Haul: The Landmark

Hello! The other day I was at the Ayala area. I don't usually shop at the malls there, nakikidaan lang ako papuntang MRT station. Haha. That day, though, I went to 'look around' while waiting for something. 

Zen Zest Tangerine EDT - P200
Foundation brush - P79.75
Angled eyeliner/brow brush - P49.75
Bobbie Stick-On Nail Polish - P84.75
Bath and Body Works PocketBac in Marshmallow Treat (from Lunch Box collection) - P99.75

First stop: The Landmark.

I know you know how much I love Landmark Trinoma. 'Twas my first time at Landmark Makati, though.

While I was looking for the Nails section, I saw Bath and Body Works' counter. And since I was about to run out of my current sanitizer, I checked out their anti-bac gels. I looked for the super yummy S'mores scent but they didn't have it. You know, choosing which one to get was not so easy because there were a lot of scents available and there were no testers. I wanted to smell them all first pero 'nakakahiya' naman dun sa mataray na SA. Anyway, I just picked something that I thought would be as yummy as my favorite S'mores one.

I saw this and thought it's close enough. Marshmallows, duh. I smelled it first, of course, and it did smell a lot like S'mores. I used it after getting home, though, and the smell was... different. The scent's not bad, don't get me wrong, but for me it isn't as yummy as S'mores. The smell actually reminds me of coconut shavings!  But after a while, it smells like S'mores na rin

At the Nails section, I saw these.

I like that Bobbie Nail Care is now trying to keep up with the nail polish trends. In addition to their nail tools, nail care products and regular nail polish shades, they also came out with chunky glitters, crack polishes, magnetic polishes and now, stick-on polishes. The only ones they haven't come out with yet are matte polishes. I've already tried one of their magnetic polishes, and it works just like the way-more-expensive one that I own (review soon). I'm hoping these stick-ons will too :)

I chose the black on red heart design because I really wanted to try these stickers out and I didn't like the other design available. I don't know if there are really only two designs available. If these nail stickers work well, I'll wish for more designs!

Comes with a nail file and an orange stick

The next things I saw were makeup brushes. 

Lots and lots of makeup brushes.

Some of these, I also see at Landmark Trinoma. I picked these two up. 

Actually I picked up four brushes - these plus a blending brush (similar to ELF's) and an angled eyeshadow brush - but I put the other two back. Will get them next time 'pag nagustuhan ko 'tong mga 'to.

I like the color of the ferrule. And they're sooo affordable - P50 and P80, plus 10% discount pa! I don't remember seeing these brushes at Trinoma but there are similar ones, I think. I really like the synthetic angled blush brush I got from Landmark Trino, so I figured I'd like these as well. I'm thinking of doing a post on all my Landmark brushes.

This last item's not really from Landmark. I passed by the Zen Zest Glorietta branch on my way there and checked if my favorite scent was available. AND IT WAS. Happy me!

Everyone, meet Tangerine, my fave scent ever. I first used this when I was still in college. They had two bottle sizes pa back then. Matagal ako ma-bore with scents, especially when I find something I really like - I buy bottle after bottle of it. I haven't used this in years, though. Lately kasi, hindi ako masyado nag-c-cologne. Reunited with my love. The best pa rin 'to for me.

And that's it for my haul post! Have you tried any of these items? Let me know your thoughts on them :D



  1. aya I LOVE THE BRUSHES!ivisit ko yan ds weeknd!!thanks aya!!!when i post a haul!will link it here!:)

  2. Hi aya, its me Novi, is it Landmark Trinoma is the who connecting with ayala, glorietta and SM too?? hehehe

  3. Ang dami talagang great finds sa Landmark lalo na yung brushes. Will wait for your review sa brushes ha. alam mo naman wala pa ko foundation brush, so baka ito na yung kailangan ko para bumile na din ako ng liquid foundation.

  4. I want to try the tangerine perfume from Zen Zest! =) I can imagine how it smells. And the Bobbie stick on nail polishes? MUST BUY!!

  5. I just passed by Landmark Trinoma a while ago. Checked out their brushes too. They're different from the brushes they sell several months ago noh? It's great that they update their products. Really tempting to buy because of the good quality and cheap price! Have you seen their brush holders (like Sigma's)? Amaazing. They're only 700php tas may brushes nadin. Landmark is such a great place to shop!


  6. I love your beauty haul :)


  7. AYAAA! Your haul posts always make me wanna go shopping!!! :P wow 50 pesos and 80 pesos for brushes?? That's a steal! Great finds! <3

  8. Yeey! Let me know pag may nakita ka nung dome-shaped. I want too :D

  9. Nope, I was talking about The Landmark at Makati in this post. The Landmark has two branches here - one at Trinoma and one at Makati. The one near Glorietta and SM Makati and Ayala Ave. is Landmark Makati :) Just let me know when you're back! :)

  10. I will make a post about them na, medyo dumadami na Landmark brushes ko pala. Haha. Alam mo ba Kath, yung Suesh sponge thingy from our Maven loot? Hindi ko nagamit :( Nilanggam siya dun sa storage ko. I don't even know bakit nilanggam yun eh wala naman matamis dun. Haha

  11. It smells so nice! <3 Yes, that's what I thought when I was there! I just had to try them. Hehe sana they're good :D

  12. I haven't visited Trino in about a month na so I'm not updated. Hihi. Haven't seen the brush holders yet! OMG meron??? ang nakita ko lang before ay yung maliliit for travel brushes, but not ones like Sigma's :D Will defo need to visit soon :D

  13. HAHAHA. Super mura no? Ittry ko palang sila :D

  14. WOOWWW!!! So excited about the Bobbie Stick On nails. Maybe I'll have better luck making my nails look good with these ahahahha Also, I love the huge selection of makeup brushes! Parang real techniques the brushes you bought in terms of look! Wanna go buy!!!

  15. Hihintayin ko talaga yung review mo. Need ko lang naman siguro is 3 kinds of brushes dahil wala pa din ako courage mag eye shadow lalo na medyo irritated yung eye ko :( Foundation, eyebrow and eyeliner brush na lang muna siguro. About sa Suesh, naku di ko pa na check yung sakin. Di ko din kasi alam pano gamitin. Baka nasamahan lang ng matamis kaya nilanggam ;P

  16. Brushes... ahhhhh! This makes me want to trek (lol trek talaga?) To makati!!! :-)

  17. Me too!! :D No more lampas-lampas and streaky nail polish. I hope these work well. *crossing fingers* :)

  18. Love all the stuff you bought! I actually don't like Landmark Makati. It looks disorganized for me. But I love Landmark Trinoma!


  19. You have to see it. Acrylic holders pero scary for dust e. hmmm

  20. I bought the same line of brushes. Haha But I picked the e/s and blending brush. I am curious to get the foundation brush. I was at Trinoma last night. Stalking a mulberry lippie but end up buying buying brushes. hahaha

    I wanna smell the sanitizer :)

  21. Will go back to check out the other brushes :) The sanitizer smell nice. Not as nice as S'mores pero pwede na rin.

  22. Thanks! Really? Didn't get to look around. I only explored the first floor. Hahaha

  23. Those ones, I've seen na. The brush rolls, haven't pa :)


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