Review: How to Walk in High Heels by Camilla Morton

I bought this book more than a year ago and, I admit, I was quite impulsive when I bought it. I don't usually buy how-to-slash-guide books but the title and the cover color caught my eye so I decided to spend 359.00 Php for this one.

"How to Walk in High Heels: The Girl's Guide to Everything"by Camilla Morton
And it is, indeed, a girl's guide to EVERYTHING (well, of course not EVERYTHING but you get my point, right?). Quite surprising, actually.

Continue reading to learn more about the book :)

The book is divided into five sections.

Section 1: Greeting Your Public
This section basically talks about how you should present and carry yourself in public - from styling, to grooming, to understanding your body type, to coping with certain unpleasant situations like when you need to use the toilet at concert venues, or when you need to deal with a wasp sting (yes, a wasp sting).

Section 2: Being Socially Adept
This section deals with the "social" aspect of life (duh) - from understanding politics, to dealing with matters of the heart, to having good table manners, and even to becoming at home in the kitchen (cooking skills come in handy when you're having people over for dinner, don't they?). This section even contains a couple of recipes you can try.

Section 3: Tackling your Technophobia
This section deals with understanding technology. It introduces you to the basics of computer handling, e-mailing, and even shopping on eBay. In this section, you can also find work-related tips like how to find a job, how to resign, and how to fire someone. This section also covers gadget and gizmo handling.

Section 4: Homes and Gardens
If you are planning on buying a house, or if you want to become a handyman (errr... -woman), then this section is for you. It also includes how-to's on cleaning and decorating your house, and on creating your own garden.

Section 5: Joining the Jet Set
This section deals with travelling - from deciding when and where to travel, to deciding what to bring with you. Learning how to drive (well, at least the basics of driving) and learning how to manage your moolah are also part of this section.

Do I regret buying this book? Hmmm. Well, at first I did but I learned to like it... eventually. It's a nice reference book and I did pick up LOTS of helpful tips from it.


  1. Thanks for the book suggestion. I was watching an Oprah show today and the author of Food, God and Love was on...seems like a message to me and I am buying both!

  2. need to redo my blog, lol!

  3. You're welcome! Ima take a look at that book u mentioned :)

    I decided to spruce up my blog a lil bit. Effect of boredom, i guess. Hahaha!

  4. I've always ignored this book but I think I'm going to buy one later. Thanks for the review!

  5. This was posted in 2010. I wonder how much it is nowadays. Thanks for the review!!!

  6. I have no idea! Hahaha. Will let you know once I've found out :)


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