More Caronia Frosted Nail Polish

My impulsive self once again took over. Couldn't help but grab these lovely frosted colors while doing the usual grocery shopping.

L-R: Crystal, Chestnut, Posh, Bliss, Dare


T-B: Dare, Bliss, Posh, Chestnut, Crystal
L-R: Crystal, Chestnut, Posh, Bliss, Dare
  • Dare is a metallic blue-green shade and it looks more green-ish in person. I super duper love this color. Super. I have it on my nails now. I like that it's also a little bit sparkly. 
  • Bliss is a metallic baby blue shade. I was surprised how sheer it turned out to be. I had to apply 3 to 4 layers to make it look opaque. I still like the color, though.
  • I love how pink Posh is. Hmmm, the shade, I think, is somewhere in between Barbie pink and hot pink. It's a little bit pinker in person. Haha. Barbie pink???
  • Chestnut is a maroon shade with a little bit of sparkle like Dare. I had no problems with the opacity. 
  • And, as I had expected, Crystal is also sheer but the coverage is buildable. I had to apply 2 to 3 coats to get the semi-opaque, milky color like that in the pics. The glitters are more obvious in this one. 
Oh by the way, thanks to my dad for paying for these. Bwahaha!

If you're wondering what that tiny red spot on my ring finger is... That's not nail polish. That's actually the wound that I got from my little accident with the vegetable peeler. I also ended up with a chipped nail. :(

Anyway, the other shades I have from the Frosted range: Pink Frost and Mint Frost. Haul post here.


  1. Crystal is really beautiful! I love pearly colors :)

  2. @Rainy Days and Lattes, yes it is! And what I like about it is that it has gold glitters for that extra sparkle. Too bad it's not so obvious in the pics :\

  3. Awww,these nailpolishes are really pretty! I LOVE the colors!^___^*

    PS;Thank you,Aya for following me back, and for the sweet comment!<3<3<3

  4. @♡Yumeko, you're welcome! :) Yes, they're pretty! Dare's my fave :D

  5. dare is such a pretty color! ^_^ will check it out on my next shopping trip. :D

  6. i love crystal and bliss! :D

    ps: when you get some korean goodies, please do share yea ;)

  7. I love dare and crystal! It's a shame as I am in love with teal coloured nail varnishes but they look horrible next to my skin...I'm still searching for one that compliments me! (I WILL find one.) haha..


  8. @sugar sugar and Chuui, I have Dare on my nails now and I am super lovin it! Can't wait to try Crystal :D

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