NOTD: Passion for Pink

Ok so you're probably already fed up with all the pinkness of this blog but... I'm still gonna show you my pink nails!

Nails of the day care of Caronia Frosted in Pink Passion and Etude House Sugar Pink (PK005).

L-R: Caronia Pink Passion (Frosted), Etude House Sugar Pink (PK005)
You might have already seen Sugar Pink in my post *here* and Pink Passion *here.* I just love how sheer Sugar Pink is that I can use it to top my pink polishes to give a really soft, fine sparkly look. Pardon my cuticles and the messy application. Bad nail days. LOL

This looks prettier and a little bit darker in person. The camera flash makes the layering quite obvious in the pics but Pink Passion shows through even more in person.

Anyway, what about you? What's on your nails this week? :)


  1. loves it <3 i kinda like this color better than sugar pink pero ang super cute nung etude house nail polish bottle ^^

  2. When I read the title "NOTD: Passion for Pink" I thought, "Si Aya toh." LOL!!

    But I love the shade of pink that the Caronia polish has! :) Preetty!!

  3. ooohhh pretty! It looks like the perfect pink shade. It's perfect for Spring!

  4. i also got a bad nail day a day ago.. as in nakakainis! will try applying again some polish later :))

  5. I dont think I could get sick of the color pink.... hehe.
    Nice shade!!

  6. nice new header and love the pinkish shades!! i recently did mine too in baby pink ;)

  7. I am not a fan of pinks kasi I feel I am too dark and it might not fit me well... but I like the shade you have. so girly!

  8. lovely! :) this looks amazing and no, i haven't had a pink overload from your blog. i actually like seeing a lot of pink hahaha~ :3

  9. @Donna, thanks! Ang cute nga talaga ng Etude polish bottles! Mas cute 'yung iba pa nila, may heart-shaped bottles din <3

    @Michelle! HAHAHA IKR? Nahihilo na nga ako sa pagkapink eh. Yah, the shade's really nice. I saw another pink shade kanina and I almost bought it. Hahaha! (practising self-control sa nail polish. LOL)

    @Becky, thanks! I really like this shade of Pink Passion alone but topped with Sugar Pink, I liked it even more. Haha

    @Hazel, I was too lazy to reapply the polish. Good thing I didn't go out much this week. Hehe

    @PopBlush, awwww good to know that coz I know there are gonna be loads of pink posts to come! Hahaha thanks :D

    @Ava, thanks to my friend for making it for me. Yey, baby pink! :D

    @Debi, thank you! Ako naman, not a fan of yellow/orange polishes. I usually go with pink, red and blue shades... :)

    @Sugar, glad to know that! More pink posts coming up, yes? LOL

  10. nice! I think the Sugar Pink shade is included in my

  11. pink!!!! i love pink too! haha! i like your new banner! =)

  12. @Hollie, yeah I noticed it nga eh :D

    @Rosey, thank youuuuu! :D

  13. i'm usually not so into pink nails...but this color is awesome.

    strawberry freckleface

  14. @Strawberry, thank you! :D I just followed your blog :)


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