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Monday, February 3, 2014

Sappe Beauti Drink at Sample Room

Just letting you all know that samples of Sappe Beauti drinks are still available at Sample Room! 

There are three variants: Glutathione for whiter skin, Collagen for more beautiful skin and Fibre for better digestion. The Fibre variant is actually a restock. 

Better grab them now while there are still stocks! Get your full-sized bottles for free at :)

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  1. I tried the collagen and the fibre already. Bought them at 7-11. I love the taste of the fibre so much but the collagen is very disappointing. LOL! It does taste nice but compared to fibre, I think I'd rather go to the digestion than skin beautifying lol!

    I'd love to try the L-glutathione variant because I'm obsessed with whitening. :-)


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