Review: ELF Natural Radiance Blusher

Hey everyone! Remember these?

These are the ELF blushes that I got (see my haul posts *here* and *here*). 

Description (from ELF): The most luxurious, delicate and naturally radiant color. Skin smoothers help retexturize skin, masking facial imperfections. Contours cheek bones. Safe, gentle formula.

I have two shades from this product line - Shy (2301) and Bronzed (2305).

First things first - the packaging. I don't like how these are packaged. The packaging is growing on me. As you can see, the packaging is not the usual flip-type but rather the slide-type. What I don't like about the cover is that it can be a bit difficult to slide open at first. It loosens up after a few uses, though, so I'm now used to the packaging. ELF says that to open this, you have to "gently place fingertip into bottom groove and pull sliding compartment open." Well, I always end up with chipped nail polish when I do that. So what I do is I just simply hold the blush like in the picture below, and then pull the cover with my thumb to slide. 

Update: ELF actually has repackaged their blushes. Their Natural Radiance Blushers now come in larger sizes.

Better packaging now, has its own brush (which I don't use) and a small mirror. 

Now onto the product itself. 

Shy is a baby pink blush and when you look closely, there are actually really fine glitter particles in it. It's just a really subtle hint of shimmer, so subtle that this blush can pass as a matte blush.

The repackaged Shy, on the other hand...

...appears to be a paler pink and has a more obvious sheen.

L: Old packaging
R: New packaging
Both 'Shy'

Now for the bronzer.

Bronzed is a bronze one (duh) and is obviously more shimmery than Shy. 

If you're wondering why Bronzed looks *eek* in the picture, then join the club. I don't remember dropping it or anything. It's so soft (well, softer than the other one, at least) that it easily shattered when I swiped my brush over it.  Its condition became even worse that I needed to restore its pressed format so as not to waste the product. Watch out for the DIY post about that :)

These blushes have a bit of a powdery texture that some may not like. The repackaged blushes now have softer and less powdery texture. As for the pigmentation, I usually swipe my brush across Shy several times to get the nice pink color that I want - it's not very pigmented, but I like my blushes that way. Bronzed, on the other hand, seemed to be more pigmented to me at first but that's mainly because mine was in a "powdered mode" already when I took pictures and swatches.

Here's what these blushes look like on me.



I like how Shy gives me a really soft and natural flushed look, while Bronzed gives me a natural sunkissed look. 

So to summarize, here are the things that I...

Love about these blushes:
  • Shades - I like how they look like when blended on my skin.
  • Don't irritate my skin
  • Decent packaging
  • Price - These blushes are really affordable. They only cost 129.75 Php each. The new larger blushes cost 199.75 Php each.
  • Availabilty - These are available in all ELF counters.

Don't like about these blushes:
  • Powdery texture - I think ELF also reformulated their blushes along with the repackaging. The new ones have softer texture and are less powdery.
  • Flimsy packaging of the old blushes
  • Pigmentation might be a problem to some. They're not very pigmented but I like my blushes that way.
  • The newly-packaged Shy seems to have different color and shimmer level than the old one. I love the shade of the old one and how it almost appears matte on my skin. I don't like how the new one is more shimmery and that its shade is different. Maybe I just got a bad item? I just won it from a giveaway, FYI.

All in all, I like these ELF blushes, especially Shy (old packaging). It's actually my most-overused blush :P It's my go-to blush, mainly because of the shade. I like it so much despite its pigmentation. It's easier for me to control the application of less pigmented blushes than that of the more pigmented ones.

Anyway, how about you? Have you tried any ELF blushes? What do you think of them? :)


  1. I think they look great sis. They gave you a nice natural glow. :)

    Btw, thanks for joining my giveaway :)

  2. I like it! But I think I'll get the Studio Blusher and Bronzer Duo instead :)

  3. wow love the review Aya. Been wanting Elf blushes na for the longest time it's just that the SM and Watson's here in Laguna does not have Elf counters, I have to go to Alabang pa. I like that shy blush it's a pretty pink shade noh? It's pretty on you too..Would you know if the pigmentation of these blushes are the same with the one in the black packaging, the bigger ones? Thanks :)

  4. @Catmare, thank you! That's why I like them :) And you're welcome! Will post it on my sidebar :)

    @Elaine, I wanna try that one too!

    @Fashionggplant, thank you :D

    @Tara, they do! And the other shades are nice too :)

    @Jenggay, thanks! I'm not sure coz I haven't tried their other blushes yet :/ Will let you know! :)

  5. i didnt like elf blusesh at all... two reason u mentioned those are not ignorable they are not even sufficient pigmented to wear.

  6. Wow, really pretty! I love BOTH on you! :) I've only tried their studio line ones and love their rosier colors :) They show up better for me.

  7. Great review! I like the shy blush! I've bought several makeups from ELF but not a single blush yet. Might buy one though. :D -Dawn

  8. im not a big fan of ELF blushes because of the chalky texture... everything falls off!!! But then thats what you're getting for the price. But there are some colors that are quite nice!

  9. @Shuborno, true. I swipe and swipe and swipe until I get enough color. But I really like the shades. I haven't tried other blushes (from other ELF lines) though :/

    @Rainy Days and Lattes, thank you! I've yet to try their other blushes :D

    @Dawn, haha! These ones aren't very pigmented but I really like the shades. I'ma try their other blushes too, like the duo one :)

    @Jbreezybaby, true! Bronzed made such a mess! Powder everywhere... that's why I decided to press it again :/

  10. I haven't use any ELF blushes except the one in the Blush and Bronzer Duo. Thanks for the review! I'll give ELF blush a try!

  11. I have the shy one. I agree it's not very pigmented. pero ok narin for its price :D

  12. I like their studio blush line better. I agree that the texture is kinda powdery and the pigment can be chalky. Thanks for the review :)

  13. I dont have any bushes from elf. Bronze looks good...I am afraid to try shy..baka hindi bumagay sa negra kong kulay...heheh

  14. She looks really pretty! The very first ELF blush I owned was Glow. I just hate how flimsy the packaging is and how the powder breaks on its own.

    You gotta try their Studio Line blushes. :P

  15. @Jes, I want to try the duo too! :D

    @MissKatv, yup, for the price, you can't really complain. Hahaha

    @Slo, I haven't tried their studio products yet :(

    @Debi, haha! Thank you! If you're going to get some ELF blushes, you might wanna try those from the studio line. Apparently, mas maganda raw 'yun. Haha! :)

    @Pammy, true! My Bronzed self-destructed. LOL. But I guess that's ok coz it opened an opportunity for a DIY post. Hahaha

  16. ohh this is a bit chalky? :/ hmmm it looks lovely on your skin though. ^-^

  17. haha natawa ako sa direction ng pagslide! parang ang complicated ng wording :)) anyway, the shy looks very you aya! of course, your pick would be the pink shade rather than the bronzed :)

  18. @Sugar, thank you! It has a very powdery texture but when I tried pressing Bronzed again (after it self-destructed), it became less powdery so I'm good with it :)

    @Hazel, you know me so well! HAHAHA. And yahhh, nung first time, sabi ko "Hala, pano ba to binubuksan??? O_O"

  19. i love it, but it cracks easily and i cant bring it :(

  20. i love it, but it cracks easily and i cant bring it :(


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