HOTD: Braided Headband

I'm currently growing my hair out and my bangs are all over the place and I just hate that! Sometimes I just want to keep my bangs off my face without my hair looking flat and boring. Then I came across these hair tutorials by my two fave YouTube beauty gurus, Jen ( and Elessa (, and decided to try braiding my bangs into a headband. (watch videos below)

After countless attempts, I ended up with this.

Excuse the bareness of my face. It was around 2 am when I took these pictures ^^,
What I did:

First I decided where I liked my braid to start. I started my braid on the side to make it look more like a headband. Then I applied a little bit of styling gel to the part of the hair that I was about to braid to prevent little strands of hair from sticking out of the braid and keep it neat. Then for the braid itself, I just followed what Jen did on her video.

It's overwhelming how many types of braids there are!


  1. Wow! Hair tutorials! You are a growing blog!

    What styling gel did you use?

    2AM! Ha ha! I envy your schedule! -Cream Puff

  2. Love this look. Tried the other day but I failed lol!

    Following you, please stop by :-)

  3. @Cream Puff, my sleeping habits are so screwed up. O_O BTW, I just used the old Splash control styling gel that I found lying 'round the house.

    @The Odd and Chic, thanks! I just hope I can create this look again. Haha!

    Cool blog, by the way :D

  4. you did it so flawlessly :) very pretty :)

    thank you for following my blog!<3

  5. @Donna, it looks neat from afar but up close it's not-so-neat. Haha!

    And thanks for following my blog, too! :D

  6. I like it!!! It looks great on you.

  7. braids are fun! I just don' have the patience to do them on myself.

  8. @Lady E, yeah so much. I only recently learned that there are soooooo many types of braid!

  9. I'm gonna try this tomorrow! :D

  10. Yey! I'm gonna try it myself again :D


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