Guilty of These Makeup Mistakes?

Hey, my lovely readers! Today I am sharing with you a YT video from the MakeupGeekTV channel which happens to be one of my fave YT beauty channels. Marlena is just awesome! 

This vid reminded me of a few things. We rely on makeup not only to make us look good in front of other people but also, and more importantly, to make us feel better about ourselves. And there's nothing wrong with that. It's just that sometimes we forget that natural beauty is the most important thing. Sounds cliché, right? But it's true. All we need to do is feel good on the inside and let that feeling shine through our physical selves. Makeup should only enhance our beauty and not hide it or make us look weird and scary and not good. (Unless of course you are going to a costume party or something.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. It's funny and it makes sense! (Well, to me, at least.)

LOL at Sticky Lips. I hate it when my hair gets all over the place and sticks to my lips especially when I'm wearing gloss. T_T


  1. I LOVE this post!:)
    And the video made me laugh so much!XD
    For the blush part, I also need to be super careful!it really helps to just have a most natural lighting in the room, while applying make up!:)
    Thanks for sharing Aya!^__^*

  2. @♡Yumeko, so true about the blush thing! Hahaha my room lighting before wasn't so good so I always ended up putting on too much blush. :\

  3. Hairy, sticky lips are the worst!!! It ruins my gloss, and it ruins my hair. LAME.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. LOL!!!! x) the video is sooo funny! i think i may be guilty of not just one. :p and sticky lips FTW! i guess that really happens to all of us.

  5. haha love it!!!


  6. Haha, I love it~
    Freaky yung over bronzer and cakey face, LOL
    And yung sticky lips!

  7. @Bonnie, i know right?!
    @sugar sugar, so true! I'm sure everyone's guilty of at least one of those "mistakes" :D
    @The Odd and Chic, LOL. I super do!
    @strangevision, haha oo nga Ma'am! Pati ung pasty face! Haha horrrrrror!

  8. lol!!

    i rememember watching this wen it showed up in my subscription box in youtube!


  9. @lara, it's so funny that I just had to share it! Hahaha!

  10. I wonder why salesladies sport the "clown blush" look. Hasn't anyone ever told them it looks so unflattering? I understand they don't want their blush to fade quickly, but they can use a good blush for that instead of piling it on. :p


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