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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Portable Ring Light for Phone Photos!

Hey, guys! Just sharing with you one of my fave recent finds. I've been using this a lot lately for my snaps, IG and blog photos.

It's a portable ring light! 

All you have to do is clip it on your phone, then press the button on the back. There's padding on both sides of the clip, so your phone will be safe from scratches.

This is marketed as a 'selfie ring light,' but of course you can also use it for the rear camera. When taking selfies, clip it with the lighted side facing you.

When taking photos using the rear cam, which is how I normally use it, just clip it the other way around.

I've been using just my phone to take all my photos for years now. I had a DIY lightbox before, but it was quite a hassle to put up because it was big and required three lamps to work. I quit using that and resorted to just taking my photos near an open door or window while the sun is up (because natural lighting!). Thanks to this, I get additional light source instantly, and my photos are less grainy. It also comes in handy when I have to take photos at night.

I got this for 300 Php from PlumpMNL during a bazaar we had in the office as part of our Women's Month celebration. Shoutout to the owner Kim, who is also my officemate! 

By the way, the ring light came with a charging cable, but I haven't had the chance to use that yet since my hasn't run out of juice yet.

So yeah, just a quick post about my current (and very simple) photo routine! Leaving you with a couple of photos (from my previous post), which I took (indoors, near a window, on a not-so-sunny afternoon) with the help of this ring light.


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