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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NOTD: Emerald

This week, I am sporting the color of the year on my nails.

Nails of the day with San San nail polish in Emerald Green.

Color is richer and brighter in person.

I don't know about you, but every time I see something emerald or even hear the word 'emerald,' Wizard of Oz comes to my mind.

The Land of Oz, the yellow brick road, Emerald City... know the rest ;]

Speaking of Oz, have you seen Oz the Great and Powerful? :)


  1. Love the color and yeah color of the year. it's simple yet elegant.

  2. Love the color, and yup, I've seen Oz, haha :D

  3. NIce color, haven't tried san san polish. Is it good?

  4. Nice color sis! I never tried that color before since I'm more of a pastel-type of girl :)) San san is a nice brand too!

  5. I don't wear green often, but for some reason, I am sporting it more often :D Yeah, San San has lots of nice shades :D

  6. Thanks! I like it too. Not something I see everyday :)

  7. Haha. I've seen it once a couple of weeks ago, and then I watched it again earlier after posting about this emerald polish. Didn't get to enjoy it much the first time 'coz I left my glasses at home. This time, I watched in 3D (and I had my glasses na) so I enjoyed it even more :D

  8. Nice, right? San San has lots of good shades of nail polishes, in my opinion :)

  9. Super cute color! I didn't know San San sells nail polish...I used to love their foundation powder. Can't get them here anymore...sayang. I want to watch that movie though, but I'll just wait till they show it on cable. :)

  10. That kind of green doesn't go well with my skin color,, nagiging inday yung kamay ko LOL


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