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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Heeeey! Here's another outfit post! :) The pictures were taken in a fitting room :P but I didn't just go in there to take pictures, ok? I did try on some clothes, too. And the ones I'm wearing in the pics are all mine! Hahaha :D

This is an outfit post featuring my favorite skirt - favorite, as in I wear this as often as I can. I've had this skirt since I was a 1st/2nd year college student. People who actually know me and see me in person must know this skirt and must be tired of seeing me wearing it.

I wore this white I-don't-know-what-it's-called-but-I-like-it thing that I got from Landmark Trinoma Bazaar over a brown tank top with a beaded neckline.

I also wore these gray wedges that I just got.

I don't mind wearing heels when shopping as long as they're wedges. And these ones are really comfy, too :)

I felt so girly that day, what with the skirt and all, that I decided to "curl" my hair. I'll show you how to create a pseudo-wavy hairstyle in another post! ;P

Soooo yeah, that's about it! Have a great weekend! :)

Show me yerr favorite clothing item!


  1. I have the same top but mine is the shoes too. :)

  2. hahaha ive always wondered what it means for people to take photos in the fitting room hahaha mayeb excitement all over?

  3. Cool! I just realized the the close-up pic of the shoes wasn't working. Edited now, by the way :))) Thanks, dear :D

  4. 'Inspired' by the huge mirrors and good lighting. Haha

  5. Just wanted to tell you that I already posted My memories suite Giveaway! I hope you'll join!^^

    here's the link:

  6. i love those wedges! i don't own a pair of wedges, hindi kasi ako marunong maglakad with wedges. weird me.

  7. If only I don't have these athletic legs, I'll wear a skirt often. :)

    Love the outfit, Aya! :)

  8. Thanks for letting me know :D

  9. Haha! Ako naman I love wearing heels. I NEED the height. LOL.

  10. i looove the wedge! where did you get it? i waaant! <3

  11. so girlyyyy indeed <3 more outfit posts aya, i'm loving it :)

  12. They're not branded. Just got them from a mini-mall near my place :)

  13. Hihihi thanks Hazel! Misyoooo

  14. Prettyness..... more more....


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