12 Days of Christmas with Sample Room: Day 12 - Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Slim Lipstick

Celebrate the upcoming holiday with Sample Room and their 12 Days of Christmas campaign! Each day for 12 days, Sample Room released a special product on their site (sampleroom.ph) that their members could get a hold of. 

Sample Room ended this 12-day campaign by bringing us the...

Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Slim Lipstick in Naked Peach http://www.sampleroom.ph/colour-collection-ultimate-wear-slim-lipstick

Ahhh, great ending! I love Colour Collection Slim lipsticks, especially Plum Promise! Naked Peach looks like it would be a great everyday color. Were you able to get a sample? SR released plenty of stocks, but because a lot of people wanted to try this, all those 100+ stocks didn't even last a day! Haha.

And that's the end of Sample Room's 12 Days of Christmas campaign! Follow SR on the following sites for updates on stock releases, contests and more campaigns. Have a happy holiday celebration, everyone! ;)



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