Review: Fashion 21 Eyeliner

Hey there! Some people have been asking about the Fashion 21 white eyeliner I bought recently (haul post *here*), so here are my honest thoughts on it.

This is my second Fashion 21 eyeliner. I bought the black one years ago for me and a friend. I wasn't able to use up whole thing, though. I threw it out after several months not because I didn't like it but because I got myself a new eyeliner - a more expensive one, which I felt obliged to use. 

Anyway, first things first - the packaging. How fancy can an eyeliner pencil be in terms of packaging? I mean, it's a pencil so I'm not expecting killer packaging from it. As long as it has a cap that doesn't fall off easily, then I'm fine with it. I don't have any complaints with the packaging of this eyeliner. It has two usable ends - the liner end and the smudger end. I find the smudger quite useful, too.

L-R: Eyeliner end, eyeliner smudger
As for the liner itself, it's not very soft and creamy but it glides on smoothly and doesn't tug my lids. It's not very pigmented; the color pay-off is just ok. Here is a swatch. I drew the lines heavily so you can clearly see the color.

The color looks off-white on me (leans on the gray side). I like using this as a base for my shadows, especially white shimmery ones. Here's a swatch of one of my white shimmery e/s when used with and without the white eyeliner as base.

Fashion 21 eyeliner used as base for a white shimmery e/s
As you can see, it made the e/s more vibrant, which I like. I sometimes also use this to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. I also use this on my waterline but it doesn't stay very long on me. I get about 2 hours of wear with this one on my waterline but that's because my eyes easily get watery. Some say they get more or less 4 hours of wear with this on their waterline.

So to summarize, here are the things I love about this product:
  • Glides on smoothly and doesn't tug my lids
  • Works nicely as an e/s base
  • Doesn't break off easily
  • Comes with a smudger
  • Inexpensive. I got this for 85 Php.
  • Widely available. Fashion 21 counters can be found in Watsons and SM Department Stores.
And what I don't love:
  • Could be a bit more pigmented
  • Doesn't stay long on my waterline
  • Not very creamy and blendable
I'm still gonna try to finish up the whole thing but I'd mostly be using it as a base for my white shimmer e/s. Do you have this eyeliner? What do you think of it? Any recommendations? Tell me in the comments! If you wanna know other ways of using a white eyeliner, watch this video by Magicgrl111 :)


  1. Thanks AYA! I don't think I'll be buying this anytime soon though. But I love the video you shared! It's so helpful!

  2. I think tha Natasha white eye liner is lots better. Very pigmented too. It's 200 pesos though. :-/

  3. beautiful post!!!
    awesome ;)

  4. i agree with you! its not very pigmented :) i wanna try nyx! its creamy and pigmented daw :)

  5. i haven't tried this but it looks promising. :) will try this the next time i visit watson's.

  6. Nice! I want to get a matte white eyeliner, I don't have one yet. I think this would be good. :)

  7. @Elaine, no prob! I found it helpful too :D Lemme know if you come across a good white liner, k?:)

    @Mitch, I've never heard of that before but it sounds great:) Wonder where I can get that :/

    @Silvia, thank you :)

    @Beauty Addict, me too! Let me know kapag na-try mo na :D

    @Sugar, it's ok, I guess... I'm still looking for the "perfect" white liner. Hehe

    @Catmare, it's nice for the price :) I'd love it more if it were a bit more pigmented, though :/

  8. I haven't tried any eyeliners from them but you made it sound like a nice product to try save for the poor staying power on the waterline. :P

  9. @Pammy, yeah... I'm trying to find some good use for it. Hahaha

  10. ♥ Love your blog so much.)) ♥

  11. i never thought i'd find white eyeliner useful for me.. but now i know i could use it as a base for white e/s and whole lot more! thanks for sharing aya :D

  12. @Mary, thanks! :D

    @Hazel, no prob! I just realized that it's so versatile too :)

  13. Thank you so so much sweetie <3

    Xoxo Christine

  14. The friend probably didn't finish it too due to various reasons he/she could have invariably contrived along the course of his/her life, or probably just thought it wasn't really made for him/her... Anyway he/she probably thought the pencil was all too lacking of lubricants or solvents to properly glide on to someone else's skin, and the smudger was too plastic and rough to use on his/her delicate and ultra-sensitive skin. Just my two cents. -Cream Puff

  15. @Christine, you're welcome :D

    @CREAM PUFF, I am not buying that friend another beauty/"makeup" item ever again. LOL :P

  16. I used to have one too but I'm using a different brand now. Great review btw! :) -Dawn

  17. Great review :)

    been searching for a nice inexpensive white eyeliner that doesn't clump and this looks like it could fit the bill :) Thanks for sharing!

  18. Hard to sharpen. It breaks


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