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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NOTD: If I Were a Nail Polish Shade

If I were a nail polish shade...

...I would be this shade from hbc-exclusive brand San San's nail polish range.

Nails of the day with San San nail polish in Tea Rose.

This light rose color is the PERFECT shade of pink for me.

It's not too bright, not too pale.

The subtle silver shimmer it has makes it not just your plain ol' boring shade.

This shade is so me! The moment I saw it, I just knew I had to get it. 

If you were a nail polish shade, what shade would you be? 


  1. hmm...if I were a nail polish shade I would be either La Belle's Dolly Pink or Bobbie's Weng Weng. Dolly pink has a pretty cotton candy pink while Weng Weng is dark but glitzy :D great post Aya! :) by the way are you going to bloggapalooza??

  2. Beautiful shade!!! =) Makes me want to get a pink polish and do my nails now.

  3. nice shade Ms.aya :) i want to have that one too~! hehehhe
    ako siguro black. or red .. heheheh favorite color ko kasi yun e ..

  4. Nag shimer pala siya akala ko bolf color lang siya lang nung una.. Bagay sayo kasi it matches your skin.

  5. sooo pretty! ang sossy ng dating <3

  6. Love this shade! Looks great on your nails!

  7. Ohhhh my shade too <3 Love it! Why didn't I see this when I visited HBC in Trinoma last time TAT

  8. if i were a nail polish shade i'd be nude! :D easy to mix and match with other things... just like my personality! Haha! If that makes sense :P

  9. i saw this on facebook and thought it was such a cute post. and the nail polish color is very you aya, subtle girly shade with shimmer in it :) id probably be a champagne glitter nail polish hihi ^^

  10. ako RED or black nothing beats it!

  11. I like this shade with a very little spec of shimmer. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. ang ganda! feminine na feminine datingan ;)

  13. I'd have to say I will be a striking red polish! lol Feminine and fierce! Haha! Self-confessed na eh. Even without saying it, nung nakita ko pa lang tong post na 'to on my FB wall, sabi ko, "oooh, the shade is so Aya!" :D



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