Journal Set Up Ft. Mori Notes Pursebook

Hey, guys! Back with another planner post, but this time I'm showing you my 2018 journal! [Well, my journal for now. You know how quick my mind changes sometimes. I might end up changing my journal set-up after a while.]

Heads up, this is a picture-heavy post! :)

Technically speaking, this is not really a bullet journal because I don't use the bullet system in here.  But you'll see later that I have here a lot of other fun trackers that you can also find in other bullet journals :)

I'm not going to use this as a regular planner because I already have one. I'm using this for now as a supplement to my main planner while I'm waiting for the extra pages I ordered for my mini HP.

This is a Mori Notes Pursebook, by the way. It's a refillable cover that can house up to four notebooks. The cover comes in many different designs. Eyeing the denim one! And the black-and-gold-themed one <3

But the best thing about it imo is the built-in pouch! 

I use it to store my pens <3

This actually feels good quality! And I like how small it is, making it easy to carry around. It's even  a tad smaller in height than my Mini Happy Planner. I have here the 5x7 version, but there's also an even smaller 4x6.

It comes with four notebooks, and each has a motivational quote on the cover.

The white, blank pages are made of recycled kraft paper.

It's not the smoothest paper, though, and that's kind of important to me because I do a lot of brush lettering in here, and I don't want my brush pens to fray easily. I do have a calligraphy pad, but it's too tall for the cover.

Also, although this paper does not feel thin when you touch it, the level of ghosting/show through on this is quite high. My writing always shows up [quite heavily] on the back side of the paper (you'll see this in the video). You will even be able to see what's written on the next page.

The paper's the only thing I don't quite like about this pursebook journal. But the cover, I love! I'm actually on the hunt for a notebook that can fit in here but has smooth, thick paper. But for now, this will do.

Now, let me show you my journal spreads in this pursebook and how I use them! I mostly keep trackers in here - no more weekly/monthly calendars
These spreads are highly inspired by my fave bujo-ers' spreads - Amanda and Cristina! Took ideas also from *this bujo video* from Seventeen Magazine.

The first notebook is allotted for my yearly trackers.
Savings tracker based off Peso Sense's Shade-and-Save Ipon Challenge - Cross one box off per one piece of denomination saved
Strip-style bills tracker - Color in box after paying bill for the corresponding month
The good ol' bookshelf reading tracker - Color in one book per book read and write the title in the spine
Filmstrip movie tracker - Fill in one box with title of movie watched (will use this only for 'special' movies because if I write all, I'd need way more pages!)
Travel log - For every place visited, draw a circle (or anything, really!) and write inside it the location and date of travel. On the side, write other relevant info like flight details or a short to-pack checklist, etc. If the page can still accommodate, tape printed photos from your trip as well!
TV show (per episode) tracker - For every episode of a show watched, color in corresponding box.
[Very simple] wishlist - Write in random areas and style the things you want to buy for yourself this year. Then once bought, draw a cloud/highlight around the text.
Gratitude log - List one or two lines per day of something you are grateful for that happened that day.

The second notebook is allotted for my doodles and brush lettering practice.

Watch the complete flip-through below!

Aside from the pursebooks, Mori Notes also has other products like tote bags, organizers, party decor, etc. They're available in major bookstores and gift shops in Metro Manila, but I personally haven't seen them yet. You can also just visit their page *here* and send them a message! :)

That's it for this loooong post about my current journal set up! If you want to see my planner set up, click *here!*

Disclaimer: The pursebook featured here was received for free, but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the product.