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Monday, August 20, 2012

Yum: Garlic Potatolings

Hello, everyone! For a change, I'm posting about food tonight. Yey!

This is what we had for dinner last night. I followed *this Betty Crocker recipe.* This dish was originally called 'Garlic Oven Fries' but I decided to call it 'Garlic Potatolings' because I used small potatoes instead of medium ones. Well, mostly because I found the word potatolings (if there is such a word) too cute not to be used. Haha. Don't judge ;P

I didn't follow the recipe all the way through, though. I just looked at the ingredients and used what we had here at home. Read on to know how I cooked this :)

As I've said earlier, I used small potatoes for this. 

After washing them thoroughly and removing the bad bits, I cut the potatoes in half. 

If you're using medium or large potatoes, you can cut them into wedges instead.

I mixed the potatoes with just the right amount of olive oil to coat them all. No need to drown them.

Time for seasoning! I mixed the potatoes with salt, garlic powder and basil. 

I didn't really measure how much I put. I just estimated.

Before baking the potatoes, I transferred some of them to another baking pan so that they're not too crowded and would cook more quickly.

Then it's time to bake! I baked them for about 15 minutes at 260-270 deg C, stirring them halfway through the baking time.

It helps if you pre-heat the oven for about 3-5 mins. Pre-heating ensures that the oven is already at the right temperature by the time you put the potatoes in and helps them cook more quickly and evenly.

Finished product?


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Quick and easy! And healthier too :)

What are you having for dinner tonight? Do you want more food posts like this? Tell me by commenting below! <3


  1. The word potatolings are as cute as how minions looked in Despicable Me :) I think you should pour some melted cheese to your new creation to make it exponentially better. :)


  3. Yummers! I've had these a long time ago na. :))

  4. I love potatolings. Hehe! Yes, more food posts please!

  5. Yey! I'm gonna post more :D

  6. My mom has actually already cooked the dish for us before pero it was my first time to do this all by myself. Haha achievement. :D

  7. Looks suuuuuper saraaaaaap! Kaso all I can think about is CARBS CARBS CARBS! Haha. :D I'll probably try this pero with other veggies! :D

  8. waaa looks yummy! I want to try that, pahingi sis! hehehe

  9. yummmy!!! I miss eating those potatoling <3

  10. Potatolings! how cuter can you get? :) I want one! :)

  11. Looks delicious but I dont have an oven. Is there an alternative? like can I cook this in a microwave???

  12. That looks delish! Plus the preparation isn't complicated! I love baby potatoes (that's what Id like to call them)!

  13. Super easy! :D And it does taste nice :D

  14. Go make some, so easy lang :D

  15. Yes! :) they're so delish :D

  16. Hahaha! Try mo sis, super dali lang :D

  17. Yeees! Hahahahahaha! Do it and tell me how it goes para I can try too :D

  18. My aunt's recipes comprises of boiled potatoes then later on mixed with a garlic cream cheese sauce and then sprinkled with bacon bits on top. Yum! :D

  19. Oh wow that sounds so delish! :D


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