Review: Ever Bilena Eyeshadow and Lip Brushes

Before I go to my review of these brushes, I'll first share with you my history with Ever Bilena brushes. My first ever makeup brush kit was the Ever Bilena 5-piece brush set. This set consists of a powder brush, an eyeshadow brush, a sponge-tip applicator, a lash comb and brow brush, and a lip brush.

Ever Bilena 5-piece brush set (#17312)
Among the five brushes in that kit, I most often used the eyeshadow brush. It was able to do what it was supposed to do but it shed and was a little bit scratchy. The powder brush was not dense enough to buff powder all over the face. It shed even more than the eyeshadow brush, and was scratchy. It also had a weird smell that I didn't like. The lip brush was flimsy and not dense enough to pick up and apply color well. All in all, this was not a good brush set but the whole set only cost me 140 Php. What did I expect?

Then last Christmas I bought their lip brush pen (65 Php) but didn't end up using it because it's just like the one in the pink set but is retractable and has a cap. Yet another disappointment.

Ever Bilena lip brush pen
I later discovered that there is another 5-pc brush set, the Ever Bilena Advance brush set, which costs almost the same as the pink set. This set, however, looks more decent, from the brushes to the case. The case is gray and foldable, and the brush handles are grayish white, with the brand label on each handle. The bristles look softer than those in the pink set. The lip brush looks useful. I didn't buy this set though, so I can't tell you about the quality of the brushes. All I can say about it is that it looks more high quality than the pink one that I bought.

Then I saw their individually-sold eyeshadow and lip brushes. They looked decent (like those in the Advance brush kit) so I gave them a try.

Eyeshadow brush (#17198).
This synthetic eyeshadow brush is not scratchy at all. Compared to the Ellana mini eyeshadow brush, the EB brush is a little taller, thinner and stiffer. I like the whole look of the brush. However, I find some difficulty in using synthetic eyeshadow brushes like this to blend powder eyeshadows. But then again, I could just use a blending brush for, well... blending! I like that this brush is small and can be really useful for a more precise application. This brush is a little too stiff for me to be used on the lid so I use this to highlight my inner eye corners and to apply and smudge eyeshadow/liner on my upper and lower lash lines; its size and stiffness are just perfect for those tasks. Over all, I'm happy with this brush. Price: 58 Php.

As for the lip brush, the packaging is not appealing at all. It doesn't even have the brand label on the plastic. Anyway, the brush is fine and the product label is written on the handle so I didn't mind the packaging very much.

Lip brush (#17197).
This lip brush is dense enough to pick up color. Compared to Ellana mini lip brush, this brush is taller and a little wider. It's great for spreading color across the lips. Just like with the eyeshadow brush, I am happy with this brush. Price: 58 Php.

Ok, so now I can say this... Not all EB brushes are bad. Not bad for the price. :)


  1. Great review. At least, you liked some of the brushes in the set :)

    Thanks for following my blog Aya!

  2. Looks like you got a good deal on the brushes. :) Btw, I really like your hair in the previous post.

  3. Very good review! Glad you found a few that were alright! :)

  4. Thanks, Barbie! Following your blog now :)

  5. looked like it was a hit or miss thing with these EB brushes! but glad to know you found a more decent one from their line =)

  6. Nice review! I was hesitant to try their brushes but now I think I want to try them. :)

  7. @Yen,for the price, they're ok na :)

  8. Aya try Suesh brushes. I'm sure you will like it too.
    You did a great review! I tried EB brushes before.

  9. @gingerSnap, thanks for that suggestion. Will check them out :D


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