NOTD: Strawberry Nails!

Y'all know how my nails usually look like, right? You know that I don't usually do nail art. That's because I don't have nail art tools yet. I also find it hard to draw on and design my nails. However, I was inspired by Bubzbeauty's strawberry nail art tutorial and decided to go all strawberry on my nails this week. Her vid made me realize that I don't need tools to get all nail-artsy. Here's my attempt on her cute strawberry nailsClick *here* to see my first nail art post (purple gradient nails).

Here's a close-up.

If you wanna know how I did this, watch Bubzbeauty's tutorial below :)

I used the following colors:

L-R: Bobbie in Golden Rose, Caronia in Mint Frost,
Etude House in WH702, Caronia in Sunset
  • Bobbie Glaze nail polish in Golden Rose for the strawberry base
  • Caronia Frosted nail polish in Mint Frost for the leaves
  • Etude House Petit Darling Nails in WH702 for the dots
  • Caronia nail polish in Sunset for the sort of gritty strawberry effect
I actually tested the different polishes as base for the strawberry and found that Golden Rose gives the most "believable" color among the red polishes I have. (I don't own that many reds.) After one coat of the base, I roughly drew the leaves. I then just used the brush of the Etude House polish to dot. I know the dots aren't perfect but I don't really care :). I finished off the look by topping the red base with an orange-tinted glitter polish. I applied the glitter polish on top of the base color instead of the leaves (as what Bubzbeauty did on the vid) to give the nails that gritty effect. By the way, the base coat and the top coat that I used were both from Bobbie. 

What d'ya think of my strawberry nails? Try this too! Easy-peasey! :D


  1. wow, so cute! i totally suck at painting my nails! :)

  2. So cute! look at those yummy strawberries. :P

  3. Awwwh this is so pretty! :) I saw that video, and I'm really tempted to try it out now! But I can't because my nails are really short at the moment.. :/

    But yeah, good work! :)


  4. @FashionEggplant, thanks! It's my first "drawing" nail art :]

    @Geishcharles, thank you :D

    @Michelle, thanks! Pero tatanggalin ko na. Hahaha pumapangit na :/

    @Ahne, thank you :))

    @Pammy, thanks! Good enough to eat? Nah. Hahaha

    @Hollie, thanks dear! Hope I can do mooooore :D

    @Chuui, thanks! Do it, do it! :DDD So easy, right? :)

  5. eto yung nails mo kanina! love it!

  6. this is so pretty :) love it.

    Hey, I am holding a giveaway contest on my blog. Do check it out if you're interested. xx

  7. Guess what? I'm wearing strawberry nails myself right now too! What a coincidence! XD

    Next time I'll try your tutorial. I think I put too many dots in mine!

  8. Cute! I wish I had steady hands to do that, too!

  9. @Hazel, yes! Mitch's stamping nail art is next na :D

    @Sara, thanks!!! Will check out your giveaway :)

    @Dee, cool! I think I went overboard with the dots. Hahaha

    @Grysh, thank you :D

    @Catmare, thanks! I have shaky hands so this one's a lil rough. Hahaha

  10. bubz's strawberry =D!
    ur one looks cue too =D!
    and the blingbling bow ring is so catchy ♥!

  11. So cute! Galing how you did this :)

  12. @Pixie, thanks! I love that ring :D

    @Che, hahaha yeahhh :)

    @Nadine, thanks! :D

    @Burning Skies, thank you! I just followed bubz's tutorial :D

  13. @Aie, thank you!

    @Ann, salamat :DDD

  14. This is soo adorable! I want one too hihi! New follower here :-)

  15. @Tricia, thanks girl! :D Followed you too :)

  16. ginawa ko din yang stawberry nail art na yan..hehehe kaso sa left hand ko lang kasi..tpos nakita ng friend ko,sya din ginawa nya...

  17. @Lady E, thank you!

    @Chie, cool! :D


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