Review: 4U2 dreamGirl Symphony Sparkling Lipstick

Another item from my Christmas haul... dreamGirl Symphony Sparkling Lipstick. I got mine in #05. This is a sheer lipstick that gives my lips a soft, natural pink (to light red tint)... plus a little shimmer. :)

DreamGirl Symphony Sparkling Lipstick #05
DreamGirl Symphony Sparkling Lipstick #05
What I like about this product?
  • I like the packaging - simple but not cheap-looking. Also, the thin tube is easy to carry around in my purse.
  • Coverage is buildable. 
  • Even though its sheer, it evens out my natural lip color and covers my lips well.
  • It goes on smoothly on the lips.
  • It gives a glossy finish. It's almost like a tinted lipgloss (not as glossy, hence the almost).
  • It gives my lips just a subtle hint of sparkle (not too over-the-top).
  • It doesn't have that weird lipstick smell.
Simple packaging
This lippy is a bit sheer for me. I just prefer more opaque lippies. But since it's a bit sheer, it's a really nice everyday-shade!

Here's what it looks on me.

To make the color look more opaque, I use this lipstick over a lipliner, usually Etude House's Soft Touch Auto Lipliner #01. With that, I get the semi-opaque, pink color that I want. 

I got this lipstick for 144 Php from 4U2 Cosmetics. One tube contains 1.5 grams of product.


  1. Cool lipstick! Almost like lip gloss!

    Maybe you can also do other product reviews, i.e. facial washes, lotions, etc. That's just me.-Cream Puff


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