. Hehe

    @Bonnie, LOL right!

  16. yey! thanks for the tag!! can't wait to do this!

  17. @Ava, no prob! I've just read yours :D

  18. Thank you for the tag sweetie~~~~~

  19. Jojo's fashion show! I only finished 2 so far I want 3 too :)

  20. @Slo, download it! It's my fave among the three! The game leveled-up na :D


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