Review: 4U2 dreamGirl Floy Joy Mascara

This mascara was part of my 2010 Christmas haul. Whoa, I just bought this two weeks ago but I feel that I've used this mascara a million times already! Hahaha! Anyway, here are my thoughts on this product. :)

I didn't like wearing mascara before. I tried it once (different brand) and I hated the "heavy feeling" and the my messy application. But then... I was drawn to the very cute packaging of this dreamGirl mascara as I passed by the 4U2 booth so I decided to give it a try (how shallow of me, right?). I was thinking, "Who knows, maybe there's hope for my ultra short lashes after all."

I got mine in Black (#01). One thing I like about this mascara is the formula - it is so light (goodbye heavy feeling!) and not as dry as the others. It doesn't weigh down my lashes. The applicator is a common cone-shaped brush. Application is a breeze but I still wish the applicator was a little smaller.  I sometimes think of this as a mascara for kids (LOL). This mascara dries quickly, doesn't clump, stiffen and weigh down my lashes.

Packaged in plastic (sort of vase-shaped) tube
I also like that this mascara does lengthen my lashes. Just look at these before and after pics. (SORRY FOR THE CRAPPY PICS. First timer here.)
From barely-noticeable to not-so-barely-noticeable-anymore. Lashes still look short in the "after" pic because of the camera angle but there is an obvious difference. *I'm working on my angles.*

As I have observed, this mascara is lengthening but not volumizing in one coat. I have to apply several coats more to get a little more volume. As for holding the curl, this doesn't do much of that for me. It doesn't hold my curl very much BUT it doesn't weigh down my lashes back to their original position. It just sort of straightens, if you know what I mean. Also, this mascara is not waterproof, therefore it's very easy to remove! You don't even have to remove it using a makeup remover; water's enough to remove this from your lashes. I can even remove this mascara from my lashes just by using my dry fingers, even without water. O_O


  • Light formula
  • Easy-to-use common applicator
  • Dries quickly
  • Doesn't clump lashes
  • Doesn't stiffen lashes
  • Doesn't weigh down lashes
  • Lengthens lashes
  • Volumizes lashes after several coats
  • Very easy to remove, easy to deal with stray mascara marks
  • Although applicator is easy to use, I prefer smaller brushes because my eyes are small and my lashes are short
  • Not waterproof
  • Not volumizing in one coat
  • May take several coats before you achieve the darkness that you want
Recommended for those who are into very light formulas, maybe for those who are just starting out in mascara application. Nothing special about this one. It's ok but not that great. I bought this mascara from 4U2 Cosmetics (Watsons SM Fairview branch) for 168 Php. 


  1. Another great review! I can feel this is indeed a great buy. And who said only longer lashes are beautiful? Short ones are too! Too bad you cannot cry on this mascara. Ha ha! Keep the fabulous reviews coming! :) -Cream Puff

    PS. How much liquid is inside the tube?

  2. @Cream Puff: LOL at the crying thing but I don't mind its being not waterproof. So far, I haven't had any smudging problems w/ it. And another good thing about it... no raccoon eyes in the morning! LOL

    BTW, the tube contains 4g of product. Thanks for asking. I forgot to mention it in the post. Haha


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