FOTD: Lazy Day Makeup

My first FOTD! I wore this look around the campus when I went back there to (supposedly) take care of some stuff for our April graduation. Anyway, this is what I usually wear when I go out alone, like to the mall, etc.

For the face, I used:
Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream
Careline Pimple Concealer in Oriental
Pond's Natural Sheer Pressed Powder in Rosy Beige

For the cheeks, I used:
ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy

For the eyes, I used:
Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Trio in Egyptian Sands (Just slapped that on right there)
Barry M Buzz Kohl Pencil
Wet N Wild Lash Intense Mascara

For the lips, I used:
Avon Simply Pretty Love in Bloom Lipstick in Pink Rose

Side note: My lids went crazy that day. One of them decided to become double all of a sudden and I ended up with ... 

See the diff?
I don't have any problems with my lids becoming double, you know. I actually like that! If only they BOTH turned double that day. Haha! Anyway, the lid went back to normal after a few hours so no big deal. Happens to me a lot, especially when I stay up all night.

Here are some meatballs to close this post. This was my dinner the night before I wore my FOTD. Totally unrelated but just look at those meatballs. I mean MEATBALLS.


  1. fresh and clean! you seem like you're not wearing anything at all! :D

  2. pretty! :3 you have good skin aya! skincare post please. x)

  3. The meatballs look yummy! And I swore I thought that you were wearing different shadows! It looks great! :)

  4. Gorgeous FOTD... Love what you have on your eyes too! hehe

    I used to put the eyelid tapes on when one eye would become a single lid. hehe

  5. the look is simple and sweet :)
    your lip color is stealing it all! i love the color!

  6. so pretty! and your skin is flawless!
    loving that lip color on you.

  7. my used to that in high school, one would be a monolip and the other double o_o kakainis because it felt weird hehe. anyway, i'm loving that fresh faced look! <3

  8. So far im liking the Miss Tangerine line, such a cute concept! :)

  9. yeah ang cute nga nung packaging :) na-weird out naman ako dahil it came in a tube tapos meron pang pump O_o? lol anyhoo i can't wait to see what you'll feature in your korean (cosmetic) haul :D

  10. @Hazel, thanks! I kept the eye makeup soft and neutral :D

    @Sugar, thank you! The camera somehow makes my skin look good. Will do a skincare post sometime soon :D

    @Michelle, yummy and super nakakabusog! Thanks! I just slapped that shadow on my lids. (too lazy to spend much time on my eyes) HAHA

    @PopBlush, I haven't tried using eyelid tapes yet but I'm planning to. Thanks so much :D

    @Reina, thank you! I love that lipstick too. Will post a review soon :D

    @Hollie, thanks! It's the camera making my skin look nice. Hehe

    @Donna, yeah it does feel weird nga, right? Haha! Thank you :D

    @Dahlj, thank you! :DDDD

  11. Love your healthy and glowy skin.. Love your makeup too! ;)

  12. I love your FOTD! Really pretty and girly.

    And look at those MEATBALLS! :P

  13. @Chicgurl, thank you! Just kept it really natural :)

    @Pammy, yeah the MEATBALLS, right? BTW, this one's my response to your FOTD request on my Avon haul. Will try posting another one using the other lipstick shade :)

    @Ava, thanks so much! :D

  14. Wow fresh look! I like it! pretty sya.
    Bolognese looks yummy and meaty as well!

  15. @gingerSnaps, thank you :D Super nakakabusog nga 'yan! Haha

  16. Aya, thanks so much for the award. i'll post about it soon :)

  17. I love it, so pretty and clean looking :)

  18. Hi Aya,

    I really love your cheekbones hihi! One of the things that I wish I have hehe! I am so amused with your blog especially your DIY posts.

    I'm just a newbie blogger..Hope you can check my blog as well.

    TC :)

  19. @Reina, no prob! Will wait for that :D

    @FashionEggplant, thank you!!!

    @Jenggay, aww thanks! Glad to know you like my posts :D Checked out your blog and followed, btw :D

  20. its not really 'lazy steps', something I just put on sunscreen, concealer n brows, then go to school straight =P

    but your makeup look really fresh n clean =)
    especially love the lipcolor u used!! didnt know avon having lip products @//@

  21. @Pixie, I consider it "lazy day" when I don't spend so much time on my eyes. Hihihi. And thanks!!! Will be posting a review on that lipstick soon :) Love it!

  22. My eyes used to crease in a weird way too when I wouldn't get enough sleep. I'd try to fix them in the morning with tape LOL

    Your FOTD is really pretty! Your skin looks so healthy and fresh :)

  23. @Susalie, I should buy some eyelid tape. LOL. And thank you! It's the camera, trust me ;\


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