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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara

Maybelline mascaras are probably one of the most raved about drugstore mascaras. Call me a late bloomer, but I actually just got to try a few of them. Today's post is about the popular...

...Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara.

This was the first mascara I got to try from the brand. I actually won this from Maybelline's contest many months ago. Yes, this review is a super late post yet again! Hahaha. View my haul post *here* ;)

Let's take a look at the brush first.

The bristles are short and soft, and the brush is slightly curved. The wand is flexible, and the 'snipped' part of the wand that you can see in the lower left portion of the photo above is the point where the wand bends. While the flexible wand did help juuust a bit in lifting the lashes as I applied the mascara, I honestly still wouldn't mind if the wand wasn't flexible. To me, it didn't make that big of a difference.

I really liked the curved brush, though! I liked how it was able to grab and indeed 'fan' my lashes out. I also feel like it helped hold the curl of my lashes during mascara application.

The mascara formula was more on the watery side when I opened the tube for the first time, then it dried a bit quickly in the tube as the weeks went by. After a few weeks, the mascara had a noticeably drier texture although it still wasn't hard to work with. On my lashes, the mascara felt light, and it didn't make my eyes water, which was good because my eyes water easily. I like that it didn't leave my lashes stiff and stick-straight.  It was actually able to hold the curl! I'm guessing the waterproof formula and the curved brush had something to do with that.

This mascara didn't flake nor smudge on my oily lids throughout the day. I put its waterproof claim to the test by splashing my face with water. I didn't see any smudges right after, but when I tried to lightly wipe my lids while they're still wet, the mascara flaked a bit. I didn't experience further flaking once the mascara had dried again, though. So I guess I can say it's indeed waterproof, just not smudgeproof when wet.

Now, I know you're waiting for the before-and-after photos, so here they are!

Bare, uncurled lashes! See how my lashes are just
 invisible without mascara? Haha.
Bare, curled lashes
With 1 light coat of The Falsies mascara
With 2 light coats of The Falsies mascara, which was what I usually applied

As you can see in the photos, The Falsies really helped open up my eyes by lengthening and volumizing my lashes. I must admit, though, that while it did give my lashes a noticeable increase in length and volume, it didn't make my lashes look like falsies in just 1-2 coats. Not something I expected from a mascara named 'The Falsies.' I noticed my lashes started to look like falsies after 3-4 heavy coats of this mascara, though. Case in point...

(Note: The mascara was already super dry when I used it for the following photos (way past the 3-month period). That's why my lashes look really flaky in these photos.)

Lashes started looking like falsies after about 3-4 heavy coats
Works great for my lower lashes, too

In my case, piling on the mascara gave more volume than length. Also, I noticed that after a few coats, my lashes would start getting clumpy. I honestly don't mind clumpy mascaras (as long as they're not super clumpy) because when it comes to lashes, I need all the help I can get! Hahaha! You've seen the 'before' photos, so you know that my bare lashes are almost invisible! I wouldn't mind a little clumpiness as long as it would give more volume.

Being a waterproof mascara, it was a bit tougher to remove than the previous mascaras I had tried. Nothing that my makeup remover couldn't handle, though. I just had to swipe a few more times to make sure there were no traces of mascara left.

Thumbs up:
  • Gives my lashes a noticeable increase in length and volume
  • Doesn't take long to dry
  • Feels light on the lashes
  • Doesn't make my lashes stiff and stick-straight
  • Holds the curl
  • Doesn't smudge nor flake on my oily lids
  • Doesn't make my eyes water
  • Waterproof (but not smudgeproof when wet)
  • Curved brush makes application easier
  • Nice packaging that easy to carry around in my makeup bag
  • Widely available - Available at department stores and Watsons outlets

Thumbs down:
  • Clumps after a few coats - Might be a turn-off to many, but I honestly don't mind!
  • Dries quickly in the tube
  • I wish it were more lengthening and volumizing

I didn't buy this, as I've mentioned, but I believe this is priced at around P450.

Over-all, I liked Maybelline's The Falsies because it was able to give my lashes the length and volume boost they needed. I just wish it were more lengthening and volumizing, so I wouldn't have to pile on coat after coat to get a natural-looking falsies effect. It's called The Falsies, after all ;) 


  1. this is my favorite maybelline mascara pero one coat lang ako para hindi mag clump :)

  2. mas type ko ung maybelline hypercurl mascara ang hirap lang kasi alisin nito.. =)

  3. I can see your reflection at the last and second to the last photo! :) I'm using Maybelline Hypercurl.. And it becomes drier inside the tube too after a few months. that's why I never got to review it. :( I guess it's a common case with Maybelline Mascaras. But I love their mascaras nonetheless. I'm thinking of buying falsies next. I know it tends to clump.. which probably looks horrible on those who have thick lashes.. but for us who have thin/short lashes, it's actually not that bad.

    A Hint of Sunlight

  4. Arnie VillanuevaJuly 9, 2013 at 8:52 PM

    Super nice!! Love how this mascara transformed your lashes! Extra pretty ♥

  5. That's my favorite mascara! Even though I'm using this other mascara, I make sure that I always have that around.

  6. water proof mascara! Perfect for rainy season! :)) Naka try na ako ng ibang maybelline mascara and ok naman sila. Will try this first sa beauty section. :)

  7. I don't think you can layer this as it really gets clumpy, and it looks oh so pretty in your 1 coat pic :) P.S. Let's form a club, k? The "we hate invisible lashes" club.

  8. Ugh. I hate that it gets to that texture. I don't mind dry mascara formulas I actually prefer them but I veer away from that look. Which is better, the Rocket, One by One or Magnum ?



  9. Haven't tried this natry ko na yung yellow but that was when I don't blog yet so I asnt keen on the details yet :) Will probably try some more maybelline's mascara when Im done with the fashion 21 na binili ko,, hindi ko pa din nauubos gusto ko kasi dun hindi madaling matuyo :)

  10. Yah when it's super dry already, it gets really fly-legs flaky. In its defense, though, when I used it for the last two photos, it's way past the 3-month period already. I think I like Magnum better than this one. Haven't tried the other two :)

  11. Currently loving Magnum! Yun ung binili ko nung nag dept store tayo sa Mega before. Ngayon ko lang nabuksan! Hahaha. Sana magsale ulit :)

  12. Yung sakin din, di pa dry! Ang galing :) Yun naman ang next mascara review. Yung yellow (Magnum), yun yung ginagamit ko ngayon and parang mas type ko siya than Falsies :)

  13. Haven't tried that yet. Hopefully I can soon. Regarding removal, fortunately kaya siya tanggalin ng makeup remover ko. hihi

  14. Nice! I don't mind na medyo clumpy siya pero usually 1-2 coats lang din inaapply ko (kasi lagi ako late pag umaalis, no time to pile on mascara! hahaha!)

  15. Haha macro mode! I agree. I'm using The Magnum now, and I've noticed it's starting to get drier in the tube as well.

    And right? I don't mind that it gets clumpy after a few coats as long as it doesn't leave me with super dikit-dikit lashes. I need the volume. hahaha

  16. Yup, especially after heavy coats although it gets clumpy na. Hihi thanks Arnie!

  17. Alright! Have you tried other Maybelline mascaras? :)

  18. Yeah it gets clumpy after a few coats. Though I don't mind the clumpiness, honestly, I still just apply 1-2 coats because I'm almost always late pag umaalis, no time to pile on mascara! hahaha!).

  19. Great before and after photos! One can really see how this product transformed your lashes. ;)

  20. i am using another maybelline product and that one gives volume but there's no harm on trying this :)

  21. Wow! I love Maybelline too ^_^ I've tried their magnum and hypercurl ones! Super ganda din ng hypercurl try mo rin sis. I'm curious about this mascara, will it pag naubos na si magnum. Have you heard about their "The Rocket" , maganda din daw kaso wala pa ata dito sa pinas. :)

  22. Oo nga eh. I've seen a few reviews of The Rocket na. I'm currently using Magnum, and I'm loving it! I think mas like ko yun kaysa dito :)

  23. Thank you! Yes, it really did transform my lashes <3

  24. Alright :) I hope you're liking your current mascara too :)

  25. I remember when I got obsessed with this mascara. I saw it sa youtube almost 2 years ago, and it wasn't available here that time. I had to bug my sister's friend who was about to come home from USA to get me 2. Hahaha! So far it's my favorite Maybelline mascara :)

  26. this is on my list aya :) your review made me a bit frustrated because i dont have it yet haha ^^ i have the yellow one colossal volume mascara but i think this is more lengthening. thanks for sharing :D

  27. love this review! i personally use the collossal version and its amazing! followed you on blogger and bloglovin too love xx

  28. it has clumps sayang :( but it looks nice on you naman

  29. Weird nga, I don't mind the clumps. Basta hindi lang suuuper clumpy. hihi.

  30. Yey! Good thing you had someone who could get it for you! I wish meron din ako para tipid at hindi overpriced ang makeup. hahaha

  31. Hahaha! I'm using the Magnum mascara now, and I'm liking that more than I liked this one. That one's more lengthening in my case, which is weird because it's advertised as more volumizing than The Falsies :/

  32. Alright! We don't have that here (we have a reformulated version of Colossal, I believe). Thank you! Followed you too :D

  33. love maybelline mascaras cause theyre affordable. however mabilis sya magdry ang magclump kaya i apply it agad on my lashes :D

  34. I read a LOT of good reviews about this mascara talaga.. basta Maybelline, the best mascaras nila for me! hehehe :D

  35. I tried the yellow one too. Fprgot what it's called haha! I keep coming back to this pink one because it works well, with my lashes, and well, because it's pink!:))

  36. I haven't tried this mascara yet, although I've heard a lot of good things about it. Even the YT makeup gurus I follow have used this and like it! :) Will try and grab this on my next trip to the dept. store. Hopefully it'll work well on my thin, stick-straight top lashes (since I have almost non-existing lower lashes) haha XD

  37. I'm not really a fan of heavy mascara, though I have invisible lashes as well, but I occasionally wear them when the event calls for it. :3 I use Covergirl's Clump Crusher, which gives me somehow better results to your Maybelline. I remove the excess by pinching them off. HOHO waster of mascara here. :3 Adds to the curl anyway so it's fine. :3 Nice review and pretty eye color (I have deep browns TAT)! =D

  38. I just bought Maybeline "The Falsies" mascara yesterday, because I read many good reviews about this product. But I haven't tried it yet full time.

  39. Maybelline is just touted by Watson to have the Best Mascara! :)
    dont know why I still dont own one! Im not really a mascara girl eh. I havent found one that doesnt smudge on me at the end of the day. Plus, they tend to weigh down my lashes and my curl is gone almost immediately. I really havent found THE ONE mascara for me! Hopefully Maybelline has something in their grand array of mascaras!


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