NOTD: I DARE You + PACSiklaban 2011


Nails of the day care of Caronia Frosted in Dare. 

Caronia Dare (Frosted)
I posted my thoughts on this polish and the other Caronia Frosted colors I have on my post *here*.

More pics:

My veggie-peel wound is still there, as you can see,
but it's much smaller now. Wound story here.
Ain't it lovely? I super love this color! It stands out, no question. Too bad the polish chipped on me after only a day! I had to retouch so I could make it last until Saturday. 

I sported these nails last Saturday when I watched PACSiklaban 2011 with my college friends. PACSiklaban is an annual inter-university chemistry quiz contest. Went there to watch and to cheer for UPLB, of course! UPLB team ended up in second place :). For me, the most fun part of that day was me acting like a reporter and text-tweeting the updates for other schoolmates who couldn't watch the event.

Me (2nd from the right) wearing Dare on my nails.
Click the pic to enlarge and see how Dare looks like from afar.
When I got home, I was surprised to see only two PACS pics from the cam I brought. I know for sure that there should be more than two pics in there. Hmmm. The mystery of the missing pics. 

Anyway, that's it for now... More posts to come. Hope you had a nice weekend! :D


  1. i love how bold this shade is.. i also have a few caronia nail polishes, but i don't like the quality of it once it gets too old and you don't consume it.

  2. Thanks for the update again. Cute nails, btw. ;)

  3. @Hazel, ohh nooo. That would probably happen with mine coz I keep on buying and buying even though I'm not yet finished with my old ones. :(

    @MisterKings, my pleasure. I had so much fun. As in. Hahaha! Feelingerang reporter lang. :P

  4. Ui totoo yung sinasabi ni ate, because my mom used to own tons of Caronia nail polishes back in the days and they do get too old. And my mom said it would make your nails yellow daw, that's what happened to her. Yak talagang shinare sa akin to ni mama no? HAHAHA

  5. @MisterKings, maybe it would help if I store my polishes in the ref. That's what others say eh. Para raw tumagal ang "life" ng mga nail polish. Haha talagang shinare ko rin sayo to no?

    "The chemical component in nail polish that keeps it fluid truly only evaporates to any significant degree when the bottle is open." (from

    Oh CHEM yan. O_O Hahaha

  6. @Aya Probably. But I suggest you buy a mini ref of your own, because knowing your buying state now, your ref might be cluttered with cosmetics. Sakit sa ulo! HAHAHA

  7. @MisterKings, HAHA you so know me na ah. Tama ka jan. :P

    Eto pa: "The cosmetic chemist Mort Westman explains that refrigeration reduces solvent evaporation and pigment caking and settling." (from

    Oh CHEM ulit. O_O

  8. @Aya opkors! eh parang every week you have at least one blog, most of them about a product you just availed so I just can't imagine what would your ref look like.

    Grabe kinarir mo talaga ang pagresearch ah. At panalo si kuya, may nalalamang pigment caking! HAHAHA

  9. @MisterKings, haha of course may research effect. Parang lab report lang. Sources of "error" ng mga nail polish O_O HAHA sana mga ganitong tipo pala yung 199 ko eh no? O_O

  10. @Aya Tama! Baka dinumog yung seminar mo. HAHA. Eh dito pa nga lang eh andami mo ng followers. Mga babae nga naman... HAHAHA

  11. the polish looks gorgeous on your hands dear! sabi na eh. =)

    maybe your memory card is loose. try reloading it. my sister's cam is like that too hahaha! x)

  12. @sugar sugar, thank you!

    RE the camera, i really don't know what happened. But I think only 1 to 2 pics lang naman ang wala. Haha will try what you said. Thanks! :)

  13. love your notd :) i dont wear blue but i am considering of getting blue shades next time

  14. @Nadine, thanks! Do get some:D I love wearing shades that stand out and can be seen from afar. Hihihi


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