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Belle de Jour Planner Giveaway (Part 3)*

Every week this month, I'll be giving away a Belle de Jour planner package! There will be two (2) winners this week. To join, follow my page on Facebook *here* and comment on the giveaway photo! Full mechanics are on there. Special thanks to Belle de Jour for the prizes!

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*This giveaway is open only to Philippine residents. Winners will be chosen and contacted by me through email/social media for their delivery details. Make sure the accounts you use to enter are accounts you check regularly!

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Friday, December 20, 2013

12 Days of Christmas with Sample Room: Day 11 - Colour Collection Age Defying BB Cream

Celebrate the upcoming holiday with Sample Room and their 12 Days of Christmas campaign! Each day for 12 days, Sample Room will be releasing a special product on their site ( that their members can get a hold of. 

For Day 11 of this 12-day campaign, Sample Room brought us the...

I love love love the Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream, and I'm hoping this one's great as well. Already out of stock, though! Were you able to get a sample? 


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