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Friday, November 30, 2012

Review: Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick

The Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick was one of my 'current favorite products' as I mentioned in my post *here,* if you remember. I bought the shade Bare It All many months ago, and just recently, I got a few more shades from the shade line.

My Wet N Wild Megalast lipstick collection is growing! Now, let me tell you what I love (and hate) about these lipsticks.

I'm gonna talk about the shades one by one, but first let me talk about the packaging.

The packaging is... well...

...The whole thing's pretty light, and it looks cheap and not sturdy. I always carry the shade Bare It All in my makeup bag, and now the label has already come off and the black part at the bottom is now... you know how the sticky part of scotch tape looks after putting it on and peeling it off a surface many times? Yeah, like that. And I get black marks on my hand every time I touch it! I don't know how that happened but I'm so annoyed right now. Another thing that I hate about the packaging is that the lipstick itself doesn't go all the way down the tube. The tip is sticking out so I have to be really careful in removing and replacing the cap. I guess that problem will be solved once I've used more of the lipstick, but right now it is really annoying me. And one more thing. Mine suddenly broke off from the base. I don't remember dropping it or anything. I don't even twist it to its maximum height. I'm trying to repair it now. (Click here for a DIY post on repairing broken lipsticks.)

Anyway! Let me tell you more about the shades I have.

Bare It All (902C)

It's my first WNW Megalast lippy. I've had this for months already. I got it at SM Department Store. I rarely stop by the Wet N Wild counters because I think WNW items here in the Philippines are overpriced and that I can get those items online for cheaper. But all the raves I had read made me really curious about these Megalast lipsticks. So I decided to visit the WNW counter. I originally planned on just swatching the shades to see which ones I liked and order those online. Plan = fail.

Bare It All is a nude peachy pink shade with a hint of brown. It's more peach than pink, actually, but it's not too warm of a peach. Definitely not a concealer-nude lipstick (I've yet to find one).

L: 1 swipe
R: 2 swipes
It looks pretty natural on my pigmented lips, and it doesn't wash me out.

Without flash
Natural lighting
T: With flash
B: Without flash
Indoor lighting

Stoplight Red (911D) and Sugar Plum Fairy (908C)

I received these shades as prizes from Arnie's giveaway, by the way :)

L: Sugar Plum Fairy
R: Stoplight Red
Both are really gorgeous bold shades. Definitely not for everyday!

Ravin' Raisin (916D)

This one was a gift from Eyah :) 

It's another shade that's not for everyday, but I chose it because I didn't have a lot of purples in my lipstick collection.

  • Stoplight Red is a cool red shade. I don't wear red often, but I like that this shade suits my skin tone and that it's easy to pull off. 
  • Sugar Plum Fairy is a deep berry-fuchsia color. Honestly, I thought it would have a deeper purple tone based on its color in the tube. 
  • Ravin' Raisin is a deep plum color. When I was browsing through swatches on the internet, I thought the shade would be a little lighter. Among these three bold shades, I find Ravin' Raisin the hardest one to pull off. But maybe that's just because I'm not used to wearing purple lip color.

As for the formula of these lipsticks, all of them have great pigmentation. One layer is enough to fully coat my lips with color. I'd call these creamy matte lipsticks. Not too creamy but creamy enough to glide on my lips without tugging them. But of course they don't glide on as smoothly as moisturizing lipsticks. They're also not too drying like the Ever Bilena matte lipsticks even though they're more on the matte side. These lippies are not 'kiss-proof' but the color doesn't transfer as easily as other lipsticks (again, because of the semi matte formula). On my lips, the color can stay put for at least four hours with minimal eating and drinking. The bolder colors last even longer. 

Here are some photos of me wearing the lipsticks.

Bare It All
*FOTD post here*
Bare It All
*FOTD post here*
Sugar Plum Fairy
Stoplight Red
Ravin' Raisin

Thumbs up:
  • Great pigmentation
  • Doesn't tug my lips
  • Not too drying
  • Decent wear time - darker, bolder colors leave a decent stain after fading
  • Doesn't melt easily
  • Wide shade selection
  • Bare It All is a very wearable nude shade for me - looks natural on my lips, doesn't wash me out
  • Available in department stores and online

Thumbs down:
  • Packaging - I think I've ranted about it enough already.
  • Price - Priced at P299 for 3.3 g of product. The price is not actually bad. It's just that this and other WNW products are actually even more affordable in the US. The mall price here in the Philippines is more than double the original price. But keep your eyes open for online stores that sell WNW products locally for lower prices :)

So there you go! I love the product itself! Great product in a not-so-great packaging. I'm still planning to get more Megalast shades but I'll get them online instead. I'm thinking Mauve Outta Here and Pink Sugar? :)

Have you tried WNW Megalast lipsticks? Share your thoughts by commenting below. Oh, and please recommend an online store that sells Megalast lippies for a lower price, if you know any! :)


  1. yan pala gamit ko na nude.. nice aya.. it really looks good on you :) I was about to ask nga eh ;D

  2. The great collection of beauty products.I have also find similar products for skin and body.

  3. Yep. I wore it nung Snoe event :)

  4. Great nude this one! I've three pinks from wnw. Try mo rin Just Peachy! :D

  5. nice sis.. parang halos same ng Barry M Pink Suede!:)

  6. I love the color it goes well on your pretty face

  7. Got the same color as yours :)

    Nadine of

  8. I really do agree about the price. The shade is really pretty. I have in the flesh but I don't have Bare it All yet so I might add this to my list of must haves :)

  9. I really do agree about the price. The shade is really pretty. I have in the flesh but I don't have Bare it All yet so I might add this to my list of must haves :)

  10. Such a pretty shade!! I gotta try WNW, too (ordered Rose Bud) haha sana okay din!! ♥ Ganda mo Aya! See you soon :) :)

  11. I have this in Rose-Bud. The color's different from what I expected, but I still ended up liking it--it's a medium pink that gives my face a pop of color without going overboard. The same thing happened to the packaging of my lipstick. The black coating on the bottom part seems to have melted off.

  12. Get it online na lang coz it's cheaper there :)

  13. Ang overpriced nila sa malls no? I'll get some pinks din! Or Ravin' Raisin? :)

  14. Oooh talaga? I'll check that out:)

  15. I'll check that out! I'm planning to get more shades :D

  16. Rose Bud seems to be a popular shade ah. I'll check that out nga :D See you soon, Arnie! :)

  17. Oh :( the packaging isn't something to love but the shades definitely are! Rose Bud seems to be really popular ah. I'll check that out too :)

  18. Pwede! Yuh, 110 to 200 range ng online sellers. Yung mas mura nga lang preorder with 2 weeks to a month of waiting. Hahaha

  19. gusto ko ren itry kaso feel n a feel ko talagang overpriced xa >.<

  20. gusto ko din to try.nice everyday shade sis :) Looks good on you!

  21. OMG! I love the shade on you Aya!! :) It looks soooo creamy and very pigmented <3

  22. uuy i like this shade! ill buy one kasi wet n wild is so affordable :D

    The Bargain Doll

  23. wow.. parang gusto ko ng bumili ah! :D and you're cute! :D

  24. Go! Hahaha pa-cute lang. thank you :)

  25. Yey! I do too :) It is more affordable compared to other brands but so overpriced here in the Philippines. Buying online is more practical pagdating sa WNW products for me :D

  26. Thanks, Rhea! Yes it's not too dry like other matte lipsticks! :D

  27. Tama!!! Kaya online na lang ako bibili ulit. But I'll drop by the WNW counter pa rin to swatch and pick which shades I'll get online. Minsan kasi iba yung swatch pag sa internet ko lang nakikita :)

  28. Try online! I've been told may available na P100-P200 lang :)

  29. Haha gawain ko din yan. Magswatch lang sa counters ha ha. Minsan feeling ko naiirita na mga SAs ha ha

  30. Nahulog yung ganito ko tapos sira kaagad. lol Packaging sucks. lol

  31. For the record, kasisira lang nung ganto ko. :(

    Sayang no kasi ang ganda sana nung product.

  32. Two thumbs up for the Wet and Wild lipstick. I have 2 shades given to me by my aunt from abroad :)

  33. Love the nude shade. Pang-everyday tint :)

  34. Hi Aya! di ba mahal yung shipping fee nila? Thanks

  35. - preorder (+ more affordable to high end brands)

  36. Di naman masyado. Usually the shipping fee ranges from P50 to P120. Mas sulit if you order many shades at a time :)

  37. They are all so pretty!! I love the bare it all! I love wnw lipsticks too! I have 2 shades (just peachy and red velvet.) At both of them hindi bagay sakin :( hahaha

  38. I think Bare It All is the shade Michelle Phan used in her 20$ Makeup Challenge vid :D

  39. Jessica Garcia PajarilloOctober 26, 2013 at 11:39 PM

    pwede po ba yung Bare It All sa morena? thanks po?

    How much po to?

  40. Love sugar plum fairy! It's so rich and beautiful.

    Here's my review of this:

  41. i like the raivin raisin... gsto ko yng gnyn shade prang chocolate...hehe


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