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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2012 Birthday Haul Part 1

Hello, hello, hello! I celebrated my 22nd birthday a couple of weeks ago and, of course, I had to give myself something - a birthday gift to myself. *wink* I realized that time that I hadn't bought makeup in months so when I passed by HBC one night on the way home from work, I went inside and got the items I've been eyeing for months now. While I was there, I decided to pick up my favorite HBC items and give them to my mom for Mother's Day.

Here's a fun trivia about me (which you may or may not care about): I was born on Mother's Day. 

Cool, right? Anyway, so here are the things I picked up for myself.

San San Eyeshadow Trio in 01, 02, 03 - P101 each
Nail files and orange sticks - P22, P10.50

And for my mom...

Body Recipe Pure Coco Oil Body Scrub
Body Recipe Pure Coco Oil Body Butter
Body Recipe Pure Coco Oil Moisturizing Bath Soap

I decided to give my mom a set of Body Recipe Pure Coco Oil products because I loved the body scrub - it's one of my fave HBC products. I had also already tried the soap before and enjoyed using it. I love the scent of these pure coco oil products, and I hope my mom is enjoying them too right now.

The eyeshadow trios... I've been eyeing them for forever. Saw some good reviews about these so I decided I might as well try them out. Will post a review, of course.

These eyeshadows are sooo soft that I'm actually confused on whether they're cream or just really, really soft powder eyeshadows. I hope you can wait for the full review I'll be posting soon :)

In the meantime, here are the swatches.

Pretty nice pigmentation for the price, right? :)

And that's it for PART 1 of my birthday haul. Stay tuned for a bigger Part 2. Click here to see PART 2 of my birthday haul! 

And I just want to say thank you to everyone who greeted me on my birthday. Can't wait for the next one! Haha


  1. I love all the colors!!! especially the middle one -- gold/brown colors are my fave for e/s! :D you work na pala aya or online work like before?? :) 

  2. i love those shadows too. i really like their cream/powder finish. :D i dont use the sponges that come with it though. parang pointless. :D love the one farthest left. belated happy birthday darling. -Loving Sunshine

  3. love the colors ng eyeshadow na binili mo Aya! very wearable talaga sila and the pigmentation's good din. :)

  4. Cool Haul, Aya! The eyeshadow trio looks intersting. Will look into that! :)

    Happy Birthday! :D

  5. You deserve all these items, Aya!! :) :) Teach me how to do my makeup please? :( :p See you soon!

  6. I really wanted to try San San cosmetics! But whenever I visit HBC here in Cebu, their stocks kinda look like old. ;___;

    Anyhoo, very nice blog! :* New follower here!

  7. Happy Birthday :D super late greeting hehe :)
    btw pretty good deal 100 for 3 pigmented colors!

  8. Part time lang this summer. In a few days, I'll be jobless again. Haha

    And yeah, the colors are so nice. Will post a review soon :D

  9. Hahaha! I know, right? I collect all the sponge-tip applicators I get from palettes. Maybe I can use them for something else. I love the pink trio the most too :) Thank you Kumi :D

  10. Yep! and the finish is really interesting :)

  11. Aww thank you Arnie! Hope to see you soon :D

  12. Thank you! :)

    Aww, too bad because they have really good products too. Hope you get your hands on some soon :)

  13. Thank you Aimee :D

    Yeah, I spent the same amt of money for those three that I would have for just one palette from other brands :D

  14. Oh no wasn't able to greet you! BELATED happy birthday, aya! :) I will wait for your Sansan review. :) I'm curious about the quality of their eyeshadows. :)

  15. Thanks Mich! And yeah I'm going to post about the eyeshadows soon :D (late reaction ako! Haha)

  16. I haven't try any sansan products pa.. I'll check nga there stores.

  17. They actually have really nice products, too, for the price :)


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