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I was doing my usual rounds on the net the other day and I came across the website of Ellana Mineral Cosmetics, a local mineral makeup store. I've heard some good reviews about their products and also about the benefits of using mineral makeup (although some say that mineral makeup is just a hype). Anyway, I noticed that Ellana Minerals is giving away free samples of their products to those who want to try them out. The samples themselves are free but you do have to pay for the courier fee. All you need to do is to give them your skin tone and undertone, and, of course, your contact details. If you don't know what your skin tone and undertone are, just follow their guide (tone: fair to light/medium light/medium to deep; undertone: warm/cool/olive).

I received my free samples two days after submitting my order and here's what I got. :) 

Free sample + catalogue

The sampler included two shades of foundation, finishing powder, concealer and blush. 

Samples in zip lock bags
These are the shades they recommended based on the skin tone and undertone I entered in the order form (medium light skin tone with pink undertones)

From left to right: Almond Latte (F), Cinnamon Latte (F), Almond Coffee Cream (FP), Cheer (C), Flirtation (B)
Foundation (F):
  • Almond Latte - medium light with cool undertones
  • Cinnamon Latte - medium with cool undertones
Finishing Powder (FP): 
  • Almond Coffee Cream - cool beige with sheer finish
Concealer (C): 
  • Cheer - creamy bisque for lightening the under eye area
Blush (B): 
  • Flirtation - bright strawberry pink with sheer matte finish
My thoughts on these products
Concealer: It really did lighten the under eye area. 
Foundation: I find Almond Latte to be a good shade for me but I actually have warm undertones. I was still all confused about the whole pink/yellow undertone thing when I ordered the sample so I ended up picking the wrong one. I like the coverage, though. It looks very natural on me. Some of the redness on my cheeks is even concealed! 
Finishing Powder: It indeed gave me a natural matte finish.
Blush: The blush powder itself looks a little too pink but when applied and blended on the skin, it gives a very natural flushed look.

All in all, I am really glad I ordered some samples from Ellana Minerals. :D

Here are some pictures to end this post. 

Cheer + Almond Latte
+ Almond Coffee Cream + Flirtation *
+ Almond Coffee Cream + Flirtation *
*I used my CoverGirl TruShine #470 in these pics. My review of this lipstick here.


  1. They sent free samples in zip lock bags? Wouldn't that be a bit too unprofessional, not to mention unhygienic? They definitely can do better than that! So how were you able to manage to apply the products on your face?

    From a man's point of view, a bit of redness on the cheeks is a big turn-on you know!

    You look awesome with the Cheer + Almond Latte + Flirtation + Almond Coffee Cream + CoverGirl TruShine #470! (I bet even without all the makeup on) You should have posted "before" pics!

    So are you now a converted fanatic of Ellana Mineral Cosmetics? -Cream Puff

  2. @Cream Puff: I transferred them to mini jars (and it was a little difficult getting all the pdt out of the bag). They're free so I couldn't really complain. LOL. Anyway, my cheeks... I call them my "naturally rosy cheeks" but they're not actually rosy. Haha I don't know. Sometimes I don't even put blush on. O_O

    Converted fanatic? Haha we'll see. I have yet to try out their other products :D

  3. you look great with almond latte and, i noticed the glow! :) lovely...

  4. Thanks Joanne :D But I feel that it's not the best shade for me :/

  5. Thanks Joanne :D But I feel that it's not the best shade for me :/

  6. OMG sis.. doing my google search on Ellana and this one came up .. you're so cute here. :) (and now you're beautiful ;) )


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