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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yum: S'mores!

I was watching this episode of That's So Raven the other day - the one where Raven invited Alana, Muffy and Loca to a slumber party and made s'mores for snacks. Naturally, I wondered what s'mores tasted like. 

I Googled for instructions on making s'mores and found that they're just easy to make.

Read on to find out how to make this yummy, chocolatey and fluffy goodness!

For this, I only needed three things - large marshmallows, chocolate bars and Graham crackers.

I believe marshmallow fluff is also sold in bottles but I didn't see some in the grocery store (and I figured those would be expensive) so I just settled for ordinary marshmallows.

First, I broke the Graham crackers and the chocolate bar into smaller pieces. Then I heated the marshmallows over low flame until the sides were a bit brown.

Then I placed the hot marshmallow on a piece of cracker, placed the chocolate on top of the marshmallow and topped everything of with another piece of cracker. 

It's a chocolate and marshmallow sandwich!

Then it's finally time to enjoy the fluffy treat! Let the heat from the marshmallow warm the chocolate first before eating. I think s'mores taste better with melty chocolate :)
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So delish!

And that's it for today's food post! Have you eaten s'mores before? :)


  1. This look so delicious! I tried making smores once too but without chocolate and with banana slices. :)


  2. OMG! I am getting hungry also! hehe The chocolate plus melted marshmallows... OH! :) hehe

  3. mmmmmm....looks so yummy! I remember when I first made those uber epic FAIL lol! nahulog 5 times yung marshmallow ko since masyadong naluto LOL :D

  4. yummmy goodness!!!! ohmy sweet tooth comin' alive!!!!

  5. Ang dami ko ngang nasunog na marshmallow. Hahaha

  6. Oh, I've heard of that and planning to make some too :D

    Can't wait! :)

  7. AH i love smores! They are so good and comforting :D

  8. hahaha I saw that episode too a long time ago. That was where I found out about Smores....LOL

  9. I used to watch Raven also (and Lizzie Mcguire) haha I haven't made smores myself, I cannot find big marshmallows. I want to try that this weekend. :))


  10. I love s'mores!! Thanks for this Aya! :D

  11. Those are two of my fave shows from Disney! :D

  12. Hahaha I love that show. I watch the episodes all the time, kahit replay ok lang :D

  13. Oh my gosh Aya!!! You made me feel hungryyy hahaha! Sarap ng S'mores!! ♥

  14. Ilan kaya calories nyan? I'm sure mag-aaway kami ni Kenzo sa S'mores~

  15. ang saraaaap!!! Thanks for sharing! :) ma-try nga minsan!

  16. yuuuum! my sister wants to try this one out ;)

  17. YUM! How come I never thought of doing these before? Thanks for the recipe!

  18. OMG im hooked nakuha mo ako title palang XD nanonood ka din pala sis :D
    andaya naunahan mo ako i try ahahaha!

  19. Hehehe I don't know that show. Roasted marshmallows taste awesome! Actually kahit yun lang, ok na ko eh. Hahaha Enjoy making your smores!:D

  20. haha no idea. this is definitely not for everyday hahaha

  21. these smores look really good! ^O^ reminds me of slumber party type food :P

    Joyce @

  22. Roasted marshmallows are love! Ganito lang pala kadali gumawa ng S'mores. =)


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