Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream

As you might have noticed in my previous FOTDs *here* and *here,* I am currently using the Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream.

Description (from Maybelline): 8-in-1 BB Cream. Miracle skin perfector. This all-in-one product is a moisturizer, sun block, and foundation. It contains 8 healthy minerals for 8 healthy skin results, giving you flawless skin in an instant. Moisturizes like skin care. Oil-free formula keeps skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. Protects like sun block. SPF26/PA+++ protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Covers like a foundation. Hides flaws and imperfections without feeling heavy on the skin. Dermatologist tested. Suitable for sensitive skin. 8 healthy minerals: Copper, zinc, magnesium, sodium titanium, and 2 iron oxides. 8 healthy skin results: 51% more smoothness, 33% more radiance, 18% more hydration, 13% improved clarity, 12% less dark spots, 15% less redness, 5% pore size reduction, 24% better appearance.

8-in1 BB Cream? Sounds like a totally awesome product, eh? Well, here's what I think about this one.

Squeeze-type packaging
It comes in a squeeze-type tube and it's easy to control the amount of product being dispensed even without a pump. This BB cream is also obviously smaller than other BB creams available in the market. It only comes in 18-ml tubes. I got this for about 250 Php (forgot the exact price) which may seem inexpensive to you, but you have to consider the amount of product you get for the price.

I've been using this for almost two months now and I actually like it. (Just like, though.) Two things I like most about this: it instantly brightens my face and it doesn't appear too white on me like the other BB cream I've tried. Here's a swatch of it on the back of my hand.

L-R: Unblended, blended
As you can see, it blends really nicely and doesn't make my skin look too white. The texture is watery but not runny at all, it's easy to blend and doesn't dry too quickly, giving you enough time to blend. Although it claims to have moisturizing properties, I still use moisturizer under it.

Another thing about this BB cream is that it doesn't offer too much coverage so it kinda fails in the covers-like-foundation part.

Click to enlarge
As you can see, it doesn't have much coverage but it indeed brightens up my face and evens out my skin tone. It also does not appear too white on me and there's no ghastly white cast on photos, too (even if this cream has SPF).

Here's another one.

Click to enlarge
Now in this picture, you can see that the BB cream doesn't really cover up my blemishes. My spots and pimple marks are still visible (you have to enlarge the pic so you can see clearly :)). This cream also does not cover up the redness on my cheeks even though it claims to lessen redness by 15%. But it does brighten up my face instantly.

What I like about this product:
  • The texture - It's easy to blend. Texture is similar to tinted moisturizers.
  • The shade - It doesn't make my face look ghost-white.
  • Instantly brightens up my face.
  • Evens out my skin tone.
  • Doesn't make my skin too oily. Doesn't make it appear dry either.
  • Has SPF.
  • Doesn't break me out.
  • The price - Inexpensive compared to other brands but for ~250 Php, you only get 18 ml of product.
  • The availability - This is available in leading supermarkets, Watsons and Mercury Drugstores.
What I don't like about this product:
  • The coverage - Doesn't cover up my blemishes and redness. The coverage is similar to tinted moisturizers.
Overall, I like this BB cream because it does a great job in brightening my face and evening out my skin tone. If you're looking for a real blemish balm that has great coverage, then this one is not for you.

Have you tried this one or other BB cream brands yet? Any recommendations? :)


  1. I liked this one too. kaya lang lower lang ang SPF. Ginagamit ko lang sha pag di mashado maaraw. ;)

  2. I am planning to get a BB cream eh, haven't used any pa and I am eyeing on this one kaya lang there was this one foundation from Maybelline that broke me out so I am still thinking to get this but since you mentioned the price maybe it's still okay to try noh? hehe thanks for the review.

  3. Thanks for the review I was planning to get this Bb cream.

  4. thanks for the review aya! :D I've been looking for a good BB creams e.I might try this,it is really affordable compared to other BB Creams :)

  5. I liked this product a lot. Though I never really thought of it as a BB cream since it was more of like a tinted moisturizer to me. But glad you liked it too. :P

  6. I've always wanted to try this. but something's always stopping me. Please let me know if you will have any sort of breakout after a month of usage.

  7. I wanted to try this a while back, but I was worried that it might break me out (most products with SPF don't agree with my skin for some reason). But since summer is coming up, I definitely need the extra protection. I might give this a try when I get the chance. Especially since it's much more affordable compared to other bb creams.

  8. I like how cheap it is compared to other BB Creams!

  9. @Charry, yeah... Kailangan matindi ang sun protection especially now that it's summer time. Hehe :)

    @Jenggay, it's more like a tinted moisturizer. And yeah, for the price, you won't go all sayang when you end up not liking it :) Hopefully it won't break you out :)

    @Tara, no problem! I've had this for quite sometime now. I only got to post it now. Haha

    @Ann, no prob :D Yes, super affordable! I'm looking for other BB creams too. Lemme know when you find a good one :D

    @Pammy, tinted moisturizer, exactly! :D

    @Hollie, I've been using this for almost 2 months and no breakouts so far :D

    @Strangevision, yep! The price is really "attractive." Hehehe Hopefully this won't break you out :D

    @Mitch, me too! Much less expensive talaga :D

    @Char, I like it too! If it were to offer more coverage, I'd like it even more! :D

  10. I saw this when I was in Asia and wanted to try it but I have so many bbcreams already hehe
    Thanks for the review hun!

  11. i think this suits you perfectly since you have flawless skin aya but is definitely a no-go for people like me who need coverage. :D i often see this on watson's haha! =)

  12. i'm not a fan of bb creams though..i have tried a lot of them & i always end up breaking out

    goes to show that everyone has different skin types...

    but i'm glad that you like it.
    this i think is the cheapest bb cream on the market!

  13. I love this BB cream. :) Actually, it has helped in removing the blemishes on my face.

  14. @PopBlush, this is the first BB cream I bought. Looking for more good ones :)

    @Sugar, thanks dear but my skin is not that flawless. Hihi. I'm still searching for a better BB cream (one with better coverage) :D

    @Thiamere, aww too bad :/ It is really cheap! The price was actually the main reason I bought this one. Hahaha :D

    @Jes, good for you! :D I haven't noticed anything like that since I used it. Hahaha

  15. I think it did brighten your face and it did even out your skin tone. I almost bought this last week! But I ended up not getting it because I wanted something with higher SPF.. Btw, is it fragrance-free?

  16. Hi Catmare, thanks! That's what I like about it. And yeah the SPF is not very high. It's also fragrance-free but it has a really really really subtle makeup smell. Hope that helped :)

  17. I use this too and I love it! What's hard about BB Cream is that it doesn't really work well for everyone, I have a friend who used this and it broke her skin out and dried her skin. But this is a great buy especially for the price.

  18. Hi Aya! I use the same BB Cream too! I like it mostly because it's cheap and gives me the smoothness that I want on my face. No breaking out either!=)

  19. @Elaine, true! Good thing this one didn't break me out. And the shade is ok for me too :D

    @Tiffie, yey glad you like it too!:D


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