Haul: Mostly Nail Polish

Hey y'all! Another haul post here. I seriously need some discipline. I can't help but pick up stuff EVERY TIME I pass by the SM Department Store beauty section. O_O

Anyway, here are the stuff that I got recently. (Thanks to my dad for *ehem* paying for these. I love you dearly ^^,)

Fashion 21 Eyeliner in White - P 85.00
Fashion 21 Blending Brush - P 85.00
Wish Nail Colors Glitter Polishes - P 69.00
Caronia Nail Polish in Sun Kissed, First Crush, Sweet Surprise, On-the-Go
ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in Bronzed - P 129.75

More pics after the jump :)

Blending brush, white eyeliner, bronzer
The blending brush... it looked nice and decent so I decided to give it a try since I was also looking for a good blending brush. (The ELF one is always out-of-stock :/) So far I am loving it! I also saw it in Ann's (of The Beauty-Addict) haul post *here.* Ann later posted a review on it (see post *here*) and said that her brush shed after washing. I haven't washed mine yet. I hope it won't shed much (crossing fingers). 

And here are the nail polishes I got. 

L-R: First Crush, Sweet Surprise, Sun Kissed, On-the-Go
Caronia Sweet Bliss Summer Collection. After reading about and seeing swatches of this collection, I thought I just HAD to get every single color. I already have the other shade (Baby Pink) so all in all, I now have 5 out of the 6 colors from this collection. I couldn't find the other shade (Summer Fling) at that time so I just got these four. I have yet to swatch these. Will update you once my collection is complete :)

Wish Nail Colors Glitter Polishes. These glitter polishes came in a set. It's my first time to see this brand of nail polish and since I was looking for some glitter ones, I decided to try it out. I was really excited to use these, especially the red and green ones because of the star thingies! So I tried to swatch, swatch, swatch. I am honestly a bit disappointed with the glitter pay-off. I like the gold one the most because it gives the most glittery effect. The others are just... blah. The red and green ones... I don't know how to pick up those stars using the brush. And without the stars, the effect is really boring since the glitter pay-off is not very good. It's ok, I guess, but not very good. I have to apply coat after coat to get a nice glittery effect. My Caronia nail polish in Sunset has definitely more glitter pay-off than these polishes. But I think I'll try their other non-glitter polishes sometime. Have you tried this brand before? What do you think? Should I purchase their other polishes? :/


  1. i also bought fashion21's white eyeliner! :) i love the quality! :) as for the blending brush please forgive me for the late post hehe i hope it wont shed that much :/

  2. @Ann, me too! :) And don't worry 'bout the brush, I like it naman eh :D

  3. love your nail polish picks!
    I also have that fashion 21 white eyeliner. good quality.

  4. Yay you have the Caronia na! Can you review the eyeliner, the ELF blush and the blending brush? I'm so interested in those. I also plan on buying the ELF blusher and bronzer duo.

  5. love your haul...more nail polish...

  6. ganda ng caronia summer collection noh and the wish glittered set ganda nila! Oo nga Aya review on the elf blush. Wla pa kong elf products but will purchase soon. hehe nice haul! :)

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  8. i always see WISH in watsons.. cheap for a set of nail polish!! but blahh ganun pala yung quality nya? :( post swatches of the caronia na! i love the sunkissed one.. i hope it does not disappoint :)

  9. @Hollie, thanks! :)I'm loving the liner so far :)

    @Elaine, yeaaah! 1 more color na lang :D Ok, I will review them. Will tell you when I post na :)

    @Ahne, thanks!!!

    @Jenggay, yeah. Excited to swatch them :) Yung wish glitters, disappointing :/ But then again, mura lang naman kasi eh. Hehe Will review the products soon :D

    @Uhooi, thank you :)

    @Hazel, cheap alright! Will do! Excited na ko. Love the colors! :D

  10. Nice haul! I really like all of the 4 Caronia shades..

  11. I'm thinking of trying the Wish polishes! LOL

    Let's cross our fingers that it'll turn out good. :)

  12. @PopBlush, thanks! The shades are lovelyyyy :D

    @Mitch, yaaaah! Not like the Regina ones. Hahaha

  13. I love the caronia nail polish colors! not your typical ones ;)

  14. Yay for more nail polish! :) I'm usually buy nail polish at The Face Shop, but ever since I resigned, I learned explore the cheaper brands! I love the new colors you bought!

  15. Nice haul! I like the colors of your nail polishes. ;)

  16. nice haul...the nail polish looks yummy.. :)

  17. @Ava, me too! Can't wait to use them :)

    @Ishna, thanks! I haven't tried TFS polishes yet but I'd like too :)

    @Charry, thank you! :D

    @Debi, can't wait to use them! :)

  18. hi..gusto-gusto ko yung mga post mo about nail polish..ask ko lng sana kung sa beauty sections ba ng mga malls eh meron kang makikita na pang nail art..kasi yung brush ng ibang nail polish maxado malaki ang hirap mag design eh..

  19. Thank you Chie! Glad you like them. RE: your question, you can either purchase separate brushes (those made specifically for nail art purposes) or you can check out L.A. Colors Art Deco polishes. They have thin brushes, good for nail art. Also, check out Nikki's post here:

    If you still can't find these in SM malls, you can order them online na lang. Hope that helps :)

  20. ok.thanks ha..sana more nail polish reviews nman hehehehehe.gud luck sa blog..super like! :-)

  21. hi aya, what are the ingredients of wish nail polish ?

  22. @Chie, no prob!

    @Anonymous, I don't have them with me right now. Will update you later :)))


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